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fa2fi 28th Oct 2014 16:27

Looking at Fox Four's posting history, there are connections to Blackpool. Perhaps you're a little bitter than BLK closed and like many of those unfortunately enough to call Blackpool home, you blame LS for the closure of the airport, and not the property developer who owns the airport and the valuable land it sits on? Just my two cents. I could be completely wrong!

Fox Four 28th Oct 2014 16:59

I operate out of a far bigger field, BLK is the playground.

I have admit though, everyone was quite annoyed, them taking more than a few hours to shift their shed off the active. Good to see good crew protocol involved though. Everyone jump!


HOODED 28th Oct 2014 18:23

I see Air Berlin have decided to go for an all Airbus Narrow body fleet. They say they'll need some more A320s probably from Alitalia. Should be an opportunity for Jet2 to pick up some more decent B738s. Just a thought.

jethro15 28th Oct 2014 23:08

Should be an opportunity for Jet2 to pick up some more decent B738s.
Just updated jethro's UK and Ireland Airline Fleet Listings

HOODED 29th Oct 2014 08:37

Jethro 15. Those 3 are ex Hapag airframes. The Air Berlin fleet is younger so perhaps too expensive for Jet 2 but you never know, they may be able to pick up a couple at a decent price.

vectisman 29th Oct 2014 09:04

Off topic but do you know why your excellent page has stopped showing the date of your last update? I can see that you are updating fleet details but the last update still shows as 13th October.



Ian Brooks 29th Oct 2014 10:00

it`s fine with me 28th Oct for Jet2


IB4138 31st Oct 2014 13:06

The Supreme Court have refused both Jet2 and Thomson leave to appeal the judgements in the delayed flight compensation claims.

Floodgates open as Supreme Court blocks Jet2 and Thomson appeals

sastley 31st Oct 2014 15:02

Todays flight taking about 5.5 hours after a complete circle off the south west coast of England. Anybody know why?

BOAC 31st Oct 2014 17:12

Looks like an Oceanic clearance issue.

castleford tiger 2nd Nov 2014 16:11

After reading the posts about JET2 not landing at DAM due to weather it reminded me of being on the runway at Zurich and the snow clearing effort that was going on.
I was on an EZY flight and our pilot refused to take off even though other planes were. ( We could hear them)
His calculations meant he could get us up but should anything go wrong at the point of lift off , he could not be sure we could stop.
So we sat there until the snow depth on the runways was reduced and he felt happy.
Quite the right call in my opinion.

chuzwuza 2nd Nov 2014 20:56

Evening all. A post on the monarch thread this evening suggests that Jet2 will be taking the 2 monarch A330's and a couple of their A320's with a view to becoming an all airbus operator in the future. Can't quite see it myself but I am willing to be proven wrong. Any thoughts?

Mooncrest 3rd Nov 2014 12:22

Doubtful. Jet2 is operating a 330 next summer on damp lease. Possibly a 320 as well as per the previous arrangement with Titan. That's as close as it gets.

My guess is that the above operations will partly be for evaluation purposes i.e. to assess the suitability of Airbus types for Jet2's business. Britannia did much the same about sixteen years ago with 320s from TransLift. In the event Britannia stayed with Boeing.

Boris1 6th Nov 2014 09:51

The post on the MON thread was made by, shall we say, a bit of a 'dreamer'. Absolutely no sources to back up the 'claim'.

samj 6th Nov 2014 12:13

I should imagine the A330 will be used to ALC/PMI. I understand Jet2 have big allocations in the Hotels in them two destinations.

EK77WNCL 7th Nov 2014 02:00

I think TFS, ACE, AGP, DLM, LCA maybe CFU, LPA, FAO, IBZ will get a look in too

Jet2_738 8th Nov 2014 17:04

G-GDFX Operating Service LS223 To TFS from LBA diverted to FAO today, before then continuing to TFS after as EXS223A. Likely Medical Emergency?...

GLAinsider 8th Nov 2014 20:41

The only time Jet2 use hotels is for HOTAC. I think you mean Jet2holidays.

LBIA 8th Nov 2014 22:55

I You better add LBA to that list EK77WNCL

HOODED 9th Nov 2014 07:16

LBIA. Are we due some W legs into LBA then??

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