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EK77WNCL 28th Dec 2013 21:51

You don't want to get rid of the noisy planes!!! :p

HH6702 28th Dec 2013 22:14

With easyjet starting flights from gatwick, Bristol and Edinburgh to Iceland from march 2014 what are the chances of jet2 moving onto Iceland route?

2 x weekly from

SWBKCB 29th Dec 2013 08:49

With easyjet starting flights from gatwick, Bristol and Edinburgh to Iceland from march 2014 what are the chances of jet2 moving onto Iceland route?

2 x weekly from
Why? How does this fit with their current business model?

EZY fly to KEF from MAN, as does Icelandair. Icelandair also operate from GLA.

pwalhx 29th Dec 2013 09:26

I suspect EK77 may well be mistaking 767's for 757's and the Chinese aeroplanes they did not buy,

Mr Mac 29th Dec 2013 09:29

Do not think this is a viable route as Iceland is still not cheap. I am lucky enough to go fishing up there for Salmon / Sea Trout a few times a year using Icelandic from Man, but flights are rarely full, so doubt there is much call for further flights. Night life can be quite stunning and friendly but bars / food is expensive so do not believe it will ever be a mass market. There are a few people I have bumped into on flights using this route as a cheap way to US / Canada which has always been the case since the days of the DC8 on that route but they are already covered by Icelandic service.

Mr Mac

Tykesscott 29th Dec 2013 09:55

Can see them getting rid for a few years yet as they are adding winglets to most of the 737-300's. 1st one with them fitted came back to Leeds this week.

flybar 29th Dec 2013 11:15

They are adding winglets to the newer ones only. The age of the 737-300 fleet ranges over about 12 years!

CentreFix25 29th Dec 2013 12:29

I think Jet2 signed a contract with Pratt & Whitney for maintenence of CFM56-3 series engines, which powers the -300s. I'm guessing it will still have about 8 or 9 years to run, meaning the 300s will be around for a little while yet.

take-off 6th Jan 2014 15:21

Is there a reason why LS751 diverted into Faro today , got neighbours on return flight texted me to say its delayed 2 hours? had looked on flight radar to see it heading for Faro, showing a 4 25 arrival in TFS?

BasilFawlty 6th Jan 2014 15:23

Most likely a fuel stop.

take-off 6th Jan 2014 15:30

Well a 6 hour flight to tenerife is a bit much dont you think? saw it leave Blackpool just after 10 this morning, as I was heading to St Annes. Surely in this day and age its expected to do canaries in one go, or at least have equipment that can do that sort of distance.

BasilFawlty 6th Jan 2014 15:34

Well, call the airport and ask for a runway extension. Untill then you should be happy with the current service, which has to stop enroute for some extra fuel every now and then when there's a strong headwind. The alternative would be no direct service from Blackpool at all.

BasilFawlty 6th Jan 2014 16:05

It depends, if the head winds are strong enough even a wingletted 733 will struggle. The rest is rubbish ofcourse, Jet2 operates 738's and 752's from other UK airports to the Canaries without problems, but they can't operate them from Blackpool because of the short runway, it's as simple as that and that's where the problem lies.

take-off 6th Jan 2014 16:07

Dont think that will happen any time soon, taking up land for what the council want to build houses on, even though its more like a bog and underwater, would the winglet version have made it , or just a really bad day flying that way? I see same version made it from BFS without stopping.

janeyTA 6th Jan 2014 16:08

A fuel stop is written into the return flight time, so perhaps an outbound stop shouldn't be totally unexpected given the windy conditions? It landed at TFS 100 mins behind schedule.

take-off 6th Jan 2014 16:08

Thanks for reply. im not knocking jet2 , have had plenty of good flights with them, just this day and age you dont expect to have to stop off .thanks anyway


BasilFawlty 6th Jan 2014 16:18

Shit happens, especially with weather, better luck next time. :)

BFS has a much longer runway by the way, so that might explain why G-CELK made it non-stop and BLK originating G-CELJ didn't ;)

take-off 6th Jan 2014 16:43

AS with most things in BLackpool its sh*t, and i do try and stay positive about the place, but when you see the things going on here, you do think sometimes it might be better if the sea did wash it away, much like what is happening to North Pier:suspect::(

LiamNCL 7th Jan 2014 18:15

G-LSAA Just landed at LGW as LS2118 is this a diversion ?

BasilFawlty 7th Jan 2014 18:22

Most likely a charter flight, as LS 2XXX are charter flight numbers.

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