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BFS Dude 15th Mar 2014 22:42

Anyone no why G-GDFE went from Belfast to Norwich this morning as EXS33E??

LBIA 15th Mar 2014 23:22

She's either having a paint job, Maintenance or winglets installed.

BFS Dude 15th Mar 2014 23:53

Thanks for that LBIA

Lord Spandex Masher 16th Mar 2014 09:03

Neither of those two.

HOODED 16th Mar 2014 09:17

Lord S M. So just maintenance then?

Lord Spandex Masher 16th Mar 2014 11:36

Apparently, can't remember what though.

theloudone 16th Mar 2014 12:02

maintenance.....certainly a good bunch of engineers in Norwich.

LiamNCL 16th Mar 2014 12:25

Does anyone know if for certain there will be 3x 757s at NCL this summer ? Heard of a Titan leased 757

EK77WNCL 29th Mar 2014 01:09

Jet2 Aircraft and bases
Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone in the know, would be willing to provide the information on where Jet2's aircraft are based this summer, preferably/hopefully with the intended aircraft reg too?

For example, among others Newcastle was home to G-CELH, G-CELO, G-LSAE?, G-POWI etc... For summer 2013

Thanks very much, I would be very grateful, I realise LS change aircraft around quite a bit. I'm mainly interested as to where G-LSAG will be based this summer.

Charlie98 30th Mar 2014 00:58

As far as I'm aware airlines run with type bases not aircraft based, I believe NCL gets 3x 752 this year but there are no defined registrations to a set base, apart from the leased 752 which would be ZAPX or POWH

No doubt we will see the a plethora of Jet2 752s through NCL this year!

MKY661 30th Mar 2014 01:03

Yeah Aircraft registrations for not Just Jet2, all airlines, are usually moved around the bases and they usually swap at one of the destinations. There are certain circumstances which may make an aircraft based somewhere on occasions but Jet2 don't seem to do this except with leased aircraft :) Hope this helps :)

EK77WNCL 30th Mar 2014 11:39

The last 2 summers at least NCL has kept the same 757's all summer, the 733's were the only ones that tended to move about a bit, but CELO never moved from NCL last year, we got just about every other one at some point though haha. But the 757's never moved, in 2012 when we had LSAG and (I think) LSAE, even when LSAG went tech in TFS and LSAH was brought in for a few days and brought me back from ACE, they rotated LSAG back into Newcastle again... But I dunno...

I hope NCL gets 3 757's, I'll definitely use some myjet2 points to get on the leased one if I can, I assume it will be filling the A320's place from last summer as they only have 202Y as opposed to 229Y/232Y/235Y (why don't they consolidate it to 1 configuration?)

Cheers, hoping for ZAPX... More colourful

Charlie98 30th Mar 2014 12:39

Well last summer I remember a few 752s that were in for long period of time, including AK, AG and AE but id assume this is more so down to the smaller size of the 752 fleet and there is no need to shuffle them around unless it is for maintenance which tends to be done by swapping the return aircraft at TFS - the 752s don't have any night duties like the 733s.

Overall airlines allocate bases aircraft types, such as 2x 752 3x 733 and not registrations.

Lord Spandex Masher 30th Mar 2014 13:03

That's true but Jet2 do tend to leave a particular aircraft at a base as far as possible.

janeyTA 10th Apr 2014 13:54

I was wondering if anyone can tell me what aircraft Jet2 will have based at BLK for the coming summer season please?

I've got a flight booked to Lanzarote in September which had a fuel stop scheduled into the return flight time. I received an email a couple of days ago with a revised arrival time, which is the standard flight time - no fuel stop.

I am hoping maybe they're basing a 738 there, or is it that they're leasing an aircraft from another airline?

TSR2 10th Apr 2014 15:06

I am hoping maybe they're basing a 738 there, or is it that they're leasing an aircraft from another airline?
From the seating plan, it would appear to be a B737-300. I understand the 800 is capacity restricted out of/into Blackpool.

janeyTA 10th Apr 2014 15:36

Thanks. I thought it was a 733 from the seating plan but was hoping they hadn't updated it. Wishful thinking :) I just wondered why they took the fuel stop time out.

Mike16 10th Apr 2014 16:53

Hi Guys

Maybe a bit spotter' ish, but i have just booked a Jet2 holiday today going on the 8th May for a week to Bodrum from EMA, does anyone know what aircraft type this would be on ?

Never done Jet2 before, so quite excited really.

AirGuru 10th Apr 2014 17:17

There was some speculation around a year ago now that CWL was to see some Jet2 flights, operated on a W pattern from elsewhere, although this turned to nothing. Does anyone know the current Jet2 strategy, that is 'staying relatively northern' or are there plans to extend south ?

TSR2 10th Apr 2014 17:26

does anyone know what aircraft type this would be on ?
Looks like a B738 from the seating plan.

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