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CabinCrewe 22nd Nov 2013 18:15

Think the Jet 2 QC Cargo 737's are pretty unique to the cargo bases ie EDI and not interchanged to other bases

ZeBedie 22nd Nov 2013 21:11

What happens when the 300's require CPDLC/ACARS?

Exasperated 22nd Nov 2013 21:43

Hi folks,

Just a question of curiosity more than anything else. I'm regularly out of EDI on a Friday evening and there always seems to be 4 or 5 Jet2's parked up on the remote / freight stands. Do they really have that much slack to have jets lying about or are they there for a specific purpose (just a timing quirk)

Thanks kindly
The Jet2 aircraft and "QC" versions which are converted to cargo ops in the evening to operate 4 x nightly flights on behalf of Royal Mail (2 each to EMA and STN).

The seats are palletized and removed in the evening then refitted the following morning for pax ops. This is the reason the pax schedule is light during the week and they are sitting on the freight stands.


Too Few Stripes 22nd Nov 2013 22:29

The engineering department already have a scheme in place to fit CPDLC to all Jet2 aircraft (except the freighter LW).

commit aviation 23rd Nov 2013 10:07

Interesting to hear they will be making that level of investment in the 733's. When you see MON & TCX placing orders for new fleets I had wondered if Jet2 might look at this. Whilst not in the same league as FR or EZY, with the fleet size being around 60 aircraft next year, you would think they have enough clout to do a deal with Boeing or Airbus.
However as much of the current fleet is bought & paid for, perhaps the cheaper option is to upgrade them & keep them going for a couple more years yet!

chaps2011 23rd Nov 2013 12:34

When you have a leased or new aircraft you have to work them hard but
Jet2 have quiet winters and hard working summers as they can afford to
and spend more time giving the aircraft some TLC over winter


El Bunto 24th Nov 2013 11:59

Seems odd fitting winglets to 733s when they have several 752 and 738s without winglets. Maybe the fuel burn advantage is better on these or the kit is cheaper. It is hopefully a sign that they intend to fleet fit them.
Spot-on, the Classic CFM 737s are pretty under-winged and the winglets give them a fuel-burn improvement right off the bat ( from routes 200 nm upwards I think ) whereas the NGs need to be operated on longer runs to see a similar benefit, as their wing is much improved as a baseline.

The Classics are also much lighter than the NGs, for the '300 versus '800 the empty weight difference is in the region of 10 tonnes! So they're much better suited to short-hop routes than the big heavy NGs.

Edit: actually this APB chart shows fuel savings almost immediately for the '300

737-300 | Aviation Partners Boeing

ZeBedie 24th Nov 2013 16:59

Thanks Too Few Stripes. What will it involve?

Jetblast79 24th Nov 2013 19:10


Jet2 to close Lanzarote base from January.

TSR2 24th Nov 2013 20:53

Jet2 to close Lanzarote base from January
I thought the Lanzarote base was a temporary winter only base using Travel Service aircraft. Closed a little earlier than originally planned.

MKY661 6th Dec 2013 22:41

Confirmed That Jet2 Will Acquire 5 Boeing 737-800's this winter, all with Winglets. Will re registered G-GDFS, W, X, Y and Z. Will be aquired from Travel Service Hungary, Travel Service Slovakia, TUIfly (X2) and Air Europa. :)

Source: Jet2 Fleet List

BFS BHD 7th Dec 2013 00:20

Does anyone no where G-CELY is haven't seen it in air for a while? Is it away for c-checks??

HOODED 7th Dec 2013 09:27

Last recorded flight on FR24 was LBA-SOF on 19/11/13. Do Jet2 have heavy maintenance carried out in Sofia?

Mr @ Spotty M 7th Dec 2013 09:33

Yes, the -300 have "C" checks performed there.

BFS BHD 7th Dec 2013 10:35

Thanks for that!

chaders 9th Dec 2013 11:45

You sure FS isn't going to be a -300??

MKY661 9th Dec 2013 13:34

You sure FS isn't going to be a -300??
It was originally going to be an Ex. BMIbaby aircraft (G-TOYJ) but they cancelled it for an unknown reason :)

righthandrule 9th Dec 2013 16:07

FS will be an 800. Aircraft bases for next year:

5 x 757 (1 standby)
3 x 737-800
6 x 737-300

4 x 757 (1 standby)
2 x 737-800
8 x 737-300 (1 standby & 1 for planned maintenance cover)

2 x 757
4 x 737-300

3 x 737-800
2 x 737-300

5 x 737-800
1 x 737-300

4 x 737-300

2 x 737-300

2 x 737-300


2 x 737-300 (1 standby)

1 x 737-300 Freighter

757: 11 (no change on 2013)
737-300: 13 (+5 on 2013)
737-300: 32 (no change on 2013)
Total: 56 Aircraft.

Jamesair 9th Dec 2013 17:17

You sure about NCL?...the schedule requires 6 aircraft, same as last year.

righthandrule 9th Dec 2013 21:08

Sorry my bad, was a typo.

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