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ericlday 19th Jan 2015 15:48

Z formation is a sideways N formation - only joking, no serious replies please !

Jet2_738 20th Jan 2015 16:16

Boeing 737-800 G-JZHA has positioned from EMA to LBA as EXS031E. It Departed EMA at 13:45GMT, and arriving LBA at 14:11GMT this afternoon (Tue 20/01/15). I can confirm that it has been painted from all white to the Jet2holidays livery, and was seen rolling out of the hangar at EMA yesterday afternoon:

G-JZAH (Image Courtesy of Airbourne Colours on Facebook)

I can also confirm that all white G-GDFS has now been painted into the Jet2.com Silver livery:

G-GDFS (Image Courtesy of Airbourne Colours on Facebook)

...and all white G-GDFY, is in the hanger now, undergoing painting into the Jet2.com Silver livery also. :ok:

VickersVicount 20th Jan 2015 18:03

nice! Glad the silver still on the go... more sophisticated than the bucket n spaders

EK77WNCL 20th Jan 2015 21:02

Is there any method, like a 50/50 livery split? Or just a decision per aircraft and see where it ends up?

In the same breath is there any kind of system around how they are deployed? I can't imagine there will be, seems strange them having two liveries but I presume it could be part of the success of the jet2holidays brand. Did Allegiant say anything?

Jet2_738 22nd Jan 2015 21:20

Well, as far as I'm aware, they don't have a strict method in the liveries they choose, and it looks as if it is more decision per aircraft, when it gets sent down for paint. This is evident I suppose when you look at the 738's in the G-GDF* series.

G-GDFP, G-GDFR, G-GDFS are all in the standard Jet2 livery. The we have:
G-GDFU - in holidays livery,
G-GDFV - in red livery,
G-GDFW - in holidays livery,
G-GDFX - in red livery,
G-GDFY - in red livery,
G-GDFZ - in holidays livery,
and of course G-JZAH in the holidays livery also.

There is no system as to where the liveries are deployed, i.e. Jet2holidays aircraft don't only serve the sunny Spain and Canary Island routes. Both liveries are treated as one, and the cabin fit inside is no different, still all with the red and grey seats. So it means that an aircraft like G-GDFZ, could be on MAN-TFS-MAN one day, and then be off to BUD, or CDG the next, and the same applies for the aircraft like newly painted G-GDFS.

In terms of Allegiant, Jet2 have pretty good relations with them, and it seems Allegiant have no problem with it, as although the liveries look identical, there are certain brand guidelines which class them as not. Like the sun on the tail - on Jet2holidays aircraft, the points of the Sun are rounded, where as on the Allegiant aircraft, they are not. There are also other slight differences, the colours are slightly different, and the positioning of the sun on the winglet, (when appropriate) on Allegiant aircraft, it is on the bottom, and Jet2holidays, in the middle.

I can only agree that it is the success of the Jet2holidays brand that makes Jet2 paint the aircraft in both liveries - I suppose it makes them stand out a little for doing so too! :ok:

EK77WNCL 22nd Jan 2015 22:15

Cheers for clearing that up :D LS still have about 4/5 different Sun's flying around though haha, some are quite noticeable, its from when they first started using the holidays livery.

I still think getting rid of the "2 tail" was a terrible terrible mistake.

TSR2 22nd Jan 2015 23:24

The colour scheme makes no difference to the performance of the aircraft or the ticket price. It only interests spotters.

EK77WNCL 22nd Jan 2015 23:40

Thank you TSR2 I wasn't aware of that.

SWBKCB 23rd Jan 2015 19:47

Always wondered why airlines put so much effort into the presentation of their aircraft and don't just paint them all white.

Seems there isn't any reason and they're just having a laugh... :ugh:

AP1995 24th Jan 2015 11:07

Its called advertisement..

EK77WNCL 24th Jan 2015 17:41

Hahaha SWBKCB, it could even be more effective just to leave them unpainted.

LiamNCL 25th Jan 2015 08:57

Leaving aircraft white i imagine would somehow confuse people haha i remember roughly 2005 Finnair 757 leased to XL at NCL and people were convinced they were on the wrong aircraft as they were supposed to be flying XL

VickersVicount 25th Jan 2015 10:58

This is not a new thing and used to happen all the time in the 80's with 737's
Monarch /Dan Air / Britannia having multiple various hybrid liveries. I went on a plain navy blue belly 737-200 otherwise white which belonged to BY. There was an Airtours Finnair hybrid in tears gone by and even BA got in on thr action with 757 hybrids with AMM and AE

LBIA 4th Feb 2015 13:08

Jet2 have just released details of this years New York festive charters.

Leeds/Bradford and Newcastle get 5 flights each, Manchester will have 4, Glasgow 3 and East Midlands gets 2.

EK77WNCL 4th Feb 2015 20:19

Very nice! Kudos to Jet2 and it'll be good to have the 75's back! If only their Toronto/Boston adventure had paid off.

SCANDIC 10th Feb 2015 22:59

What's happening with LSAA seems to be stored for long term and having a lot of maintenance with Monarch at Man.

OwnNav 12th Feb 2015 10:15

G-GDFE squawking 7700 diverting to LBA by the looks.

Jet2_738 12th Feb 2015 15:39

Emergency landing at Leeds Bradford Airport - Yorkshire Evening Post

Report says that G-GDFE (Boeing 737-300QC) (operating flight LS509 [NCL-PRG]) had diverted to LBA this morning as a precautionary measure, after there was reports of smoke in the cabin. The aircraft landed safely without any passenger or crew injury at 11:24GMT

I can also confirm that the replacement aircraft G-GDFL, which was parked at LBA at the time, departed just over an hour later at 12:31GMT, as EXS509A.

Charlie98 12th Feb 2015 20:32

So is G-LSAA in storage? :o Whats the fate of the other 757s, with NCL loosing the base I've lost track of the LS 757s

BasilFawlty 12th Feb 2015 20:35

G-LSAA is undergoing heavy maintenance, nothing to worry about.

LBIA 12th Feb 2015 21:53

757 fleet this summer will operate as follows.

5x LBA (4x in operation +1 spare back up)
6x MAN (4x in operation +2 spare back up)

Jet2_738 12th Feb 2015 22:41

Interesting fact: It was 12 years ago today, on 12th February, 2003, that Jet2 made its inaugural flight - from LBA to AMS.


Today, Jet2 filled a baggage belt full of surprise prizes for each of the passengers travelling back from ALC - LBA, as part of their 'Random acts of kindness' week. Good on Jet2! You tend not to see things like this any more with the airlines' attempts to cut out everything except the flight :ok:

EK77WNCL 12th Feb 2015 23:49

Nice one Jet2! Those passengers will be flying again!

Can't believe NCL loses it's 757's to go and sit idle at MAN and LBA.

Flying Wild 13th Feb 2015 08:32

Nothing to do with the WestJet Christmas Miracle of 2012 then...

There's nothing like copying another's success, but somehow I don't think this one will be going viral.

yeo valley 13th Feb 2015 10:39

757 jet2
by keeping the 757 in 2 bases, they must think more money from the 2 bases,rather than spread around here there and every where. it makes sense as if any problems then they have a spare, rather than looking around for another aircraft to cover. the 737 aircraft is not a problem if one goes tech, as lots of them around to cover.

Ian Brooks 13th Feb 2015 11:24

Yes the less your fleet is spread around the cheaper to operate
less spares required ,crew bases are kept to a minimum etc etc
The 757 are not getting any younger and now tend to need a bit more
TLC and with the two bases only a stones throw apart it must make life a
lot easier


El Bunto 14th Feb 2015 06:43

Titan made an unexpected return on the Belfast mail-runs last night. I'm sure they charged their contract rivals a pretty coin for that substitution.

Looks like one of the Belfast QCs ( CELX? ) has gone over to the mainland, presumably to substitute for GDFE?

commit aviation 14th Feb 2015 10:04

Titans return was expected - I believe they are operating it now in place of the EXT route which I think has now ceased. Jet2 & Titan were not competitors on the mail routes as they formed a joint company to run the routes a number of years back.
On the 757s - maybe having 2 spare in Manchester is a useful support if things go awry with the A330 this summer..... (slight overkill in seat numbers but if the 738's are leased it's probably cheaper to have the 752s sat on standby.)

El Bunto 14th Feb 2015 10:37

Interesting, thank you. I had thought the mail contracts had been awarded to the individual companies this year rather than to PAN but wrong as ever!

commit aviation 14th Feb 2015 11:20

I don't know whether the new contracts are with specific airlines (you could be right) but this swap has been planned for some time. The slots were held by J2 until this weekend & with Titan for the rest of the winter season.
Not all contracts are reviewed at the same time I believe so it could be a bit of a mixed bag at the moment!

EK77WNCL 15th Feb 2015 01:36

LBIA, et al does anyone know what the base situation is with the 738's and 733's? Numbers at bases and numbers on standby and where etc.

Thanks in advance :)

flyby1 15th Feb 2015 07:23

Rumour the a330 is not happening now. Not sure how true or not.

Lighty89 17th Feb 2015 15:19

Will privilege be making a return this year??

Prestonian 17th Feb 2015 17:16

Manchester 1 post #914 states A330 deal has collapsed.

flyby1 17th Feb 2015 18:36

The a330 has been withdrawn. Privilege will be in to cover the short fall now the a330 is not happening.

EK77WNCL 17th Feb 2015 22:04

Anybody know why the A330 fell through?

D7 want it back?
Jet2 couldn't fill it?
Some kind of authority get in the way?

kieb92 18th Feb 2015 10:38

I'm presuming with the A330 lease not happening, several destinations will have an increased schedule? A lot of capacity lost.

Mr Mac 18th Feb 2015 11:53

Back on an old Boeing in June then for me down to Palma and back, with No Business class seats either.

Mr Mac

garry8g 18th Feb 2015 12:30

According to another forum, the CAA put a block on it.
Wonder why?
Is it due to aircraft maintenance or perhaps the lost aircraft incident with Air Asia?

EK77WNCL 18th Feb 2015 15:39

I had a feeling it would have something to do with an authority problem.

I hope it's not to do with the Indonesian incident, considering it's not the same aircraft, operator, country - or even the Air Asia group's fault (yet - although I'm sure it's not at all)

Shame, better luck next year... Or why don't they look to someone like Hifly or Euro Atlantic to provide an aircraft for the summer?

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