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BAladdy 3rd Sep 2013 08:01

LS have added a weekly flight from EDI to VRN starting 14th May 2014

Rosiedee 3rd Sep 2013 13:15

Any updates onthese delayed flights? Jet 2 not updating site or answering customer services

LBIA 3rd Sep 2013 13:23

Any updates onthese delayed flights? Jet 2 not updating site or answering customer services
Updates of the delayed flights have been posted on Jet2's website here, Status

Rosiedee 3rd Sep 2013 13:26

I did see that but surely they must have more recent info that from 4.50am!!!!

Johnny [email protected] Pants 3rd Sep 2013 13:47

I did see that but surely they must have more recent info that from 4.50am!!!!
Why would there be, there's a revised schedule on there so unless something else happens no news is good news.

simountain1 4th Sep 2013 00:33

LBIA Why the affiliate link to Jet2?

Johnny [email protected] Pants 4th Sep 2013 06:41

Because that was where the info Rosiedee was after. Now that you are looking a day later that specific information has been deleted as the flights are now all completed.

SCANDIC 4th Sep 2013 09:11

Jet 2 aircraft are to old and knackered even some of the 737-800's aren't that good either. I don't think it will be long until some of the 757's start disappearing to Fed ex.

JonnyH 4th Sep 2013 09:17

The key is maintenance, in my opinion. Jet2s fleet is double the age of TOM and TCX but they seem to be having half of the problems.

Whether that's there stand by aircraft procedure or maintenance schedule, I don't know, but they've had an almost faultless summer.

Not to mention they're extending bases, adding destinations and still making a lovely bit of profit! They're probably the envy of most airlines right now. Them "old and knackered" aircrafts are doing what Jet2 want them to do at the moment. Make money.

LiamNCL 4th Sep 2013 14:50

If Jet 2 could one day get suitable aircraft to run seasonal routes to New York etc they would be laughing ! EWR once a week ? Wishful thinking lol

Charlie98 4th Sep 2013 19:14

I must say the old knackered fleet as mentioned above overall has been by far the most punctual charter in the UK and as for the 757s although they are old they are still very good aircraft.

OntimeexceptACARS 4th Sep 2013 22:43

Charter? Thought LS were almost all scheduled.

GEB74 5th Sep 2013 14:18

"Knackered Aircraft"
I quite like a jaunt out on "Antique Airways" as we fondly call Jet2 in our family.

Trip to Faro last month was a case in point.
20 Year old Privilege Style 757 on the way out with original early nineties seating resplendent with ashtrays in the armrests. My kids had no idea what they were!!
Best part of 26 year old 737 on way back with amusingly refurbed interior whereby all the seats are replaced but they leave in the original 80's style PSU's and overhead bins. Chunky red 'call attendant' button looked more like a fire alarm switch.......

Both flights on time. Friendly crew. Decent service.
Nothing to dislike (apart from the school holidays Dick Turpin pricing)

Now - Don't get me started on Thomas Cook................

Mr Mac 5th Sep 2013 20:31

GEB 74
Just had my first taste of Jet 2 with 757 on a trip too and from Palma. Flight late outbound, sat on plane for 1 1/4 hrs while tech problem resolved. Return delayed as 757 had to be changed for alternative a/c (another 757) so late arrival by 3/4hr. LBA not impressive and both a/c late 80,s vintage. Flight cheap and CC ok but would not recommend overall due to time keeping and age of equipment. Quite surprised to hear of their North American services in the spring with this equipment :rolleyes:

Charlie98 6th Sep 2013 16:12

With GLA & EMA apparently loosing the 757s where will they be going? NCL, LBA?

JonnyH 6th Sep 2013 18:55

I just really do not get some of the critics of Jet2 on here. Yes, the fleet is old. The crew for me though always seem to be a lot more friendly than there rivals, the leg room is better on most aircrafts in comparison with the rivals and from experience they're always a lot more punctual than there rivals. Also, from experience, and viewing details online, they always seem to be a lot better than there rivals, such as TCX & TOM, at rectifying technical issues (A/C swaps etc.).

This "the aircrafts are knackered and the interior is horrible and dated" rubbish doesn't wash with me either! Does it really matter how old the aircraft is that you're flying on? As long as it is a comfortable experience, which it usually is with Jet2, and it doesn't cost an arm & a leg then does it really matter?

You only need something new and mostly up to date spec on long haul, which Jet2 dont specialise in, so it really doesn't matter. Jet2 have came on leaps and bounds as a whole in the last few years and I don't think they should be criticises as an operator just because their aircrafts are older than others. They're obviously doing something right, look how far they've came on!!

theloudone 6th Sep 2013 19:28

I don't think people are actually getting at the crew or how much leg room you have, it`s more of an issue with an ageing fleet.

Its a reported fact that the older an aircraft, and an aircraft that has high cycles and hours with start to suffer from reliability.

Plus they will require more maintenance, fatigue takes it toll on both structures and wiring not just seats!

Newer aircraft will take the punishment of short haul flights much more efficiently, which in turn will result in lower maintenance and operating costs.

LiamNCL 6th Sep 2013 19:30

The comment about the cabin was about a leased aircraft in the shape of privellage style 757 at MAN , LS own 757s have easily the best interior of their competitors

Lord Spandex Masher 6th Sep 2013 19:31

In my experience Jet2's ageing 737s are a million times more reliable than Flybe's brand new Q400s.

Go figure!

LiamNCL 6th Sep 2013 20:01

Monarch , a much more established airline than LS still have 8 aircraft over the age of 20 in their fleet so I think it's harsh to criticise Jet 2 ! The time will come when they do start getting newer aircraft and they may then not be as affordable as they are now for their current customers .

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