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2Planks 30th Mar 2013 07:17

I thought the ALC and ACE aircraft were only on standby to reduce costs under EU 261?

LAX_LHR 30th Mar 2013 07:20

I thought the ALC and ACE aircraft were only on standby to reduce costs under EU 261?
They are essentially standby aircraft, but the ACE aircraft has been given a flying roster. Flights to BLK/BFS/MAN at least.

EZY7117LPL 30th Mar 2013 18:25

In one word no, they have decided Liverpool has Easy and Ryan, so risky to start a new venture there
EasyJet and Ryanair are also at Manchester and easyJet are heading for the same size at both airports and unfortanetely probably getting bigger at Manchester, surely Jet2 are in the same position at both airports especially as there is even more competition on some of their routes at Manchester.

There are so many un-served routes at LPL, it would be a goldmine for them!

An airline like Jet2, Monarch or thomson would hit the jackpot at LPL.

airadio 30th Mar 2013 18:33

Jet 2 where established at Manchester Befor Easy And Ryan joined in THATS THE DIFFRENCE:rolleyes: its just to much of a gamble at Liverpool in the current economic climate. In fact thats the prob at Liverpool Easy and Ryan rule the roost, and no airline will gamble money on a base there. Well for a few years anyway,money is just to tight

LBIA 2nd Apr 2013 16:15

Jet2's ex Austrian Boeing 737-800WL, G-GDFR positioned from Manchester to Bournemouth this morning for its delayed paint job. It is hoped that G-GDFP will follow in a few days time.

Also looks like the first of the 2x leased Travel Service Boeing 737-800WL's OK-TSA has received an interim paint job in Norwich and is read for service.

OK-TSA Boeing 737-8S3/W | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

take-off 2nd Apr 2013 19:14

Does anybody where GDFL is based now, I see she's not at BLK at moment as been swopped with FK without the winglets, Just wondered as last time saw her come in she came in with what sounded like a abang and there were a few people peering in one of the engines? was over a weeek ago now, meant to ask at time, but forgot all about , just not seen her on Flightradar either.

Lsflyer 2nd Apr 2013 19:23

GGDFL operated BFS-TFS today so definately still flying. Maybe that was just routine maintenance looking in the engine?

Drive4it 2nd Apr 2013 19:41

Anyone at LS heard of any progress in the move to medium haul to The Gambia? BJL.

Looks like MON are scaling back to just LGW - BJL and cut MAN - BJL 2013/14

Espada III 2nd Apr 2013 20:47

TLV dropped?
No longer able to book TLV beyond November 2013. Have Jet2 succumbed to EZY competition?

LAX_LHR 2nd Apr 2013 20:55

Yes easyjet have increased to 3 weekly from Feb 2013 and rumoured to be 5 weekly for S14, o looks like Jet2 have thrown in the towel.

Travel Agent 2nd Apr 2013 21:08

Would be good to give TCX some competition on MAN-BJL, I'm sure Gambia Experience would be happy to buy seatsits a good moneyspinner for TCX and Thomas Cook Holidays. Monarch did not fly this or last year as far as I can remember.

Charlie98 2nd Apr 2013 23:04

Can anyone see Jet2 being interested in G-FCLH/B which are being returned to their lessors?

LPFR 2nd Apr 2013 23:27

Is the registration of that Travel Service aircraft hiden?
Will it remain OK-TSA or are they changing it to a British registration?

Lsflyer 3rd Apr 2013 09:44

Jet2 are scaling down the 757's like other airlines and favouring the 737-800 for the immediate future! Dont think they have any plans for gambia as yet as they are sticking to core sun routes that they know they can fill.

MKY661 3rd Apr 2013 10:02

Is the registration of that Travel Service aircraft hiden?
Will it remain OK-TSA or are they changing it to a British registration?
Think it is keeping it as it's only being used for the summer :)

DADDY-OH! 3rd Apr 2013 20:05


Oh really...?

MKY661 3rd Apr 2013 23:44

G-LSAA was positioning up fro NWI last night just wondered if it had the jet2 holidays scheme painted on.
Nope it has kept the standard Jet2 scheme :)

darlocst 4th Apr 2013 15:07

Royal mail contract
Any heard if the royal mail contract which is due to end in Oct 2014 has been renewed? It was out for tender & expected to be decided in Q1 this year.


LBIA 4th Apr 2013 22:57

The summer leased Travel Service Boeing 737-800-WL, OK-TSA was positioned from Norwich to East Mids this evening and will enter revenue service tomorrow.

SCANDIC 5th Apr 2013 09:00

The 2 tommy cooks are most likely going to fed ex, i would say that i can see jet2 flogging some of theirs in the next year or 2. Jet2 would be best with a 767 for banjul.

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