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LAX_LHR 30th Dec 2014 20:10


Really? The post at the top of this page has the link with the info you are asking for!

Johnny [email protected] Pants 30th Dec 2014 20:27

Mr Mac
I'm sure you'll be pleased to know it is the regular friendly Jet2 cabin crew that will be trained up on that aeroplane.:ok:

garry8g 30th Dec 2014 21:16


No it doesn't. The post at the top doesn't have it in the daily breakdown format as given by 'Hull City AFC' on the operations for the A330 from Manchester, that's what I was looking for!!

EK77WNCL 30th Dec 2014 21:53

Probably thinking over cautiously but I can see some issues with the 1 hour turnarounds on the A330, equally down route where airports might not be as efficient/have as much experience as MAN, but also at MAN where I presume the aircraft will pick up things like inflight meals, drinks, snacks, duty free etc... After all 377 people is a lot of people.

What happens with baggage? No pallets?

CabinCrewe 30th Dec 2014 21:56

its palletted and every route down wind is very used to A330 ops. Thomas Cook, Air Berlin, Aer Lingus, Aeroflot, iberia etc etc

TartinTon 30th Dec 2014 22:01

It's essentially a carbon copy of what Monarch used to operate so no issues downroute with handling/experience

EK77WNCL 30th Dec 2014 23:19

Well I suppose so yes, but do they all operate 1 hour turnarounds?

garry8g 31st Dec 2014 00:15

Glasgow A320 Operations Summer 2015
The A320 operation from Glasgow for Summer 2015 (June) runs as follows:


07:50 - 11:50 LS119 Glasgow - Ibiza
12:35 - 14:35 LS120 Ibiza Glasgow
15:40 - 19:55 LS147 Glasgow - Murcia
20:40 - 22:55 LS148 Murcia - Glasgow


07:15 - 11:30 LS177 Glasgow - Alicante
12:15 - 14:30 LS178 Alicante - Glasgow
15:30 - 19:25 LS145 Glasgow - Menorca
20:10 - 22:10 LS146 Menorca - Glasgow


07:30 - 11:45 LS133 Glasgow - Malaga
12:30 - 15:00 LS134 Malaga - Glasgow
16:00 - 20:15 LS177 Glasgow - Alicante
21:00 - 23:15 LS178 Alicante - Glasgow


07:30 - 11:40 LS135 Glasgow - Rome
12:25 - 14:45 LS136 Rome - Glasgow
16:00 - 20:00 LS119 Glasgow - Ibiza
20:45 - 22:45 LS120 Ibiza Glasgow


07:45 - 12:00 LS147 Glasgow - Murcia
12:45 - 15:00 LS148 Murcia - Glasgow
16:00 - 20:00 LS119 Glasgow - Ibiza
20:45 - 22:45 LS120 Ibiza Glasgow


08:10 - 11:35 LS173 Glasgow - Faro
12:20 - 15:45 LS174 Faro - Glasgow
16:45 - 20:45 LS139 Glasgow - Majorca
21:30 - 23:40 LS140 Majorca Glasgow


07:30 - 11:45 LS133 Glasgow - Malaga
12:30 - 15:00 LS134 Malaga - Glasgow
16:00 - 20:00 LS119 Glasgow - Ibiza
20:45 - 22:45 LS120 Ibiza Glasgow

I also noticed that it is a 180 seat A320 being used here, perhaps not Titan after all?

compton3bravo 31st Dec 2014 08:54

A330 ops
Not wanting to put the dampers on the A330 operation but do hope it does not go tech at Palma on a Saturday in July. Just wondering what contingencies will be in place for recovery. If full would need three B737s or two B757s. Keep fingers and everything else crossed everybody.

Airfrance7 31st Dec 2014 10:10

The A330 is wet leased from Air Asia. So are we to assume Air Asia crew to operate on all of the A330 flights?

Mr Mac 31st Dec 2014 12:12

Do not know if the thread on 16th Dec has been deleted, but there is no thread with regards to crew there currently. [email protected] has ID the cabin crew as being the "normal" Jet 2 Cabin crew, however nobody has posted as to who will be flying A/C, as currently as you are no doubt aware, there are no airbus A/C currently in their fleet. As it is a short wet lease will Air Asia be supplying flight deck crews, anybody know ?
Mr Mac

samj 31st Dec 2014 12:53

Surprised that PMI has 3 turns there and ALC has none.

flybar 31st Dec 2014 13:44

Jet2 4
Mr Mac

It's a 'damp' lease so the owners supply the flight deck crew. Jet2 providing the Cabin Crew.

JB007 31st Dec 2014 14:40

I also noticed that it is a 180 seat A320 being used here, perhaps not Titan after all?
G-POWI and G-POWM will be 180Y, G-POWK will be 168Y.
All will be painted before Summer 2015.

EK77WNCL 31st Dec 2014 15:31

So I'm assuming LS will be getting 'POWI or 'POWM?

By the way, there is a spare A333 in case of tech issues. According to Jethros anyway.

garry8g 31st Dec 2014 15:36


Thanks for your update. :ok:

Mr Mac 31st Dec 2014 18:16

Flybar and Scratchingthesky
Flybar thanks for the confirmation on the flightdeck crew. Scratchingthesky on a Wet lease A/C it is not mandatory that the flight deck crew come from the owners of the A/C company as it depends on the lease terms, hence my question, which Flybar qualified. Thanks all for the info.

Happy New Year

Mr Mac

CabinCrewe 31st Dec 2014 20:21

perhaps if there is a longer term plan to aquire then its not quite as ridiculoud ad you appear to make out

Mr @ Spotty M 31st Dec 2014 20:49

No spare a/c in the UK, it means the planned a/c could be substituted by the other prior to delivery.

EK77WNCL 1st Jan 2015 02:03

Oh right that does make a lot more sense than ringing KUL for a replacement and waiting 15+ hours if something goes wrong, when they can have someone like Pullmantur in about 5

JB007 1st Jan 2015 06:19

Could very easily have changed by now, but Jet2 have 3 B757 units on standby for summer 2015; 2 at MAN (assume that's for the A330?) and 1 at LBA.

That must be the most boring job!

EK77WNCL 1st Jan 2015 14:38

That fact disgruntles me immensely from a spotters perspective

INeedTheFull90 1st Jan 2015 14:57

Am I correct in thinking that this is an AirAsia x aircraft with AirAsia x pilots?

Mr Mac 1st Jan 2015 15:57

In short yes. Air Asia A/C with Air Asia flight deck crews. It will be interesting to see if more Airbus products follow this short term wet lease, like what happened with Easy Jet ie Boeing to Airbus fleet.
Bit of a change for the crews swapping KL for the "delights" of Manchester, never mind the antics of some of their forthcoming passengers, which is largely unheard of out there.

Mr Mac

INeedTheFull90 1st Jan 2015 16:24

I see! Thanks for your reply. It will be interesting to see what the future holds about their Airbus ir even LS route structures in future.

I'm thinking about trying it. A flatbed for 50 extra. Bargain! My only worry is the wife. Ive a feeling she won't be best pleased with flying Air Asia (I know it's not them, but that's what she'll be thinking of). Let's hope the hybrid scheme covers it up a bit.

Mr Mac 1st Jan 2015 17:46

Would not bother me as I have flown with them in the past, though not a regular, as I work in the Far East a lot (outbound KL on next Tuesday in fact). I was just interested to see if the flight crew were going to be from that area, or were going to be UK based.
The storm which was a contributory factor in the loss of the Air Asia Airbus was apparently very large even by the standards in that area. I had a colleague on an EK flight from Brisbane to KL which was in the same area at the time. He has told me he reckoned the tops of the thunderheads were over 50k ft and appeared very active as they threaded there way through.

Mr Mac

garry8g 13th Jan 2015 16:49

B738 - GJZHA
I see that another of the B738 has arrived.
Hanover to East Midlands today, according to Jethro's. :ok:

Jet2_738 14th Jan 2015 16:48

Yeah, G-JZHA (formerly D-AHFY from TUI [aged 13.9 years old]) has arrived at EMA today from Hannover as EXS51D. I expect that the aircraft has flown into EMA to undergo the treatment of Airbourne Colours (based BOH and more recently EMA) to receive its new paint job.

D-AHFS and D-AHFR (to become G-JZHB and G-JZHC respectively) are to be leased from AerCap, but aged at 14.7 and 14.8 years respectively, I'd expect we'd see them for a long time yet! Still, great to see such a good UK airline expanding like Jet2! :ok:

Facelookbovvered 14th Jan 2015 22:27

With Jet fuel prices falling off a cliff the drive towards more fuel efficient aircraft will probably take a back seat. Having said that the NG is still just a tarted up classic and is prone to the same despatch weakness particularly the air-condition and pressurisation systems.

Despite or in spite of their continued success i still find it difficult to take J2 seriously as a long term player in the Lo Co market, their market penetration stops at EMA, the product is good but not cheap and i suspect much of their success is down to not being Ryanair, but Ryanair are changing fast and have a cost base well under half of that of Jet2

A 14 year old NG is still an old aircraft

Jet2_738 15th Jan 2015 15:09

I think Jet2's USP is that its the north's leading airline (i.e. doesn't go further south than East Midlands) and that works well to an extent. Yes FR might be in competition with the likes of LS, but I think the Jet2 product relies on loyalty, and I think that this is evident at NCL. FR operates once a day with one aircraft from DUB-NCL-DUB. Thus as opposed to Jet2 who operate 30 Desinations from NCL at peak summer, the planes without a seat spare.

I would say that LS has a massive lead in the market when it comes to its Jet2holidays brand. They've grown strongly since 2007, becoming one of the UK's leading tour providers. That is something FR will never have. all we hear from FR is - we'regoing to buy new aircraft and operate flights to America...

Jet2 have already beaten you to that.

And although I agree that a 14 year old NG is an older aircraft - in comparison to the rest of Jet2's fleet, is is quite new. A lot of airlines don't want 14 year old NG's, so the price of the aircraft drops to accommodate that. Jet2 have always went for the older aircraft as these are cheaper, and I suppose it is their business model, which I think they should keep! If you are doing well and expanding at such a rate, then don't change it. There's nothing wrong with these older aircraft, and this is evident, as you can look at Monarch, who do own some brand new aircraft, and are forking out on 30 737MAXs, but they aren't doing so well and are showing signs of struggle, at least Jet2 aren't!

tattbenj 17th Jan 2015 14:46

Jet2 737-300's
Hi all, whilst on Flightradar 24 earlier, I noticed there seems to be a lot of 737's from Jet2 positioning from Gatwick to I assume Leeds. Does anyone know why this is?

Facelookbovvered 17th Jan 2015 16:31

Jet 738
I'm not disputing J2 business model or its strategy of running used aircraft. Jet2 Holidays have done very well. The transatlantic stuff is rather different, a few seasonal Xmas flights does not make for a successful transatlantic operation and certainly not with very old 757's on ad hoc ops.

Loyalty is this game is very shallow as a quick look on Skytrax will show!! next Summer will show whether they have built enough resilience to the flying programme to support an ambitious summer with different aircraft.

Good luck and good to see them doing so well

EK77WNCL 17th Jan 2015 18:00

I think Jet2 should "relegate" the 757's to medium/long haul in their old age. Cararies, Egypt? USA etc.

EI-BUD 17th Jan 2015 19:44

Re the comment/ question about Jet2 ac positioning LGW LBA, this may be due to charter work ex LGW, in previous years they were doing charters ex LGW and ski may be included, as has been the case at Dublin in recent years.

I've been watching the airbus progress on Jet2, i.e. getting airbus this year, or rather operating for the airline on wet lease etc. The bigger future question that may have been made clear on the thread, but I am completely unaware of it is;

with an ageing fleet of 737-300's but in particular the QC models that do extensive cargo work; what happens when these outlive their good life, what is the alternative. The cargo operation brings significant benefits in terms of unit cost per aircraft, as they can operate over night when the fleet is otherwise idle and a significant revenue driver, especially in Winter when they have much small flying programme.

equally they operating the Royal Mail contract they need to have to be able to meet their requirements but without a QC model in the future? This could have significant cost base implications?


LNIDA 17th Jan 2015 20:32

Lots of life yet in the QC's and if there is demands then NG may follow at around the 15 year point which is not far off.

BasilFawlty 17th Jan 2015 20:47

A freighter/quick-change conversion program for 737NG's was launched last year so that will be probably the answer. ;)

phil_2405 17th Jan 2015 22:33

The LGW positioning flights were due to a series of corporate charters from LGW to SXF for a large conference

Artie Fufkin 17th Jan 2015 23:02

At last contract renewal, it was reported that income from the mail contract was significantly down due to the competitive nature of the bidding process.

When the A320 comes, expect the mail to be quietly dropped.

munrobagger 19th Jan 2015 10:25

Can anyone tell me why there is a EDI / Verona in the winter - could be ski but no one else seems to fly there ? Also it seems to have a long lie over at Verona as I cannot see any Z formation flight back to anywhere else in UK ?

BasilFawlty 19th Jan 2015 16:34

What's a Z formation? It's called a W pattern. ;) The flight is operated as EDI-VRN-BRS-VRN-EDI.

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