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LiamNCL 7th Jan 2014 18:25

ah right thanks for the info

Bam Thwok 8th Jan 2014 06:58

'Twas a TFS charter flight for Fred Olsen Cruises.

kieb92 30th Jan 2014 15:57

G-GDFG has been fitted with winglets and is the first 733 with Jet2 Silver livery and winglets:

G-GDFG Boeing 737-36Q | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

take-off 1st Feb 2014 11:25

Whats up with Ls 917 Man -TFS, I see it been circling over northwest for quite a while, had got down past southern tip of UK, to then return , back up to go to Leeds, i'm guessing its not quite the trip people were thinking of ?:uhoh:

Ernest Lanc's 2nd Feb 2014 18:51

It depends, if the head winds are strong enough even a wingletted 733 will
struggle. The rest is rubbish ofcourse, Jet2 operates 738's and 752's from other
UK airports to the Canaries without problems, but they can't operate them from
Blackpool because of the short runway, it's as simple as that and that's where
the problem lies.

Oh but they can. Jet2 have used a 737-800 Lanzarote to BLK. Also LS used a 737-800 from BLK Gerona.

BLK can handle 757s.


I had a nightmare Tenerife - MAN - Over five and a half hours. I used Jet2 BLK/Dalaman last year - No refuelling and the 737-300 made good time.

As for the length of the runway - 757 is the largest a/c that can operate from BLK - They need to get that land and lengthen the runway.

It was no shorter than SEN and wider - SEN managed until the runway was lengthened - BLK still has the wider runway, and that matters also.

AIRPORT66 2nd Feb 2014 19:08

Are jet2 not doing the BFS - SZG next winter.

111KAB 13th Feb 2014 07:09

A winter boost: airlines look at low season flights to Mallorca - Euro Weekly News Spain

LBIA 18th Feb 2014 11:41

It would seem Jet2 Boeing 737-800, G-GDFC had a hard landing and suffered a tail strike in Funchal yesterday. I wondered why they had been so many delays and flights been diverted to Tenerife and Porto Santo.

Incident: Jet2.com B738 at Funchal on Feb 17th 2014, tail strike on landing

LBIA 19th Feb 2014 14:36

Looks like Jet2 is increasing its capacity on the Atlantic Xmas Shopping trips to New York this year with x15 UK trips been on sale. All flights as normal will be operated by the Boeing 757-200-WL aircraft

Leeds/Bradford = x4 - Oct 25th, Nov 20th, Nov 27th & Dec 4th
Manchester = x4 - Oct 30th, Nov 13th, Nov 27th & Dec 11th
East Midlands = x2 - Nov 13th & Nov 20th
Newcastle x3 - Nov 20th, Dec 4th & Dec 11th
Glasgow = x2 - Nov 20th & Dec 4th

CabinCrewe 19th Feb 2014 20:23

shame BOS didn't come to anything

mn06 26th Feb 2014 15:19

Edinburgh - Geneva and Manchester - Turin now showing on website. Both weekly ski flights.

LiamNCL 26th Feb 2014 17:11

NCL is x4 to NYC , With a half term flight on 20th October IIRC

DADDY-OH! 10th Mar 2014 02:49


I was playing with one of our performance computers a few weeks ago & on an ISA Standard Day (OAT +15c & QNH of 1013.25Mb) a 235 seat config'd B757 can lift 27 tonnes of fuel + a full pax load. 27,000 Kgs of fuel in a fully loaded B757 will take you about 6 - 6h 30mins. flying time with the standard legal reserves. That could get you to Jeddah, Cape Verde or Bangor, Maine from BLK.

The reason why a B757 can lift stuff off a runway that a B737NG can't is in the braking capability. A B757 has 8 brake units where as a B737NG has 4. I once stopped a B757 within 4800' at CYHM on their runway 24.

onyxcrowle 10th Mar 2014 21:18

Jet 2 Question Re Dsa.
(Dont troll me or abuse me for asking as seems to be the norm here for a simple polite question for me who is interested in aviation but let down by my health which prevented me a career in something ive loved all my life).
How possible is it Jet 2 Would try a few routes out of Dsa. After all theyve been at Blackpool for a while and I dont see that having an airfield to match Dsa in terms of space etc.
Plus they could do more bucket and spade routes and perhaps that vital Amsterdam link.
Do they still operate the 737 300?
They could do prauge as well. And as per what the Airport said a while back about there being demand for new York. Im sure a weekly 757 might work out. Such a route would put Dsa on the map even though it might be a route out and back once a week.
Ams ought to be 3 times daily at least.
Perhaps Dublin or Cork.
And maybe a couple of Domestic Routes.
Or Prauge.
Made me wonder after they had suddenly started training flights. I cant recall tjem doing them before.
Or if Jet 2 did Cross this side would They choose HUY or is thst too small to suppory their ops.
If they did Ams from there it might shake things up and be good competition. And mean bettet deals for passengers.
I think the Runway is long enough gor a 738.
Airbus 320.
Though I know Jet 2 Dont use boeing.

G-TYNE 10th Mar 2014 21:43

Jet2 don't codeshare with KLM so I would see AMS 3x daily as very optimistic, frankly senseless.

DSA isn't a Jet2 base yet so New York would also be very very optimistic. In fact any new bases including BLK (as it's mentioned far too often) ever seeing a 757 are doubtful as they aren't planning to add any more to my knowledge.

Bucket and spade, and city break flights using a 733 are potentially more realistic, and I'm sure DSA is continually being evaluated by LS as a potential new base, along with numerous other UK airports. LBA, NCL and MAN don't have DUB or EWR yet so let's not get carried away.

MKY661 10th Mar 2014 21:45

LBA, NCL and MAN don't have AMS or EWR yet so let's not get carried away.
LBA has AMS :)

G-TYNE 10th Mar 2014 21:48

Whoops, meant to say DUB. Amended.

BasilFawlty 10th Mar 2014 21:48

LBA has no AMS service? It was Jet2's very first route and it's still being operated today. ;) They also operated NCL-AMS and BLK-AMS in their early days, plus MAN-AMS, which was operated for over three years before being ended in early 2008.

johnnychips 10th Mar 2014 22:57

I think Jet 2 are well entrenched in Leeds and EMA, so why dilute that by opening a base in between? Apparently the reason why Easy's half-base at DSA failed was that the necessary AMS route (to rotate the planes) did not make money even though the other routes did OK.

onyxcrowle 11th Mar 2014 20:30

Aye but I was refering to Huy , That of course isn't in the middle of the other two, and is far enough away that people would probably use such a carrier and flights.
Even if they operated on a 733, nobody will complain if Huy or Dsa offered loco prices to Ams or any other destination that might be available.

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