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phoneman 9th Jun 2012 10:30

LBA Alicante flights Airport Charges added
Just booked the usual October holiday for 3 adults. LBA to Alicante. Am seeing, in addition to taxes, airport charges of 81 for flight out, and 99 for flight back. These seem much higher than anything I have seen before.

1. What are these about?
2. Charges added to fares shown. I though the low cost industry had been told not to do this several times by OFT/Trading Standards etc. Fares shown were to be inclusive of all costs?


Grumpy Jet2 customer.

TSR2 9th Jun 2012 10:57

Just done a dummy booking from MAN to Alicante for October. All taxes and charges are included in the fare shown. The breakdown is 39 per person outbound which includes the government APD, and 32 per person inbound (no APD).

take-off 9th Jun 2012 23:35

Flight radar was showing a jet2 flight leaving man just after midnight. Didn't,t say where it was going , also details said plane belonged to privilege style airline?. It was a 757 heading over channel at around 12 30am as EXS42R. Man website wasn't showing any jet2 delays.

chaps2011 10th Jun 2012 07:23

Jet2 have been using a Privalage B757 for about 2 or 3 weeks now I think in place of Stategic Airlines who they were going to use for the summer

sam1993 10th Jun 2012 10:06

Not in place of :- LX-STA of Strategic has been operating for Jet2 for the past few weeks now

MUFC_fan 10th Jun 2012 12:49

I saw two Strategic departing Manchester a couple of Mondays ago at 8am one after the other.

I couldn't see who they were operating for as I was departing T3 and they were both T1. I would imagine LS.

chaps2011 10th Jun 2012 12:56

Yes just after I had poted I noticed 1 depart on a Jet2 flt the other is operating for Olympic Holidays

phoneman 10th Jun 2012 16:28

LBA Alicante flights Airport Charges added
Okay I can see now why the charges were not included when I did it, I was using the "spend my points", rather than just making a straight booking.

Anyway, to my original question, when I book through the "spend my points" approach I see additional charges of 13 APD and 27 other airport charges for the outbound flight, with 0 APD and 33 other airport charges for the inbound flight. What are these airport charges?

Ernest Lanc's 10th Jun 2012 16:39

I booked Alicante july with my points..I am not sure when spending points, that covers airport charges and the ADP - I am not sure, But i think you points just cover the basic fare.



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  • Promotion is only valid on new bookings made in relation to Promotional Flights booked between 15th February 2012 - 31st August 2012, inclusive.

  • Promotional flights are subject to limited availability.

  • Points are redeemed against base fare only and all standard taxes and charges are payable on reward flights.

  • Jet2.com reserve the right to amend or remove this promotion at any time prior to customer booking.

  • All other terms and conditions as per the Jet2.com and myJet2 website apply.

Your points just cover the base fare.

ILS32 10th Jun 2012 20:13

E L is correct,your points only buy the base fare.Baggage ,taxes,booking seats etc are all to be paid for.

take-off 11th Jun 2012 00:36

Thanks guys for reply about the privillege aircraft, just one other thing, anybody know where it was going that late at night? As said left Man around 11 30pm ish as EXS42R, was trawling through ebay at time but logged off pc not long after posting, sure it was just getting to northern spain last time i looked, just thought it was odd going out that late more than being a subbed in plane.

take-off 11th Jun 2012 00:53

Nice to see BLackpool finally geting some new destinations, albeit one being re introduced for next summer. did as in BLk thread but probabaly better asking here, what aircraft do jet2 usually use for dalaman flights, and will blk be getting any bigger aircraft next year, i'm assuming things are running bit smoother between airport and jet2, seeing as were getting some new destinations, better utilising of aircraft too compared to previous years.

phoneman 11th Jun 2012 07:55

Jet2 Points and Aiport Charges
E L and ILS thanks. I understand. Seems to me that Jet2 points are pretty worthless, I can hardly ever use them as am tied to school holidays, and even if I could they would typically cover less than half the actual flight cost given ADP (which is fair enough - government charge and I cannot blame Jet2 for that) but then Airport Charges, which are the larger part of the additional charges, and which Jet2 can presumably control entirely.

Still grumpy, but thanks for your help.

svencarlson 11th Jun 2012 13:31

Anyone know how many and what aircraft types for Jet2 in MAN this Summer?

jet2impress 13th Jun 2012 09:50

Count for MAN this summer is:

3 x 737-300
2 x 737-800
1 x A320 (Strategic)
5 x 757

EZY7117LPL 13th Jun 2012 20:26

There was a rumour about this a while ago and now theres another one going around.

Apparently Jet2 could be thinking about basing 2 aircraft at Liverpool, I dont have any strong evidence I was wondering if anyone does to back it up.

pug 13th Jun 2012 23:12

EZYLPL, were you not the same person posting up something similar on the Thomson Airways regarding them, just a few days ago?

757 Speedbrakes 14th Jun 2012 10:42

Jet2 are going to need another 30 aircraft if they're going to open as many new bases as rumoured on here!!! A few new destinations wouldn't be bad.....

dwlpl 14th Jun 2012 10:59

What aircraft have been confirmed/leased by Jet2 that have yet to arrive on these shores?

DjerbaDevil 14th Jun 2012 18:29

What aircraft have been confirmed/leased by Jet2 that have yet to arrive on these shores?
None! All 44 JET2 leased and owned aircraft are now based in the UK, according to various sources. The foregoing total includes an A320 wet leased from Strategic for summer 2012 and based in MAN, I think. The newly acquired B752 G-LSAN is in Southend.

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