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EK77WNCL 20th Dec 2014 19:01

I love that seat map... It just looks... Right on the Jet2 website.

Only 50 for business class too :P

EDIT: They'll also be using it to PMI

Armodeen 21st Dec 2014 15:30

So far it seems only PMI is confirmed.

50 for the business seats indeed...angle flats with 60 inch pitch, bargain! :D

LAX_LHR 21st Dec 2014 15:43

[quote]So far it seems only PMI is confirmed.[\quote]

The TFS flights are confirmed too, definitely a twin aisle aircraft with a small premium cabin in the seat map on Thursdays next summer.

Armodeen 21st Dec 2014 15:50

Subject to confirmation/substitution, I hear.... apparently only PMI is set in stone, the others which are on the website are yet to be set in stone.

(Quite why they would be bookable if not confirmed I don't know. Perhaps the source is mistaken)

*edit* also on Jet2.com it seems to be a 752 on thursdays to TFS?

Facelookbovvered 21st Dec 2014 16:47

I do hope this aircraft behaves itself!! trying to recover delays off the back of a tech A330 will be a challenge to say the least.

danielsirrom 21st Dec 2014 21:01

It's the Friday TFS from MAN showing as wide-bodied.

samj 22nd Dec 2014 12:34

I would be surprised if didn't venture to ALC too?! Will we be seeing the aircraft in Jet2 livery?

EK77WNCL 22nd Dec 2014 14:00

I think most likely it will be some kind of AirAsia/Jet2 hybrid, then next most likely is probably that it will look something like G-POWI when they leased it... But then if they are repainting a whole A330 white? Why not repaint it in full livery...

If it was up to me, full red tail Jet2 livery all the way but I doubt it

Will it operate any flights from Leeds?

Facelookbovvered 22nd Dec 2014 23:25

It would be good to see it in Jet2 livery, the spotters would be creaming themselves, personally I'm not so sure its a good idea, sure it will be good advertising, looking all posh and that but there is a very good reason that you don't see wide body aircraft doing med runs day in day out.

Who's flying it? whats the back up plan, recovery plan? some have suggested its try before you buy, even the oldest A330's command good money, i wish them luck, it will be an interesting summer.:ok:

Jet2_738 27th Dec 2014 15:57

Retiring the 737QC's
I know that the 737QC's are getting older now, and I wonder what Jet2 could do with them, to secure the Royal Mail Cargo Contract during the night? The only routes to go down, are maybe to use the QC's just as Cargo, but then again that is no long term solution. I could only then probably suggest to retain commonality with the Boeing fleet that they do their best to attain a few 737-700C's, as these are the direct Next Gen Version of the -300 series, and would have the commonality with their -800 NG's. Any other suggestions? :confused:

SWBKCB 27th Dec 2014 17:20

Been discussed previously - where would they get 700C's from?

GLAinsider 27th Dec 2014 17:56

As far as I know they have another wide bodied a/c, a B763, on lease from TITAN i.e. G-POWD

EK77WNCL 27th Dec 2014 19:38

GLAinsider, is that now or summer?

blueplatinum 27th Dec 2014 20:59

Not sure. It was operating into TFS during Summer 14 (not sure what routes). Maybe it went back now.

kieb92 30th Dec 2014 09:59

Jet2 A320/A330 2015 Operations:

Jet2.com Outlines Planned A320/330 Operations in S15 | Airline Route

Jet2_738 30th Dec 2014 12:27

Will the leased a320 in GLA be G-POWI from Titan like last year (S13)?

Hull City AFC 30th Dec 2014 15:38

The A330 operation from Manchester for Summer 2015 runs as follows:

09:15 15:45 LS921 Manchester - Dalaman
17:05 19:35 LS922 Dalaman - Manchester

09:15 13:55 LS917 Manchester Tenerife
14:55 19:40 - LS918 Tenerife - Manchester

08:45 15:25 LS937 Manchester Paphos
16:25 19:35 LS938 Paphos - Manchester

10:00 14:35 LS891 Manchester Lanzarote
15:35 20:05 LS892 Lanzarote - Manchester

06:40 10:20 - LS831 - Manchester Palma
11:20 13:05 - LS832 - Palma - Manchester

15:05 19:45 - LS917 Manchester Tenerife
20:45 01:30 - LS918 Tenerife Manchester

06:40 10:20 - LS831 - Manchester Palma
11:20 13:05 - LS832 - Palma Manchester

15:05 21:35 LS921 Manchester Dalaman
22:35 01:05 LS922 Dalaman - Manchester

06:40 10:20 - LS831 - Manchester Palma
11:20 13:05 - LS832 - Palma - Manchester

14:50 21:20 LS983 Manchester - Bodrum
22:20 00:50 LS984 Bodrum - Manchester

Wycombe 30th Dec 2014 15:53

Not exactly sweating the asset there, esp. Mon-Thurs.

Mr Mac 30th Dec 2014 16:33

I am booked on this 330 down to Palma in June in "Business" - had to try it just to see if it is any different from normal Jet 2 service, I am not expecting my normal EK,SQ.LH std ! Just wondering who the crew will be as it is none std kit for Jet 2. Any ideas ?.

Mr Mac

garry8g 30th Dec 2014 18:50

Glasgow A320 Operations Summer 2015
Does anyone know the A320 operation from Glasgow for Summer 2015? :)

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