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OntimeexceptACARS 19th Feb 2015 22:05

Question re G-CELX
I know this sounds a bit spottery, but bear with me. I'm told G-CELX was (is) a passenger aircraft which has had a cargo door fitted in the last few years.

If its still flying passengers its obviously not a freighter, but wasn't built as QC aircraft either. Could it have been 'converted' (sorry) to QC standard?

I have a number of equally meaningless questions about Margot Robbie, but they will keep for now......

BasilFawlty 19th Feb 2015 22:09

None of the QC's were built as QC's, they were all converted later in their life.

Jet2_738 19th Feb 2015 22:32

Can only agree with BasilFawlty :D, that some younger 767W's would fit perfectly into the Jet2 fleet. LCC's tend to stick to commonality - i.e. Ryanair stay Boeing, Easyjet stay Airbus. It would only incur more costs to have a mixed fleet - new pilot training, new engineers, new spare parts, cabin crew re-training...

The 757 is often favoured for its range of missions - short to long haul ops, and a 767WL could certainly do 4x Hops to ALC/PMI etc. one day, and fly to EWR the next.

Also, as far as I am aware, doesn't the 757 and the 767 have a common type rating??? :)

garry8g 19th Feb 2015 23:34

Artie - Your definitely keeping the suspense going here.
Sounds like it is going to be something big, and bold hopefully.

Let us know when you can!

pug 19th Feb 2015 23:36

You'll find out when/if it's announced...

Artie Fufkin 20th Feb 2015 00:24

Garry, I am obviously constrained by my employers social media policy.

What I have heard is either true and if so, you will hear about it in the coming days, or the rumour is false, or the company's board has actively decided against the plan.

Fingers crossed for the former.

EK77WNCL 20th Feb 2015 01:42

Well whatever's going to happen's going to happen. Shame... I liked my plan :(

A330's wouldn't be too much of a stretch for LS, considering there is no commonality 733-738-752 that would make the 752-763 the only "common" aircraft combination in the LS fleet. Either way, neither A330 or 767 will have maintenance commonality to the rest of the fleet etc. At least the A330's would have RR engine commonality if that makes anything easier.

Of course! As I've been suggesting for years, there are still BA's 767's... Whatever it is though, I hope it gets the grey livery and comes to Newcastle.

Mr Mac 20th Feb 2015 07:26

You obviously have not been on one of BA,s tired jets recently - neither have I, but my erstwhile colleagues who continue to do so report a wide range of problems. Also EK 330 have been run ragged with many cycles. There are alternative A/C from other fleets around which would make better economic sense. You have to bare in mind sometimes that some carriers flog their kit to death before passing it on. Ask any of the Virgin crews who remember the 747 they got from CX which were in very poor condition, compared with those from ANZ which they purchased around the same time.

Mr Mac

DjerbaDevil 20th Feb 2015 10:32

Somewhere in PPRuNe someone said sometime back, that Boeing have a number of Dreamliners for sale with a hefty discount, that were the first off the production line and which ANA refused to take because they were not up to standard. In total there are five of these B787s and three have RR engines. Perhaps JET2 have pulled out all the stops and are taking two or three of these early production Dreamliners. Bearing in mind they are being offered at a hefty discount and they have RR engines, they would appear to meet most of JET2ís requirements........................IF....... BIG....... IF, they intend to have a go at long haul, as they have been proposing to do so since 2010. On the other hand the UK long haul market would appear to be ripe, at this moment in time, for another LH operator to step in.

TSR2 20th Feb 2015 12:11

Boeing have a number of Dreamliners for sale with a hefty discount, that were the first off the production line
This type of sale is often referred to as a 'Scrap Heap Challenge' due to the ammount of work necessary to bring development aircraft up to production standard.

GEB74 20th Feb 2015 13:01

This is brilliant!!
A couple of LS staffers drop a few scraps onto the thread and suddenly, we've got:
Any old winglet equipped 763's
Monarch A332's
Terrible Teens 788's
Privilege Style 752

Jeez, how long before someone mentions all the spare A345's lying around? :hmm:
Maybe a couple of L-1011's to be reactivated?? :E
Buying all of Condor's 753's??? :yuk:
Calm down!!

Oh, and EK77WNCL, I know you've had an on-going obsession with getting used Emirates A330's to fly in the UK for the likes of Jet2 for some time now.
Have you actually had the misfortune to fly on any of them? They're knackered, and not just the diabolical interior. The dispatch reliability and cancellation rate on that sub-fleet is going upwards. There must be better used options out there......

BasilFawlty 20th Feb 2015 23:21

Why on earth would they want ex. BA 767's? Nobody wants RR powered 767's, they aren't even certified for winglets!

pallan 20th Feb 2015 23:50

Added to the fact that I'm pretty sure BA 767's cannot cross the Atlantic from later this year/next year (?) without a significant and expensive software upgrade.

If BA aren't prepared to fund this then I don't see why Jet2 would

TSR2 21st Feb 2015 00:13

If 757's could reach Florida LS would be set
I flew an Air Europe 757 to Orlando back in the 80's. One stop outbound (Bangor) and non-stop inbound. Not sure if the LS 757's have the same range as the Air Europe ones.

EI-BUD 21st Feb 2015 06:57

I think those contributing to ths thread should be mindful of what they say with regard to the condition of the LS fleet. Using language like dilapidated and clapped out etc. Could get you into hot water. Jet2 have an impeccable safety record. Their aircraft are certified as air worthy too.

There are plenty of airlines out there with aircraft of the same age and older.

On a more general note it would seem like a logical step in terms of LS's differentiated strategy that they add medium and long haul holiday destinations for Jet2 Holidays. Hence, I expect that an announcement is about procuring an aircraft type for that. They are not many options.

Considering a wider perspective are their other carriers that they could collaborate with or could gain synergies by working closely with? Just a thought.

EK77WNCL 21st Feb 2015 16:39

I love the fact jet2 operates old aircraft but, for example, ex Ansett 733's, the first generation Chinese 752's and to an extent first generation 738's are aircraft that other airlines probably wouldn't have looked into on the second hand.

In the past I've defended Jet2 and their aircraft when their age, etc. Has been criticised, and I did say that LS keep all their aircraft in tip top condition and you'd never guess the age.

kdhurst380 21st Feb 2015 21:33

I have to say, people slam Jet2's aircraft, but I can honestly say they are some of the most well looked after, comfortable short haul aircraft out there. I did a 3:30 flight to Dalaman in G-LSAA last year, it's 25 years old, but the cabin is in impeccable condition.

I've been on BA Airbuses half that age that have actually looked dilapidated inside. Dirty seat covers, yellowed lighting, dirty toilets etc. If the airline are looking after the aircraft they have, then why would anyone criticise?

dreamair 22nd Feb 2015 01:45

Totally agree about the cabins on Jet2. They are immaculate. I bet 99% of passengers who fly with them have got no idea how old some of those planes are. If you knew nothing about planes and got on a Jet2 aircraft you'd think it was pretty new. I see no reason why Jet2 should change their aircraft buying policy at all. It works well for them.

LiamNCL 22nd Feb 2015 07:27

Been 2 738s based at NCL for a while , Most days ones sat on a remote stand

Jet2_738 22nd Feb 2015 11:03

In relation to the 738s based at NCL, I believe that the two currently are G-GDFC, and G-GDFZ.

So that leaves 5 cuurently at NCL:
G-CELX - 737-377(QC)
G-GDFE - 737-3Q8(QC)
G-GDFH - 737-3Y5(WL) - WL's Recently Fitted
G-GDFC - 737-8K2(WL)
G-GDFZ - 737-86Q(WL)

- Having been on several Jet2 aircraft myself, (all 3 types in fact [737-300QC, 737-800, and 757-200]) I definitely agree that the cabin interior is immaculate, and someone who doesn't know anything about aircraft would think that it was bought yesterday. Jet2 and Jet2holidays are doing really well in this somewhat cut-throat market - so what if they have a different buying policy to everyone else! :ok:

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