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Mr @ Spotty M 19th Oct 2011 20:37

Jet2 have had the a/c for six years, so the problem would have manifested itself under Jet2 operation.

Papa2Charlie 19th Oct 2011 21:03

Anyone know what exact reason for the grounding is? Seems to be structural from previous posts but is it damage driven, corrosion, fatigue etc.??

Topspotter 19th Oct 2011 21:56

Im not a techie type but according to my pal at jet 2 the door had been "miss-rigged" by jet 2 some time ago and this caused the damage which monarch engineers are now rectifiying with boeings assistance, lucky for jet 2 monarch have agreed to help them out( however im sure it will be at a cost!)

EI-EIDW 20th Oct 2011 18:39

What aircraft are Jet2 using on Tel-Aviv-Dublin lather tonight. Think a 757 but could be a 738.

LBIA 20th Oct 2011 19:11

Well it looks like the problem that made the CAA ground Jet2's Boeing 757-200, G-LSAA must have been rectified as she was back in service today working out of Manchester to Malaga.

david1994 20th Oct 2011 19:34

What aircraft are Jet2 using on Tel-Aviv-Dublin lather tonight. Think a 757 but could be a 738.
It currently enroute from Cork as LS6135 and is a B757-200 G-LSAB

Mr @ Spotty M 20th Oct 2011 20:04

The problem that the CAA spotted was fixed days ago.
It was the damage that the door caused that the CAA did not spot, is what caused the major problem.
Boeing would not allow a repair, casting had to be replaced and Boeing did not have one, finding one was the first major issue, which is all to common now with the B757. :ugh:

Papa2Charlie 20th Oct 2011 23:40

Thanks for the feedback folks.

LBIA 21st Oct 2011 14:20

Boeing 757-200, G-LSAE which has been sat over on the Multiflight apron at LBA is going out on a test flight this afternoon operating a EXS031E.

It will be the first time the aircraft has flown since been repaired by Boeing after suffering damage on September 6th when the wheel chair lifter hit her.

ciampino 22nd Oct 2011 09:33

So much rubbish posted by so called experts get your facts right before making silly comments G-LSAE was repaired by Jet2 Engineers not Boeing G-LSAA door frame damage was incorrectly diagnosed by the monarch engineers telling everybody Boeing would have to come up with a repair. Jet2 engineers took over repaired iaw SRM

757 Speedbrakes 22nd Oct 2011 12:50

So G-LSAA door not spotted by CAA inspector then....... ? :hmm:

AIRPORT66 22nd Oct 2011 15:37

Have jet2 given reason why they axed there flights from BFS to Toulouse, Leeds/Bradford.

Mr @ Spotty M 22nd Oct 2011 16:03

Pray, where is your expertise from ciampino?
How can door frame damage, be incorrectly diagnosed?
It is damaged or it is not damaged, it is as simple as that.
If my memory is correct, any damage within a certain distance of a door opening, has to be reported to Boeing and they will come up with the repair.
I will stick with my previous comments, as l have talked to the AOG engineer from MAEL who was called out to fix the defect spotted by the CAA. Also previously stated l do not know if the repair was finished by Jet2 or MAEL engineers.

ciampino 22nd Oct 2011 16:19

Your memory is not serving you well you only have to speak to Boeing when the repair is outside the Structural Repair Manual as this repair was within the SRM no need to contact Boeing

ciampino 22nd Oct 2011 16:30

You need to get a more reliable source of course it was the wrong diagnosis. If the repairs in the SRM you repair it IAW the SRM you do not go to Boeing, that is what the SRM is there fore to carry out structural repairs do you think Boeing want to be contacted every time you have damage to an aircraft

Mr @ Spotty M 23rd Oct 2011 10:41

I have this morning read the SR sent to Boeing by MAEL, this concerning the damage to the door frame by the door being out of rig.
MAEL sent photographs of the damage and copies of the SRM of the area damaged.
MAEL suggested repairs, but Boeing said that because of lack of fastener rows available, it turned down the repair and stated replacement of some structure.
So if you are correct in that the repair was incorrectly diagnosed and was in the SRM, both MAEL & Boeing screwed up.
If this is the case, l can only say sorry as an employee. :{

Topspotter 23rd Oct 2011 11:02

Im sure no one screwed up by all accounts jet 2 were very pleased by the response from monarch, according to my pal who is a jet 2 employee monarch really got them out of the poo

ciampino 23rd Oct 2011 13:06

yes Jet2 may have been grateful for there assistance just cost them 2 days loss of flying well done monarch engineers you really got Jet2 out of the Poo again. Well topspotter and mr spotty your beloved monarch engineers are not that brilliant the way you two make out at the expense of Jet2 engineers reputations. Get your facts correct next time

JSCL 23rd Oct 2011 13:31

As a complete outsider to all this, seems if Jet2 had to send it to Monarch, not much can be said for Jet2 engineering... Can it ciampino?

ciampino 23rd Oct 2011 14:41

Correct JSCL you are a complete outsider who has none of the facts and yet again we have another know-all climbing on the bandwagon. As I have said before get all of the facts first and then post a response that dose not ridicule other engineers.

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