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paully 28th May 2014 08:42

Just an update to all those kind enough to give me some advice.Departed LBA yesterday at silly o clock..Cant say enough about Jet2..outstanding. The check in hall had loads of friendly staff on to help..Airport was busy but we bought fast track security, know it sticks in the throat, but we breezed through so would say its money well spent.Leeds would struggle at really peak times but otherwise fine. Didnt rate the exec lounge as good value, due to the glass wall which is like sitting in a goldfish bowl!!

Flew on 733 G-CELJ pushback on time and 10 mins early into AGP excellent crew (2 captains on flight deck) the breakfast was actually really good, proper bacon and beans that were`nt congealed and worth paying for. Although old the 733 looked in good condition, good legroom and seats ok, but wouldnt want to spend too long in them..

Overall Jet2 and LBA are a good fit long may they both prosper

OntimeexceptACARS 28th May 2014 09:00

Note your comments Paully, am travelling GLA-HER in August on I understand a B738, hopefully the mixed reports about seating comfort are favourable for me. First time on Jet2 since a Palma trip on a B733 in the early days of Globespan/Jet2.

Then again, when I was younger my very first GLA-HER was on BY on a B732, though I was, in the Fast Show tradition, very very drunk.... :}

Flying Wild 28th May 2014 11:13

Originally Posted by cornishsimon (Post 8495354)
Sorry typo


G-CELK was conducting base training at NQY.

Lighty89 28th May 2014 14:51

Are these Privilege Style planes any good then?
Ive heard theyre well old and knackered.

Rob Courtney 28th May 2014 15:31

Are these Privilege Style planes any good then?
Ive heard theyre well old and knackered.
THe 757s were built in 91 and 99 so not bad for the type. Cant comment on the interiors. We flew on the Titan 757 last year and it had Jet2 seats fitted, they were ok if a little hard on the back after a 4 hr flight.

compton3bravo 28th May 2014 16:51

Cannot enlighten you about the Privilege Style interiors but several Spanish La Liga clubs use one of the B757s or the 767 to take there teams to away matches in La Liga, so I would say if it is good enough for them it should be good enough for you!

BFS Dude 3rd Jun 2014 17:46

Anyone no when Las Palmas and Zante will go on sale from BFS for Jet2? They are listed in the Jet2holiday Brochure but not on sale on website. :)

Thanks. :)

GAZMO 3rd Jun 2014 21:20

BFS Dude

Maybe jet2 staff at HQ don't view this website!!!!

HH6702 3rd Jun 2014 22:35

Ncl doesn't have zth, mla and lca on sale yet either

Ivan aromer 4th Jun 2014 14:53

On line check in "not available"
Just tried to check in on line for tomorrow's NCE-MAN flights. Not available due to the requirement "to maintain operation flexibility".
WTF. Does that mean?
Dont look forward to the usual handling agent chaos at the check in desks.

SWBKCB 4th Jun 2014 16:10

"to maintain operation flexibility"
Expect it means the type of a/c hasn't been decided yet, so no seating plan, etc.

fa2fi 4th Jun 2014 16:24

Go on Priveledge Style's website. It's got some interior shots. Reminds me of American pre 2000. May not look cool but looks comfy enough. Let's face it, with most airlines these days in main cabin it's the same sh-t but with a different uniform and seat cover. I've seen their 757s up close these days and whilst their colour scheme looks like something from MS Paint 95 they looked in good condition.

Charlie98 4th Jun 2014 17:38

G-LSAE (LS517) has diverted into Sofia while running PFO-NCL, any news on how she's doing and the nature of the incident? Looks like a decompression due to the rate of descent?

Ivan aromer 4th Jun 2014 18:00

Operational flexibility??????
The NCE to MAN flight on tomorrow (Thursday ) cant do on line check "For operational reasons" It has been suggested that the type has yet to be decided. Not unreasonable. However, as a wheeze, I decided to try and book another seat. Results: Flight full. So the type has been decided. It seems the " take me there " "great deal friendlier" chickens are coming home to roost. Time for a PM rant perhaps.

Rob Courtney 4th Jun 2014 18:29

Im no expert Ivan but maybe its scheduled for a 737-300 which is full but may change to either a 800 or 757, hence they cent take any more bookings in case they do use the smaller aircraft

GrahamK 4th Jun 2014 18:54

G-LSAE (LS517) has diverted into Sofia while running PFO-NCL, any news on how she's doing and the nature of the incident? Looks like a decompression due to the rate of descent?
It looks like G-LSAJ has been scrambled from MAN to go and pick up the passengers, so hopefully not too much disruption for them, presumably also taking out spare crew and mechanics to tend to LSAE and bring that home when they can?

ScouseGeordie 4th Jun 2014 19:21

Looking at LS516 on Flight Radar24 playback - landed at SOF squawking 7700. Rate of descent up to about 7000ft/min so probably a depressurisation just after it reached 38000'

LBIA 4th Jun 2014 19:53

Jet2 already have Titan Airways Boeing 757-200, G-ZAPX on lease based at LBA due to a shortage of aircraft. Wonder if they'll have to lease in a further aircraft to replace the tech G-LSAE now as well tomorrow?

Charlie98 4th Jun 2014 20:11

Where are the PS 757s at the moment, could one of those be brought in? Also if G-POWJ is available they could utilise her but G-POWH today at least was working for Thomas Cook and has been for a little while due to their staffing issues.

AH operated the NCL-FAO-NCL route a few days back, also positioning in from MAN with only an hour 30 delay so is there any slack in the MAN schedule?

LBIA 4th Jun 2014 21:43

G-LSAE was actually due to position back to Leeds tonight as EXS49A after operating the Newcastle - Paphos rotations.

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