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MKY661 23rd Jan 2013 17:40

I wonder would they need to ask Allegiant permission to use it? after all they did adopt it from the leased aircraft.

lbalad 23rd Jan 2013 22:49

Jet2 livery
I find the original Jet2 livery dated now.I much prefer the Jet2holidays colour scheme.

Maybe with the 10th anniversary looming,might be a good time for a new livery?:ooh:

silverstreak 24th Jan 2013 14:11

Jet2 expansion
Certainly looks like another year of expansion, with the Jet2 Holidays division alone, relocating to offices in Leeds city centre (Demand for Jet2 Holidays has gone through the roof over the last 12 months) as well as last weeks news of additional aircraft on the 737-300/800 fleet

Watch out for the Jet2 Holidays livery replacing the 'legacy livery'
more and more as the holiday division gets even more popular... ;)

All very positive and encouraging and long may it continue

mikerawsonderby 30th Jan 2013 16:36

According to an article in today's Derby Telegraph, the Jet2 CE says that EMA will have 5 based aircraft this summer.


onyxcrowle 30th Jan 2013 22:34

Any chance of DSA seeing Jet 2. If they expanding.
And now Huy is on the up with vival Jet extra

cornishsimon 31st Jan 2013 00:43

Wonder if we might see Jet2 return to NQY via the Jet2 Holiday route, UK package holidays or just flights ?


take-off 31st Jan 2013 08:54

Why wouldnt they paint all new aircraft in they Jet2 holidays livery, its brighter, plus it free advertising for the business, which seems to be , by the sound of it a bigger part of Jet2 every month, Personally i prefer it to the grey colour, which was getting a bit long in the tooth, but that just me being spotterish. Im Sure Jet2 see the value in painting the aircraft this way , or they wouldnt do it.

GustyOrange 4th Feb 2013 14:30

Good news for Jet 2 at GLA, and some rather strange comments from HansKnees, does anyone recognise the ramblings?

Passenger numbers soar as Jet2 plans more aircraft for Glasgow - Transport - Scotsman.com


scotsunflyer 4th Feb 2013 18:29

Looked like there were 2 B752 parked at Glasgow opposite stand 33/34 today

GrahamK 5th Feb 2013 11:56

Jet2 seem to be getting rid of the extra legroom seats on the 757s?

kazzie 5th Feb 2013 12:56

G-LSAE is covering for G-LSAN which is tech.

sunday8pm 7th Feb 2013 12:46

Can anyone with insider knowledge let me know which aircraft type will be flying EMA-ACE this summer?

ematom1 7th Feb 2013 12:51

By the looks of the seating plan I checked last night for ema-ace it's a Boeing 757-200

sunday8pm 7th Feb 2013 12:55

Cheers Tom

Buster the Bear 7th Feb 2013 14:09

G-THOP (now re-registered) left Lasham for Hurn Yesterday, should emerge in Jet2 colours soon.

obsidianUK 9th Feb 2013 11:20

extra legroom seats
I heard they are removing extra legroom seats due to a "sneak through" of legislation on APD from this crazy UK government.

Apparently extra leg room seats are now charged a higher APD rate (note 3):
HM Revenue & Customs: Rates of Air Passenger Duty

and see 2.5, lowest class of travel:
HM Revenue & Customs

The normal seats onboard would be charged APD at the reduced rate and the extra legroom seats would be at standard rate (as they are being marketed as a premium) placing an extra 63 tax on the seat! I doubt many people would want to pay an extra 63 in tax for extra legroom! Looks like they are going for the best option, to remove the extra legroom and maximize "normal seats" onboard to have one class charging APD at the reduced rate.

Another victory for business by this government, on top of EU261 from the great European Union :\

What are we doing; the UK would be better off without this government and out the EU, but that's another discussion, somewhere else!


CabinCrewe 9th Feb 2013 11:29

"Good news for Jet 2 at GLA, and some rather strange comments from HansKnees, does anyone recognise the ramblings"
We all know to whom you refer, but we prefer you keep petty squabbles for the local spotter forums.
Anyway, back to Jet 2. Will be interesting to see how long the 757's hang on for, seems most of the recent investments have been in 737's. GLA seems to have done well over the Winter, ofetn with 3 x 757's operating through.

paully 9th Feb 2013 11:30

Chistle chistle chistle.........thats all this Government is capable of doing, as well as lecrturing us all at every turn about making sure we pay ever more tax blah blah blah. They just think we will blame the Airlines and cough up. Then they wonder why people prefer to use tradespeople that work for cash :ugh: Well done Jet 2 :D

lbalad 12th Feb 2013 12:53

10 years today!
I can't believe it was 10 years a go today that the first flight took off from Leeds/Bradford to Amsterdam.

I wonder what the next 10 years will bring?.

757 Speedbrakes 12th Feb 2013 14:10

I'll lay a pretty big bet that it won't be called 'Jet2' and it won't have the same Cheif Exec! He'd have flogged the lot off to some Holiday company and put his feet up.

Well done on the last 10 years though. I've heard so many PPRuNe 'experts' keep saying 'it will go bust soon' over the last decade. 54 million profit, 50 aircraft and a large haulage company isn't a bad Balance Sheet and I can think of a few airlines that would love to be in that position right now!

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