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sealink 7th Sep 2013 16:53

Jet2 Fan
Travelled with Jet2 from BFS to FAO last month. Travelled previously with them on holidays to PMI and JER. Once again they were excellent. Flew on Jet2 Murcia, an ex bmibaby aircraft. All new seats. Flights on time and crew friendly. Only slight downside is with 3 crew it takes a while for the cabin service. Shame they seem to have dropped JER for 2014. Maybe EZY will jump in there.

GAZMO 7th Sep 2013 17:08

Have to agree with your views. I have used LS to JER from BFS, normally twice per summer season, and they provide great service .
Only criticism is the selling of scratch cards otherwise no complaints.
Pity they are dropping JER from BFS

Johnny [email protected] Pants 7th Sep 2013 19:58

Only criticism is the selling of scratch cards
That's a shame because that's all for charity:ok:

GAZMO 7th Sep 2013 20:10

Charities are a good thing, but I support my own particular ones. What I find most annoying with LS is as soon as you take off they are selling the cards. Sorry I believe most people want a snack or drink or just relax rather than buying scratch cards.

So much for grumbling...........they are a great airline

Facelookbovvered 8th Sep 2013 08:42

Johnny [email protected]@t pants
Interesting statement that all the scratch card revenue goes to charity, i assumed it was just a % and the rest was paid out in prize money and ancillary revenue for the airline, would be an interesting exercise to see which of the airlines promoting scratch cards pays what to who, personally i think they are there with revenue in mind not philanthropy

(Philanthropy etymologically means "love of humanity" in the sense of caring for, nourishing, developing, and enhancing "what it is to be human" on both the benefactors' (by identifying and exercising their values in giving and volunteering) and beneficiaries' (by benefitting) parts. The most conventional modern definition is "private initiatives, for public good, focusing on quality of life")

Love the love of humanity..........and LoCo airliners..errrm

757 Speedbrakes 8th Sep 2013 08:43

That's a shame because that's all for charity
All for charity??!! :hmm:

stuart hammond 8th Sep 2013 09:02

jet2 fleet 2014 summer
Has 3 extra aircraft due for 2014 1 each at EMA/MAN/GLA , will that be 3 extra or use the back up aircraft based at LBA, or his their more aircraft due for next year.

2Planks 8th Sep 2013 15:17

Aircraft age is a bit like my Grandad's Old Axe - it's a 100 years old but it has had 3 new heads and 5 new shafts!

TSR2 8th Sep 2013 15:32

but it has had 3 new heads and 5 new shafts!
A bit like Triggers broom !

Mr Mac 8th Sep 2013 19:50

Oh come on you can only re-furb so much. Using the argument being put forward by some of you why not use DC8 or even older re engined kit. The bottom line is they are a cheap carrier using in some cases some high air time metal which leads to some tech issues. I agree that they manage their problems quite well, but they will have issues using this dated equipment as I have and others have found and you can not brush over this. Yes I will use them again if I get the deal I got last time but will better understand what to expect.

Mr Mac

StoneyBridge Radar 8th Sep 2013 20:20

You guys do know that Delta, the world's largest airline, successfully manages to operate a fleet of DC9-50s whose age is hovering around the 35 years old range?

757 Speedbrakes 8th Sep 2013 20:32

As mentioned before, if the cabin is half decent and it gets you there safe and on time, age of aircraft isn't really relevant.

New rules such as European FANS will mean more avionic updates but that aside, if I was given a choice of going on a new 737 / A320 or a 50 year old Trident / VC10, I'd be getting on the later!

LNIDA 8th Sep 2013 21:36

From what I see Jet2 doesn't over work it's classic fleet and they seem to have built plenty of contingency plans in to their fleet structure. But age does matter and no amount of new paint & Recaro seats gets around this in terms of reliability, put simply there will be more delays, diversions with older aircraft than newer established aircraft ie the 738 not the 787 !!

The classic is still a very worth while tool on standard med routes it's ideal on AGP/ALC from the UK and the lease price is so low now that it offsets it's much higher fuel burn per seat.

Whether Jet2 can keep them going until 2022 is another matter, of course the 757 are older still but still look the part, the average punter neither knows or cares, jet2 is not a network carrier in the way that FR EZY or NAS so a delay whilst frustrating is not terminal for their customer base which is seasonal buck n spade

I hear very few complaints about them and when it goes wrong they spend the money saved to sort it out.

With regard to US carriers running old fleets this is true, but they have a lot of spare capacity so the impact on punters is less

VC10 now that would be a fun flight, not profitable but fun all the same, LBA at 2am would get plenty of publicity lol

purplehelmet 8th Sep 2013 21:51

oh gawd! here we go again. 20/30 years ago it used to be dan-air that everyone slated for the age and condition of their fleet but come holiday time and cheap deals nobody seemed to give a damn. and now jet2 seem to have been tarred with the same brush by some people.
the simple fact is that some aircraft are in better condition than others, some aircraft are older than others..
e.g. I flew on a u.s. airways a321 a few months ago that was less than 3 years old, it stank to high heaven, the seats and cabin shook like a leaf in the wind,but it took off and landed safely, job done.move on please.

take-off 8th Sep 2013 21:52

Talking of Delays, would seem LS748 is stuck down in Malaga, showing an expected departure of 00:01 , checked flight radar and seen aircraft heading from Alicante heading towards Malaga. See also an aircraft heading from LBA towards BLK , im guessing to stand in for Monday morning, on another note , the standby aircraft based in ALC is due to leave for Newcastle in morning ,so what happens to those Pax, if aircraft not there ready for them, should they not fix the one in Malaga?

BasilFawlty 8th Sep 2013 22:00

Nothing to worry about, ALC houses two based aircraft. Besides, even if there was only one aircraft based, it would still be back in time in the morning.

LBIA 8th Sep 2013 22:00

Hope the RAF bring a VC10 to LBA to show Jet2 what an aircraft she is before the last 2x are retired ;-)

take-off 8th Sep 2013 22:51

Thanks Basil, didnt realise they had 2 aircraft down in ALC, see on FR24 that its heading back to ALC from AGP as they must have got the BLK based one going, :ok:, still must be annoying though, 2 aircraft sent out ,and then just as they both arrive the original aircraft gets fixed:O, but good on JET2 , still im guessing it wont be coming back into BLK tonight so the one that came her will still be covering the early morning flight. BLK has certainly seen a few different aircraft based here this summer, good for the spotters i suppose :E:ok:

GEB74 10th Sep 2013 10:11

The comment about the cabin was about a leased aircraft in the shape of privellage style 757 at MAN , LS own 757s have easily the best interior of their competitors
Thats all very well, but when Jet2 hires this specific aircraft in to operate non-stop for the entire summer season, an awful lot of their customers will have sat on it by the time it disappears back to Spain (and won't have sat in "easily the best interior of their competitors" interiors..........)

Rob Courtney 10th Sep 2013 14:30

We flew on the leased Titan 757 down to Las Palmas in August, it has been loaned in for summer and has had the cabin fitted with Jet2 equipment. The seats are a bit quirky but ok. As for the age of the jet, give me a 757 over a new 737-8 any day :D

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