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Mr Angry from Purley 9th Nov 2014 07:48

Found this on airliners.net
Jet2 A330 Civil Aviation Forum | Airliners.net

LBIA 9th Nov 2014 14:06

Well all the equipment to be able to handle the A330 at LBA has been ordered. So I think there is a good chance that it will be visiting next summer.

LAX_LHR 9th Nov 2014 15:05

Has the LBA equipment been ordered for divert purposes? Not unusual for airlines to order equipment for divert stations, MAN has had a Qantas A380 towbar for years.

EK77WNCL 9th Nov 2014 18:09

When should the A330 flights be loaded? Apart from MAN and LBA will any other UK bases get a look in? NCL should be in the pipeline to cover the heamorrhaging of seats recently.

pwalhx 9th Nov 2014 18:12

If they are haemorrhaging seats they will hardly put on bigger aircraft

EK77WNCL 9th Nov 2014 18:16

Haemorrhaging seats not passengers... Nor routes or frequencies

pallan 9th Nov 2014 19:32

They're the same thing? Surely the number of seats you have available equals the number of passengers you can carry.

If NCL warranted the capacity then we'd still have the 757 and other bases would get the 737's instead.

EK77WNCL 9th Nov 2014 20:26

I suppose but it's a different kettle of fish with TOM and TCX, where the bulk loss is coming from. LS has never had problems filling the 752's before, it's confusing as to why they are leaving

Flying.Penguin 9th Nov 2014 22:08

Remember though its not just about filling the seats, that's the easy bit, its about selling the seats with as big a margin as possible.

EK77WNCL 9th Nov 2014 22:35

Yeah I do get that bit and it's only going to get more difficult really :/

Although, 2500 seats a day is a lot of loss!

pallan 10th Nov 2014 06:11

It may be that NCL is now 'right sized' for the market even if that does mean a big loss of seats.

I just think if the 757 really was needed then they'd have swapped the 737's to another base and kept them at NCL - in swapping to 737's they may have improved yield and profitability which, at the end of the day, all sensible airlines are focused on.

Charlie98 10th Nov 2014 06:30

The 752s moved the the chashcow centre we know as MAN and then the other went to LBA. Jet2 are positioning 3 738s at NCL so it's not as if we are hard done by, infect it's probably th same amount of seats.

The 757s are getting old, and it pains me to say but they are on the way out. Basing most of them at 2 bases increases reliability for the ageing fleet.

munrobagger 10th Nov 2014 09:26

What does the future hold for Jet 2 at EDI - 733s cannot go on forever and a number of destinations have been dropped - Prague , La Rochelle and poss others .

apaul 10th Nov 2014 10:58

Should be plenty of second or third hand 737-700s available over the next few years.

HOODED 10th Nov 2014 11:44

Sadly -700s may be too expensive for them, a lot of young _
-700s have been scrapped as they are worth more parted than people are willing g to pay for them as a whole flyable aircraft.

munrobagger 10th Nov 2014 12:08

But what good would 700s be at EDI as other carriers have most of the longer sun routes sewn up - one absentee however ( so far ) is Rhodes .

N707ZS 10th Nov 2014 12:27

What might they replace the 737QCs with so that they can continue the mail flights?

Artie Fufkin 10th Nov 2014 12:59

PM was recently spotted giving Airbus a tour of the sim centre in Bradford. My bet goes to A320s, not 700s.

VC10man 10th Nov 2014 16:30

Maybe they could pick up the ex B Cal/BA A320s, the G-BUS* ones.

Have they been scrapped yet? I hope not.

LAX_LHR 10th Nov 2014 18:00

The G-BUS* aircraft were turned into cans long ago.

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