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LAX_LHR 9th Sep 2016 10:40

I believe the Nimrod is to be donated elsewhere, but the RJX likely to be scrapped as its fallen into a bad state of repair.

AndrewH52 9th Sep 2016 12:40

Originally Posted by LAX_LHR (Post 9502029)
Given jet2 are 17 based at MAN, up to 25 wouldn't be beyond the realms of possibility. Look at it this way:

-the new hangar means 'off site' parking for up to 6 aircraft, 4 in the hangar and 2 outside. I understand this has also been sanctioned by MAN. So, straight off the bat, that's 6 stands freed up.

-bringing long haul into the equation as to why it would be hard to expand isn't the problem being made out to be.

Long haul in the bulk starts arriving from 0700 (yes, there are a few earlier flights, but the bulk arrives from 0700 onwards). This means the first wave short haul is mostly gone by the time the long haulers need the stands. Then, the long hauls are gone by the time the second wave hits. Repeat for the evening and there's the pattern.
Very few long haul aircraft require stands overnight in the same way short haul does. It's just the odd TCX/VS/TOM aircraft that require an overnight stand, hardly an issue.

So, extra based Jet2 not as ridiculous as it sounds.

The suggestion was 30 aircraft, not 25 and I seriously question the scope for utilising an operational maintenance hangar as a space for overnight parking of aircraft.

The very fact that Jet2 has announced two new bases should indicate that they see growth being spread more widely not just concentrated on existing bases.

-as a note, it may be a while off but there is also plans afoot to add more remote parking where the AVP currently is. Somewhere in the region of 15 stands for B737 sized aircraft. The AVP is moving south side near the fire station, with only Concorde, Trident and the DC-10 nose making the move over.

This shows plans are to increase overall stands, but this will be a seperate phase to the T2 development plans. May happen alongside the T2, may happen after, but, money has been set aside to allow the plans.
Just because land has been allocated in a long term land use strategy doesn't mean that the money to make it happen has been allocated as well.

All names taken 9th Sep 2016 12:59


LAX_LHR 9th Sep 2016 13:17


I agree the scope for 30 is a bit high, but I was pointing out that up to 25 is entirely possible.

Why do you question is aircraft can be parked up in and around the hangars? Currently happens with various TCX aircraft on line maintence anyway, and the VIM airlines B767 has been there for nigh on a week or 2 now, will be no different to Jet2 doing the same?

Yes, growth is going to be spread across several bases, and I don't think anyone has said it will be solely concentrated on MAN exclusively, so, I'm not sure why you are taking such a defensive tone towards something that is very possible? As said, Jet2 currently have 17 based, and the airport currently has in the region of 110 based/overnighting aircraft. So why is it so preposterous to you that a potential 13 more aircraft could be based in the next few years?

As for the AVP stands, the money has been allocated to the project, I have no reason to doubt he figures I have seen.

Artie Fufkin 9th Sep 2016 13:29

Expanding into South East market with no capacity available at LGW and LTN? Rumours of 30 aircraft in MAN in the next few years? All sounds a bit far fetched unless…

Can we think of a struggling airline that has a large MAN presence and a decent number of prime slots at both LGW and LTN? Are they currently in receivership, with the turnround specialists stating an intention to sell them on? Do they offer a near identical product to Jet2? Will they be flying the same type as Jet2 in the near future? Have Jet2 recently announced plans to start a presence at one of their main bases?

Could it be?

EK77WNCL 9th Sep 2016 14:56

Artie... I really do hope so, and I hope they keep separate brands, but now that LS are opening southern bases, it doesn't make that much sense anymore...

I don't think this can be too good for existing Jet2 bases... They'll realise there's more money in the South and much of their future growth will happen there

I wonder how BHX/STN will effect EMA?

Curious Pax 9th Sep 2016 15:27

Originally Posted by Artie Fufkin (Post 9502255)
Are they currently in receivership, with the turnround specialists stating an intention to sell them on?

I'm struggling to think of any airline that fits the bill. Monarch sound the closest, but they aren't in receivership - is any UK airline at the moment?

ematom1 9th Sep 2016 15:50

Re EMA - stansted is 2 hours and 40 mins away can't see that effect the EMA ops but BHX is a competitor will have to see how well Jet2 works out at BHX.

LiamNCL 10th Sep 2016 15:59

Titan 757 was sent down to ACE today to bring pax back to NCL after G-JZHH was unable to make the return leg last night. Just seen it now on FR24 positioning back at FL260 which is unusually low altitude. Anyone know what happened with it last night ?

LBAflyer22 10th Sep 2016 17:05

Originally Posted by tubby linton (Post 9501600)
The Jet2 expansion and diversification in the current market worries me. It smacks of desperation and pursuing any market to ensure survival. This is going to be a sea change for them as they are going to have to start paying real money for new aircraft which is something they have never done. Phillip Meeson made his initial money importing used cars and he has done the same with his aircraft. He has been very sharp by buying worthless aircraft and finding a market for them to exploit. How he will manage paying lease rates on new aircraft will be an interesting time, though I would imagine his standing in the city for success may deflect some of the pain in the short term.

I do not think this is smacks of desperation at all and i don't understand how you could even suggest/come to that conclusion when the company recently announced a profit of £105,000,000 and revenue at £1,405,400,000 for year ending 2016. They clearly have done their research and research well. The company is now coming out of a phase of slow expansion and consolidation at it's bases, streamlining the business and is ready for expansion, as the figures for the year ending 2016 clearly highlight.

The company has a great working relationship with MAG and now will operate for year 2017 out of 3 of it's airports. This relationship is probably similar to the healthy relationship Ryanair share with the MAG group too and therefore i believe Jet2 will share a happy medium with Ryanair at STN. After all, Ryanair have a large presence at EMA and MAN yet both seem to find a happy medium at both. Furthermore they both each know sell completely opposite products - Ryanair seat only, Jet2 - hybrid tour operator/seat only. Jet2 will offer much needed competition to Ryanair in terms of customer service (Ryanair are offering much better these days in terms of levels of service).

This is much needed and welcomed competition at STN - you look at the current offering by IT operators and it's nothing more then shocking by Thomson (even though they have LTN down the road) and Thomas Cook (may offer more but some of there times are ridiculous after all i know i don't want to got to TFS at 7 at night) where as Jet2 will offer much friendlier flight times to customers, and more flexibility. They will offer the competition to Ryanair and easyJet and after all it is their first natural progression further south then BHX.

Jet2/Holidays has grown into a considerable force within the holiday markets, now has much more bargaining power then the traditional TUI/Thomas cook operators in some destinations and is a force to be reckoned with. It's about time people like yourself come out from your cave and realised that Jet2 is no longer the new kid on the block but a much bigger operator then Monarch/Thomas cook. (they've made much better profits then those two combined this year)

I am personally happy that not only a British company, but a Yorkshire company, is showing signs of healthy and continued expansion, consistent profit but most of all delivering much needed employment. Personally i think it's well done Jet2/MAG/STN on this deal.

Originally Posted by HeartyMeatballs (Post 9501584)
And the worry is once they realise there are better yields in the south their borers bases could suffer. If I was in charge and I could make an extra few pound for each bum on a seat then I'd do it.

For me my concern is the change in the model. Previous winters had most of the fleet sat dormant which is great when the aircraft are of a certain vintage and are paid off. The problem now is that this is no longer an option.

I know the program is busier over the winter, and the summer season increasing, but there's still a good few months where they would be better off just sat on the ground. But not that will be costing money in financing the new planes.

I don't think the northern bases will suffer. Yes maybe there won't be the new routes from their bases initially (e.g. Skiathos, as an example route, maybe launched from MAN/STN to test the market rather then MAN/GLA etc) but they will be launched the following year. And i also think North of the border EDI got much needed 737-800 and a holidays network this year that next year for 2018 they will announce a further based 737-800 and new routes/added frequencies. Jet2 don't neglect bases like certain companies (Monarch, Thomson, Thomas cook) and will continue to expand all be it probably more cautiously from it's northern quieter bases.

I agree with winter point - however i do think that the company is fully aware of this situation and is doing all it can to minimise the effect it has on the finances. I also think egypt is helping in terms of Canaries demand.

Trav a la 10th Sep 2016 18:16

Yesterday LS875 MAN-FAO G-LSAG had gear retraction problems and returned to MAN. Believe for 2nd time this week so may have caused a knock on.

INKJET 11th Sep 2016 06:53

Yes they had a gear problem on the 7th ex Manchester, i was trying to contact Stockholm radio for a SECAL check over the North sea when a channex came on requesting an HF patch to Jet2 ops, RH main gear leg down, 1st statement was " we have 3 gear pins on board" do you want us to burn off fuel or go for over weight landing ?? ops asked how much over MLM are you? 7T was the answer, OK err best burn the weight off then, all done very professionally

Buster the Bear 12th Sep 2016 10:43

Jet2.com in recent schedule update has filed planned Airbus A321 aircraft operation for summer 2017, mainly serving Manchester market. Planned A321 operational routes as follow.

eff 27APR17 Manchester – Fuerteventura 1 weekly (Day 4)
eff 28APR17 Manchester – Dalaman 1 weekly (Day 5)
eff 28APR17 Manchester – Rome 1 weekly (Day 5)
eff 29APR17 Manchester – Irakleion 2 weekly (Day 26) until 23MAY17
eff 30APR17 Manchester – Tenerife South 1 weekly (Day 7; 2 weekly Day 67 from 27MAY17 to 30SEP17)
eff 01MAY17 Manchester – Faro 1-4 weekly
eff 28MAY17 Manchester – Venice 1 weekly (Day 7; 2 weekly Day 47 from 22JUN17) until 24SEP17
eff 29MAY17 Manchester – Malta 1 weekly (Day 1)
eff 26JUN17 Manchester – Mahon 1 weekly (Day 1) until 04SEP17

LAX_LHR 12th Sep 2016 10:51

I assume this is the Titan A321 returning that operated this summer?

MAN has had lease-ins this years from Titan (A321) and Primera Air (B737)

P330 12th Sep 2016 11:28

Does anyone know if LS are operating the Transun Lapland charters to Enontekio this December from Leeds? I believe they have in the past (from Newcastle at least).

Mooncrest 12th Sep 2016 13:55

Originally Posted by P330 (Post 9505333)
Does anyone know if LS are operating the Transun Lapland charters to Enontekio this December from Leeds? I believe they have in the past (from Newcastle at least).

Probably not. In recent years Enter Air (Poland) has done the honours for LBA.

P330 12th Sep 2016 14:52

Originally Posted by Mooncrest (Post 9505485)
Probably not. In recent years Enter Air (Poland) has done the honours for LBA.

Ok, thank you.

bjones4 12th Sep 2016 18:35

First newborn ready for delivery - G-JZHJ 737-8MG - Jet2 | Aviation Photo #3966359 | Airliners.net

LiamNCL 12th Sep 2016 20:08

Is it just me who prefers the Red /Silver without all them tacky baggage/points titles

FRatSTN 12th Sep 2016 20:24

Nope, I prefer the red/silver livery by far. Don't mind the "22kg baggage allowance", "Great flight times" titles so much.

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