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Mike16 20th Apr 2014 22:09

oh what ashame about the 757's , lovely aircraft as well.
Well a 737 to Bodrum, wow a long journey for a small aircraft then ?

MKY661 20th Apr 2014 23:39

B757s are now rapidly reaching the time when they become expensive to operate due their reliability

So are we expecting some of them to leave the fleet at the end of the summer? :)

Ian Brooks 21st Apr 2014 07:20

B737 can do a lot further than Bodrum, they do Manchester to Cairo with no problem.


Sean Dillon 21st Apr 2014 08:33

The 757 won't be leaving the Jet2 fleet anytime soon! It has a winter sat giving Airport Director's major stand issues! It was more reliable last summer than the 737 fleet. It has a CPDLC upgrade programme, albeit a cheapo version!

End of this summer, the 2 units at NCL will go to MAN or LBA!

GrahamK 21st Apr 2014 09:26

The NCL-TFS/ACE flights for W14/15 are still showing as 757s.

Sean Dillon 21st Apr 2014 11:54

Wait for the 'official' announcement Graham! It affects a small number of crews, although everyone is aware...and not excited by the B733 and the "you can't polish a turd" B738!

HH6702 21st Apr 2014 12:38

When will the offical accounment come?
Launch of summer 2015 flights?
Let's hope NCL gain an extra aircraft and flights to cover the loss of seats being offered.

EK77WNCL 21st Apr 2014 14:43

Well that's just :mad:

I hope this doesn't happen because I can't see the sense behind it at all, not yet anyway, unless they're getting replaced by 3+ 738's I am starting to doubt LS's commitment to continuous growth at NCL. They're increasing exponentially at EMA and GLA and steadily at LBA and MAN, but NCL seems to have stagnated. Apart from adding 1 extra flight per week this summer to FUE when the 733 was on the ground at NCL anyway. FNC results in no growth as MJV is reduced by 1 weekly flight to facilitate FNC.

NCL-TRC 21st Apr 2014 16:45

The loads on the 757s at any time during the year are normally well into the 200+ range, heck it wasn't that long ago that there way talk of getting a Titan 757 for the summer at NCL, although I have heard some of the -300 crews talking about the fact that they may well be doing some longer sectors with the -300s next year, EK77W is correct, if it is just a straight swap for two -800s then Jet2 will be loosing out on about 30 or so seats per flight.

HH6702 21st Apr 2014 16:52

I agree to a point that NCL has seen less growth than the like if ema and gla over the last 2 years.

However we do need to be careful.
Jet2 are a business at the end of the day and they need to put planes where they are going to make the most money.

If they are finding it hard to fill a 757 then the 738 is a better opinion and also better yields in the end.

NCL still has lots to offer and has grown over the years yes I agree the last year or so not much change but it will come back.

Jet2 are testing the water with FNC and FUE as these markets are currently only offered by other operators as weekly flights so jet2 take the risk of going by themselves on a 737 as Thomson flights have a few operators!!

Summer 2015 will see some bigger growth on the charters I think.
All will find out on Thursday when the flights go in sale

JonnyH 21st Apr 2014 16:54

I went on to Jet2 looking for either a flight or holiday in the next couple or months or so.

I couldn't help being surprised at how low the prices are at the moment in comparison to previous years. Can't see the reasoning behind this as TOM/TCX as they have decreased their availability at NCL this year. Just an observation though, I have always been used to the flights being a lot higher than from LBA/MAN etc.

HOODED 21st Apr 2014 18:00

End of this summer, the 2 units at NCL will go to MAN or LBA!
I can't see it being LBA if it happens, there is simply no spare stands at night , unless they park them on the Multiflight apron or they replace LBA based 733s!

SCANDIC 21st Apr 2014 18:29

You can't beat the 757's best Boeing ever made.

LBIA 21st Apr 2014 19:52

Hooded; Maybe jet2 know if the owners are going to build some much needed extra stands at LBA?
If not parking them over at Multiflight they could either park a few aircraft in the pan like Ryanair have done in the past or double park them on the eastern apron as happened this winter.

682ft AMSL 21st Apr 2014 22:21

Maybe jet2 know if the owners are going to build some much needed extra stands at LBA?
In this day and age it would be unusual for an airline to base an additional aircraft at an airport like LBA without entering into a commercial agreement, usually to link passenger volumes to airport fees. In the same vein, it would be equally unusual for an airport to make large capital investments without having a guarantee that airlines will provide the passenger throughput to make it worthwhile.

I think you can take it as read therefore that Jet2 and the airport company will be in regular dialogue about each other's plans. With regard to parking stands, it would be hard to believe that conversations about summer 15 haven't been on-going for a number of months now, especially as programmes are going on sale now.

In fact, LBA were talking about investing in extra parking space for summer 15 as far back as Jan of this year

Jan-15th Bradford T&A : Tony Hallwood, LBA aviation development and marketing director, said the focus this year would be on improving the airport’s airside infrastructure, including some new aircraft parking spaces and associated infrastructure to cope with expanding flights numbers

LiamNCL 21st Apr 2014 23:22

So this is the last Summer of 757 at NCL ? Shame because Jet2 have just got the capacity upperhand over TCX & TOM

& a 733 from NCL to somewhere like Greece ? WOW , TCX are instantly offering a far more luxurious product.

SWBKCB 22nd Apr 2014 05:39

& a 733 from NCL to somewhere like Greece ? WOW , TCX are instantly offering a far more luxurious product.
Can anybody expand on this comment? What's the difference?

LiamNCL 22nd Apr 2014 06:17

I wouldnt want to be on a 733 for 4 hours , TCXs A321s will be brand new

The 757 was just a whole lot better to travel on I dont like the sound of the 738 never mind the 733

Lord Spandex Masher 22nd Apr 2014 06:35

Jammed in like sardines isn't luxurious.

SWBKCB 22nd Apr 2014 06:36

But why? The 733 is the same fuselage cross-section as the 757 (and 738 and all other Boeing narrow bodies), just shorter - what difference does it make?

And how will the 321 be more luxurious once the 'new car' smell fades?

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