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EK77WNCL 29th Jul 2014 23:21

If Jet2 ever... Ever get widebodies, I think EK could be their people, EK's old A330's (and dare I say it, 2 class, non ER 772's) could be perfect for them, simply because they will be stupidly cheap and they could fill them on a few short haul routes. Even though Pakistan are unlikely to let them in, LS could break into LBA-ISB... It just seems like the kind of thing they would do, or that they might have done in the past in their more adventurous days.

Waldo1 29th Jul 2014 23:26

Or else a shared lease agreement a la sunwing...or like air2000 used to do too....

Facelookbovvered 30th Jul 2014 06:44

A few long haul wide body aircraft would be useful for Jet2holidays, no doubt there is plenty of life left in the 757's the Egypt stuff & Canary isle stuff can all be done on the 800's

take-off 30th Jul 2014 18:33

Should jet2 jump into the long haul holidays... I'd imagine Florida is likely to be and Cancun possible destinations , also imagine these flights likely to be Leeds based, would they dip their toes in the MAN market , what with the long haul holiday market tied up with Thomson and T Cook and Virgin , they would have to pull something out the bag , especially if the 757's were to be used , after having flown on a cramped AA 757 to Chicago , not sure id want to trek to Orlando on one.... Not that I dislike 757s or jet2 , both are good :ok:

take-off 30th Jul 2014 18:35

Now that I would like to see a 777 in jet2 colours....:ok::E:E:ok::ok::ok:

GLAinsider 30th Jul 2014 18:55

They have only just clicked in that people from Belfast might want to go to Gran Canaria on holiday. Do you really think they are ready to offer holidays to Orlando and Cancun?

take-off 30th Jul 2014 19:15

Who knows what they are planning , here in less than sunny BLK , we,d like a year round AGP , considering the high load factors it gets , ans the prices are rarely cheap , one has to wonder why that for sept/ oct next year it drops to 2 weekly , going from monarchs daily and j2 4/5 times a week when they first started at BLK , you have to wonder at their continual running down of the route , but they obviously know what they are doing,

GAZMO 30th Jul 2014 19:29


You never know Virgin have just announced BFS to MCO for next year, so maybe Cancun???

JonnyH 30th Jul 2014 19:43

There is zero chance of Jet2 buying larger, wide-bodied aircrafts and absolutely no chance of them joining the long haul market besides there winter breaks to EWR.

With the success of Jet2Holidays, it's slightly understandable why people think they could be successful in the long haul market. But maintaining long haul aircrafts, especially with Jet2 buying mostly older aircraft, I think it would be incredibly hard to make any money and fill these aircraft. There's no need for them to use them for places like SSH... It's wouldn't make any financial sense. I'm sure they would just increase the rotations.

From what I know, and what everybody else can see also, it's definitely not on the agenda and there's no reason for it too either.

Lord Spandex Masher 30th Jul 2014 19:56

Speaketh thee from knowledge?

CentreFix25 30th Jul 2014 21:16

Whether it be knowledge or not, there's a whole lot of common sense in there.

Lord Spandex Masher 30th Jul 2014 21:31

Stating things like "there is zero chance", "from what I know" and "definitely not" would imply that he does know definitely.

All I'm willing to say is that he doesn't.

JonnyH 30th Jul 2014 21:51

Do you really think Jet2 have the resources, funds and know how to go into the long haul market? And if they were to go into the long haul market do you really think they would buy long haul aircraft such as A330/777 etc. The closest they would get to an aircraft like that would be a 767 which would probably be leased by Titan.

There's absolutely no way Jet2 are going to buy these types of aircraft. If you think so you're deluded.

The long haul market is completely different to short haul. It's all good and well, and a lot, lot easier trying to compete with EZY, TCX, TOM, MON etc, on short haul, than it is competing with all these other carriers that are being mentioned like Virgin and BA. You can't seriously think LS are gonna purchase the aircraft mentioned to fly to CUN, PUJ, SFO etc. The only chance they would go on these routes would be if they were using the 757s - and they wouldn't be able to compete with the other carriers, in my opinion.

The market for Spain, Turkey etc is/was a lot easier for LS to climb into. I know that coming into this type of market is something LS will not do, it would be a huge risk. Jet2 purchasing an A330/777 is laughable, and slightly cringeworthy, if I'm honest and I think the closest to long haul they'll get is a 757 or an A321/767 (leased). An airline that can only afford to lease generally 20+ year old aircraft buying/leasing incredibly expensive wide bodies sounds very financially viable....

Lord Spandex Masher 30th Jul 2014 22:32

You know do you?

Of course, you're willing to prove your assertions...

take-off 30th Jul 2014 22:55

Being purely slf here, think its a bit harsh saying that jet2 couldn't compete having 20 year old 767 to do an Orlando or Mexico route is no different to some of the older aircraft that BA , or any other carrier send over the Atlantic , thomson still use they're similar aged vintage 767 on USA routes , thomas cook currently using 19 year old 767 , albeit a condor branded one, who use their ageing 767 on vegas routes. Obviously reliability is the key issue, the other issue being which bases would be best for them to dip their toe into long haul?

CentreFix25 31st Jul 2014 07:44

I don't think they'd be daft enough to do long haul and wide bodies. I don't even think they've gave the slightest hint ever?

I'm not sure of the cost implications of bringing in a completely new type of aircraft into a fleet. Then finding a market to tap into, that would not only be profitable, but profitable enough to make the whole exercise worthwhile.

The competition who are already established on the routes I'm thinking about would then react to the competition, making an already difficult task less worthwhile.

I also think given the profit warning, now is not the time to try something completely new.

If they're keen to do anything at all, I'd stick to Europe. Keep all of your aircraft within 2 or 3 hours of a replacement, and get your aircraft and crew back to home base each night.

My opinions :rolleyes:

Lord Spandex Masher 31st Jul 2014 08:24

Good idea, stick to the "less buoyant", "less demanding" market, no competition there either.

Don't you think they'd find a market to tap into before they got aircraft to serve that market?

Why don't you try thinking about some routes with less, or even no, competition.

CentreFix25 31st Jul 2014 09:20

Good idea, stick to the "less buoyant", "less demanding" market, no competition there either.
So where's the buoyant market with no competition on it?

Don't you think they'd find a market to tap into before they got aircraft to serve that market?
Reading the thread, the topic has been long-haul and wide bodies and whether this would be a good business move. I'm quite sure nobody doubts they'd do their homework - that's not the question here. We're actually having the homework discussion on this public forum, and everyone has their views.

To summarise... is there a long-haul, widebody market that would be worth Jet2 while having a go at? My opintion is no.

Why don't you try thinking about some routes with less, or even no, competition.
I have my suspicions about routes that have less or no competition on them, and the reasons why. The wide, bucket and spade Mediterranean routes can handle it. Others I'm not so sure, did you have any in mind?

Facelookbovvered 31st Jul 2014 10:00

I think they came close to acquiring some 767's which is a common type rating with the 757, i heard they'd got as far as buying some 767 ULD containers that were going cheap, probably sold them for a profit!!

But i think given current trading they are right to stick to what they know best and make the Midlands and North their own turf, i know some think their jet2holidays packages are a bit tacky and some are but its got to be great for cash flow when you've got 1000's sat in their bank account for 6 months

the 300 is still ideal for under 3 hour med runs and they get cheaper all the time

wallp 5th Aug 2014 13:58

Is Jet2 ever likely to develop a significant presence in the South East or is that a no go for them?

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