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Flying Wild 11th Oct 2015 13:21

Originally Posted by scratchingthesky (Post 9144031)
its such a shame that the foot soldiers are not given a stake or a chance to profit from the rise of the shares over the years.
I always thought that we worked together as one team and were on board together but it looks like that is just reserved for the management.
I would love to know if they did a staff satisfaction survey with employers such as John Lewis, easyjet or tesco who include staff with incentives what the result would be. Although to be honest with the unbelievable scandal and fall of Tesco shares I would not really have wanted to have put my hard earned cash in to see it all wiped out.

The early foot soldiers were given share options at various points. In the range of 15-20p I believe! Unsurprisingly that option has been removed.

castleford tiger 11th Oct 2015 15:37

The shares have been there to buy my first lot were 16p.
So there is a chance to back your company.

Having said all that i find it good practise to offer staff the chance to buy shares in their company. Like a uniform it makes you part of that family.
Once again its something i will discuss at either the AGM or before if i get chance to meet.

For what its worth i sold my entire stake in the high 490`s as i am a little nervous of the change in direction by the company.
Even paying half price for their new planes could see 50 million in depreciation taken off the profits.
house brokers have profit falling from almost 50p a share to 32p a share next year.
If thats true the shares should be around 320p.


Marcus Absent 11th Oct 2015 22:13

No more shares at 15p cos there's no "f" in "team" anymore. More resignations me thinks as TCX and the rest open up.

GLAinsider 15th Oct 2015 20:02

Canarias good news
Some good news released this week by Spanish airport authority AENA. From 31st October 2015 handling agent Globilaria Handling will move to a newly refurbished area of Las Palmas Airport. Passengers, including those of Jet2 (who use this handling agent in LPA) will benefit from a new, modern, functional check-in environment with subdued lighting and the latest check-in technology.

The new area is approximately 500 meters from the old check-in area which Globilaria shared with Iberia and so it is likely many of Jet2's regular customers in Gran Canaria will find themselves in completely the wrong part of the airport until they get used to the change.

The new area includes totally new facilities such as pharmacy, restaurant, newsagent and gift shop and Jet2 customers should find their landside experience considerably improved over customers of other airlines still stuck in the old check-in area at the other end of the terminal.

castleford tiger 17th Oct 2015 08:09

If staff are leaving its sad. Clearly a normal company get a "churn" but this should be no more than average.
All the staff I speak to on my flights seem happy ( maybe they watch what they say).........but agree its all about a partnership.
People want to feel part of something and it saddens me that all the good work being done is not felt by the majority.


IB4138 30th Oct 2015 12:32

per Travelmole:

Jet2.com is spearheading trials of tamper-proof bags for duty free alcohol at two UK airports in its bid to clamp down on drunken antisocial behaviour on board flights.

The airline has joined forces with World Duty Free (WDF) to trial a scheme at Manchester and Glasgow airports.Jet2 passengers buying alcohol at either airport will have their goods placed in a sealed, tamper-proof bag before boarding to deter them from consuming the booze on flights.

A spokesman for Jet2.com said the bags can only be opened with scissors or a sharp object, which makes it harder for passengers to access what's inside them."We believe that the tamper proof bags will act as an additional barrier and deterrent to this as well as helping our cabin crew to monitor consumption.

"If this trial is successful it is something we will certainly look to permanently introduce at all the airports we fly from."
Doh! If you are travelling with hand baggage only, how then do you open your duty free bag on arrival at your destination, after all, if security have done their job, you will not have scissors or a sharp object in your cabin bag to start with?

Are gate staff going to inspect all duty free bags on boarding and check that all containing alcohol are sealed? Will they then have to inspect all passengers hand baggage to ensure that a duty free bag containing alcohol has not been opened pre boarding and hidden in that bag? :rolleyes:

Another, not thought through properly, Yorkshire Airlines mess.

GLAinsider 30th Oct 2015 13:26

Originally Posted by IB4138 (Post 9162884)
per Travelmole:

Are gate staff going to inspect all duty free bags on boarding and check that all containing alcohol are sealed? Will they then have to inspect all passengers hand baggage to ensure that a duty free bag containing alcohol has not been opened pre boarding and hidden in that bag? :rolleyes:

No. That's the whole point of the special bags :rolleyes:

Chesty Morgan 30th Oct 2015 13:31

Well, you go to hotel reception and ask for a pair of scissors. I think even the standard knuckle dragging chav could've thought of that.

As you say if security have done their job properly how are the bags going to be opened in between duty free and the gate?!

I guess they've called it a trial to see if it works before it's fully implemented- as part of the thought process.

paully 30th Oct 2015 17:05

Could`nt have put it better meself Chesty :D and of course `Yorkshire Airlines`are at least trying to combat a serious onboard problem :D

IB4138 31st Oct 2015 09:30

trying to combat a serious onboard problem
You mean to say that the majority of Jet2's passengers are alcoholics? If that is the case, I must make sure that for my own safety I never fly with them again.

How often has a problem arisen for this draconian measure to be trialled and forced upon their Manchester and Glasgow passengers? Where are the stats to support this?

The problem is not on board. It starts in the terminal with some passengers excess drinking and then being allowed to board their flights despite being the worse for drink. More should be refused at the gate. It is these passengers that having developed a taste in the terminal then want more alcohol on flights and aren't prepared to pay Jet2's on board prices,wait for service or are refused more by cabin staff.

The problem is at the gate on boarding. That is already in Jet2's hands.

easyflyer83 31st Oct 2015 10:05

No, drinking of ones own alcohol onboard is becoming an increasing problem. I applaud Jet2 for this trial.

Johnny [email protected] Pants 31st Oct 2015 10:54


More should be refused at the gate
Plenty have this year in our "crackdown", and I mean PLENTY!

As you rightly say, a big issue is with people drinking heavily whilst waiting in the airport. The problem is that this alcohol intake doesn't have an immediate effect, it takes a while to get into the system fully. So, having drunk up to the time to present themselves for boarding they appear quite OK, 20-40 minutes later, they deteriorate, by which time the amount of oxygen they are breathing has now reduced too.

This policy should be applauded as an attempt to stamp out this minority who just can't abide and think that rules don't apply to them.

If I'm not mistaken I seem to remember a long time back when flying from Canada (I think), that any duty free drink was put in a sealed bag and then delivered to the aeroplane to prevent people drinking it between buying it and boarding....The next step I suspect.

marcus1290 31st Oct 2015 15:28

This year, Glasgow started taking duty free bags off passengers before boarding due to issues on board with passengers on board drinking their own alcohol. This was particularly bad on the Ibiza and Prague trips. Not long after that, the rest of the company followed suit and every week, the number of bags of duty free taken for safe keeping were totalled and published to every base in the company. Leeds and East Mids for example were taking around 5-8 bags of duty free, Manchester would crack double figures regularly, but Glasgow would daily take 25-30 bags off passengers more often than not. Passengers were soon catching onto this and were smuggling it on board. I saw people drinking out of 100ml shampoo bottles.

SCANDIC 9th Nov 2015 06:55

I see ex jet2 757 G-LSAL is being scrapped by Allegiant Air and it's only 22 years old

GLAinsider 22nd Nov 2015 08:27

Jet2 branding and marketing
There has been a bit of chatter on the EXS facebook group about the Jet2.com branding. People saying that tagging .com onto the end of your company name is an outdated concept from before "everyone" was on the internet. Someone also said that it annuls the whole original marketing concept of Jet2 i.e. Jet to <a destination>. I am inclined to agree. Anyone else got any thoughts?

SWBKCB 22nd Nov 2015 09:06

Really? Do you think it makes any difference as to whether anybody buys a flight/holiday? :eek:

H44 22nd Nov 2015 10:28

It was said before, it's Jet2.com because someone else has the rights to the Jet2 brand name. And no it doesn't make a blind bit of difference, except to spotters.

Flightrider 22nd Nov 2015 10:36

it's Jet2.com because someone else has the rights to the Jet2 brand name
I agree it doesn't make a blind bit of difference but the statement above is incorrect. If you check via the Intellectual Property Office (www.ipo.gov.uk) then you can see that Jet2 has the trademarks to both Jet2 and Jet2.com registered throughout the EU, so they cannot be held or used by anyone else.

purplehelmet 10th Dec 2015 12:01

Flew man-bcn last weekend with jet-2 and have to say the whole experience was far better than many other airlines ive used within the last year or so.
ok we had a slight delay out bound due to the captain breaking his seatbelt just prior to departure, but the crew were friendly and attentive, the mrs wasn't feeling to well on the return and one of the crew kept returning to see if she was ok and if she needed anything :D...the aircraft was clean and comfortable(g-celd) which I believe has been wfu this week..
my only gripe on the return trip was they were offering free baggage check-in due to the amount of carry-on luggage on board. (we'd already paid for ours in advance) all in all wouldn't hesitate to use jet-2 again..

Johnny [email protected] Pants 10th Dec 2015 12:33


ok we had a slight delay out bound due to the captain breaking his seatbelt just prior to departure
That was ME!!! It would happen on my annual check flight too:{:{

Glad you had a good time, until the next one. have a great Christmas.

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