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mmeteesside 6th May 2017 22:27

Will the Düsseldorf service be withdrawn completely or just limited to its peak which I would expect to be sort of September to January? There'll be far more money to be made flying a 738 to PMI than DUS in July

Seljuk22 7th May 2017 09:13

Hi, with all this new routes being announced anyone has an overview which/how many aircrafts will be based at each base next summer?

skyloone 7th May 2017 19:05

Anyone know how many new 738's still to arrive from the now 34 I believe and where they might be going. I gather a few 733 replacements with two extra for both BHX, STN and maybe another couple for LBA?

inOban 7th May 2017 19:21

They announced that one will be going to EDI for S18.

BFS BHD 7th May 2017 19:28

Seljuk22 - Belfast will be 3x B733 and 1x B738 for S18.

skyloone - Belfast gets one for Winter 17/18 and Summer 2018.

inOban 7th May 2017 19:46

Seljuk 22. I assume that EDI will go from 2 738 + 4 733 to 3+4, and they announced enough additional destinations/higher frequencies/longer season to justify this; but they also said that the total number of seats would rise by only 9%, which doesn't match. Maybe another poster can explain.

BasilFawlty 7th May 2017 19:47

It seems ALC is going from 2 733 to 2 738 at the end of this month, anyone who can confirm that? Would make more sense indeed to have 738 equipment as back-up, rather than 733's.

Bam Thwok 8th May 2017 04:54

Yep...... ALC going to 2 738's by the end of June now.
A particular "capacity issue" put the deployment back a month.

Check Mags On 8th May 2017 15:14

Originally Posted by gsky (Post 9761779)
anybody know what B757 scheduled to operate LS759 tmrw MAN-MAH?

Hi gsky, did you have a good flight.

DjerbaDevil 8th May 2017 17:01

This article gives some idea of the fleet allocation for 2018 summer:


jackjak 15th May 2017 16:08

I see the A330 leased from AirTanker has been painted into the Jet2 red titles livery. Will the aircraft be crewed by Jet2 or AirTanker?




paully 15th May 2017 21:14

Apparantly cabin crew will be Jet2 and flight deck will be Air Tanker..Thats the plan anyway

Nantucket Sleighride 16th May 2017 09:02

A330 due into Manchester later today on Delivery (Via BHX)

jackjak 16th May 2017 14:35

I'm flying on the A330 to Tenerife in June. I'm guessing the cabin is just standard AirTanker and Jet2 are not adding their red and grey seat colours, like how Thomas Cook refitted the cabin for G-VYGK.



LAX_LHR 16th May 2017 14:39

I believe the A330 will have Jet2 seats.

mikkie4 16th May 2017 14:59

going to GRAN CANARIA from stansted 2nd 2weeks in sept any idea what we will be flying on

compton3bravo 16th May 2017 15:02

I would guess an aeroplane - never call it a plane Bader!

paully 16th May 2017 15:44


All routes out of Stansted are operated by the 737-800

LAX_LHR 16th May 2017 15:49

Originally Posted by paully (Post 9772981)

All routes out of Stansted are operated by the 737-800

Isn't there a Titan B757 thrown in the mix?

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