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LNIDA 5th Sep 2014 16:27

You couldn't make this stuff up?????????whats wrong with these people?

taxi_driver 5th Sep 2014 17:28

AAIB have been upto East Mids to take a look, so I would guess a formal report into the incident/evacuation will be published in due course..

Shed-on-a-Pole 5th Sep 2014 18:05

We know it all happened on the runway!
I see that the cited Malaga flight was stranded "ON THE RUNWAY" for two hours according to the loons writing for the Daily Fail. The MEN also made the same error.

Just curious we know that journalists regularly trawl the pages of PPRuNe. Can one of you please explain why so many of your peers who make a living from writing seem incapable of understanding the simple word 'RUNWAY'. How technical do you think this word is? Most primary schoolkids know what a runway is! Have journalists lost all pride in maintaining basic professional standards?

Of course, if the commonly cited "on the runway" pieces were actually true we'd have some great stories! Not just the consequent mega-delays either. I personally loved the one in which the England squad returning home from the World Cup "disembarked on the runway". Now that would have been worth watching better box-office than the matches by far!

Seriously, journos, get a grip! There is NO EXCUSE for professional writers to misuse such a simple word.

paully 5th Sep 2014 19:32


The proper Journos, the ones that used to write professional stuff, were regarded as being too expensive and fired. In their place they hired wannabees who dreamed of having their names on a newspaper by line. The owners didnt care these kids could barely string two sentences together, let alone spell, but hey they were cheap :rolleyes:

Sadly too many parallels with aviation( and other professionals) for comfort..

Ivan aromer 5th Sep 2014 20:23

Travellers abandon Jet2 flight from Malaga after passenger sparks panic by taking photos | Mail Online
What totally awful reporting. I don't think the title of journalism is relevant in this case.

INeedTheFull90 6th Sep 2014 11:56

Planes + 'won't somebody please think of the children' = your bread and butter mail online story.

People will do anything for their 15 minutes of twitter fame or to get their ugly mugs in a local rag.

Aluminium shuffler 6th Sep 2014 13:34

Where do you guys think the Tim Messenger character in Hot Fuzz came from? That is the standard of modern journalism. It's hardly worth reading or watching the news anymore - the accuracy is so poor and the agendas so driven than the reports bear scant comparison to reality.

Leeds Spotter 8th Sep 2014 14:49

Airbus A330 and Boeing 737 upgrades.
Both manufacturers stated at Farnborough they are now in a position to revamp 25 year old airframes. These will be fitted with new fuselage, new wings and new engines.
The whole package will be the 10th of the cost of a new plane with a 14% fuel improvement on todays aircraft.
Both manufactuers stated they will make more profit going down this route as against developing new generations of this series.
This would seem to encourage the business plan of Jet2 and be a logical way to increase the life of an airframe.
Both manufactuers saw only these two types as having the quantity flying necessary to put these plans in place.
Therefore we could in the next 25 years on this site have to either complain about a 50 year old airframe or check if it has had a revamp.
Both companies obviously have no issues putting their name and resources to encouraging airlines to keep them flying way passed todays old age.

DaveReidUK 8th Sep 2014 15:24

Do you understand anything at all about aircraft design, manufacture or certification?

Lighty89 8th Sep 2014 18:40

Seems they had some trouble today again.


BurtonSangalang 8th Sep 2014 19:50

Jet2 Malaga incident
The report is so factually incorrect, it makes one wonder how many facts in other fields of news are actually true!:ugh:

lagerlout 8th Sep 2014 20:32

I dare say you could look up any reasonable sized airline any day during the summer and you will read about plenty of delays.....

Not really sure what the point is in posting the tweet?

Good job they had a standby to pick up the slack.

fa2fi 8th Sep 2014 20:36

I have a mate in Facebook (who rather scaringly is learning to do his PPL) got caught up in a delay on a BA flight with #BAsucks on his tweet. People, even those who should know better, turn to social media to whinge about anything. Take a look at McDonalds FB page to see what pathetic things people twist about. It doesn't matter who you are or what line of work you're in you're likely to get social media idiots having a go.

Lord Spandex Masher 8th Sep 2014 20:42

Originally Posted by lagerlout (Post 8647021)
Not really sure what the point is in posting the tweet?

Check his post history. Seems he's got a bit of a hard on for Jet2.

paully 9th Sep 2014 09:57

Ah yes the social meeja.........the exclusive preserve of over excited teenagers and spotty faced oiks...Its not much use for anything else:rolleyes:

SCANDIC 9th Sep 2014 17:58

One of the Monarch 75's is in it's way to Jet2 at the end of the summer.

Charlie98 9th Sep 2014 19:32

Do you have a source for this? Seems rather strange to be taking on more 757s at this stage!

CabinCrewe 9th Sep 2014 19:37

...at a great price, why would they not take another well loved 757 !

Charlie98 9th Sep 2014 20:25

Of course we want to see more! Maybe they should take the 10 we are loosing this winter! Seriously though, if this is true its a great development, would this mean NCL could keep a 75?

EK77WNCL 9th Sep 2014 22:14

All I can say is get in, glad to see some of the old birds living on!

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