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HH6702 9th Dec 2013 22:12

So is the Titan 320 not being used at ncl again ?

flybar 9th Dec 2013 22:26

737-300: 13 (+5 on 2013)
Presumably mean 737-800

GrahamK 9th Dec 2013 23:47

I don't think there's a 733 at GLA either

_ShIfTy_ 10th Dec 2013 10:30

No 733 at Glasgow and a Titan 757 at Newcastle

G-TYNE 10th Dec 2013 14:17

and a Titan 757 at Newcastle
So 3x 757 at NCL next summer?

retrosgone 10th Dec 2013 16:30

And the EXT 737-300 freighter (G-CELW) is moving to BFS in April.

BFS BHD 10th Dec 2013 16:46

And the EXT 737-300 freighter (G-CELW) is moving to BFS in April.
Does that mean 2 B737-300 (Passenger) & 1 B737-300 (Freighter) at BFS?

_ShIfTy_ 11th Dec 2013 00:20

Yeah, that's what I have been told G-TYNE.

EK77WNCL 11th Dec 2013 21:46

What are they going to do with a 3rd 757 and 7 aircraft in total? Do they have something in the pipeline for the next few weeks so the aircraft have something to be doing up here at NCL next summer? The current schedule can be covered comfortably with 6 A/C.

_ShIfTy_ 11th Dec 2013 22:09

I think one of the 733's is a standby aircraft at NCL, might be wrong.

EK77WNCL 11th Dec 2013 23:07

Ah well, I suppose I'd prefer one more 757 to one more 737.

_ShIfTy_ 12th Dec 2013 23:27

I wouldn't :)

take-off 16th Dec 2013 03:38

What is the colour scheme then, going forwards, is it rThe grey and red, or the holidays version, as most new arrivals seem to be in the holidays version.?

EK77WNCL 16th Dec 2013 20:01

Both, some are starting to be delivered in the traditional grey livery. I think they're probably aiming for roughly a half/half split. That's what it would seem anyway.

SCANDIC 16th Dec 2013 21:25

Is there anymore talk of any wide bodies coming to the fleet, I know there was rumours of 330.

EK77WNCL 16th Dec 2013 21:42

Not quite rumours of the A330, although I was wondering the viability of some old EK frames.

They've also been looking at 767's for ages, almost bought some about 2 years ago from Varig but they were terribly corroded and not cost effective to do up.

757 Speedbrakes 17th Dec 2013 16:56

I think many of us, who have seen the development over the years of the holiday company, thought it would end up like the Thomson / Thomas Cook / Monarch model, with scheduled tickets still available.

That might have ended up with a fleet of 737-800's and a few 767's for high density Spanish and Canaries routes as well as flights to North America. Sadly, with the increasing costs of the long haul market and the even greater cost of contingencies incase of a tech aircraft in Florida for example, I don't think Jet2 will obtain wide body aircraft for some years. That certainly seems to be the management position.

As I've mentioned before, as this discussion crops up on this forum every six months or so. Just because an airline is 'looking at an aircraft or route', it doesn't mean that they are going to do it. Surely it's standard practice when running any business that you look at different markets or expansion. For now, I think Jet2 will concentrate on their current, profitable routes. At least, until the economy picks up a lot more. Many passengers are yet to return to their second / winter holidays.

SCANDIC 28th Dec 2013 14:05

When do you think they'll start getting rid of the 757's

CabinCrewe 28th Dec 2013 21:06

"terribly corroded"
Was that ever confirmed ? Did someone let Nordwind know - who were happily operating said airframes ?

SCANDIC 28th Dec 2013 21:54

I think they really need to start dumping some of the 737-300's their getting on and very noisey compared to the newer 73's.

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