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AvGeek1 12th Sep 2016 20:25

Originally Posted by FRatSTN (Post 9505862)
Nope, I prefer the red/silver livery by far. Don't mind the "22kg baggage allowance", "Great flight times" titles so much.

I definitely prefer the red/silver livery! Also really hoping that Jet2.com launch some city break destinations too like Paris which is unserved from Stansted.

Local Variation 12th Sep 2016 20:46

Some of the fleet have a slogen 'friendly low fares' on the side. Always questioned this.

How can a fare be friendly? It can be portrayed as low, it can be shown as competitive or good value.....but friendly?

Who thought of that......

'Tell me Mr Customer, what did you think of our low fare on today's flight?'

'Yes the fare was great and surprisingly friendly too!':rolleyes:

Mooncrest 12th Sep 2016 20:58

I was hoping for a change of livery to coincide with the delivery of the new ships. The red and grey is on the dull side and putting the company name up the tailfin is decidedly old hat. Air Europe was doing this in 1979. As for the 'Holidays' livery, just add 'Stop me and buy one' and you have a giant ice-cream van. I appreciate it may cost to come up with a new image but Jet2 is spending serious money these days and a feel an opportunity to update has been lost.

01475 12th Sep 2016 22:03

If one of the transport providers (I forget which) could offer the fastest value from Stansted to London, Jet2 can definitely offer friendly fares :-D

RAFAT 12th Sep 2016 23:38

Local Variation - the "Friendly" part of the phrase refers to the "friendlier" departure times, i.e. not in the middle of the night.

BasilFawlty 12th Sep 2016 23:56

No it doesn't, Friendly Low Fares refers to the friendly low fares they offer. Great Flight Times refers to the departure times. ;)

LiamNCL 13th Sep 2016 05:45

The holidays livery is awful. The silver & red looks just a little more toned down and professional

INKJET 13th Sep 2016 06:49


I watched a 'great flight times' livered Jet2 taxi past me at 10:30 at night in ACE heading for Manchester, so that around 3am at baggage reclaim, like most advertising it's bull

I think Jet2 will do very well in STN with the Jet2 holidays stuff, but the city stuff will be a challenge against FR and the Essex chav's won't take kindly to not getting rat arsed at 6 in a morning.

sunday8pm 13th Sep 2016 11:07

Originally Posted by Nicholas_1992 (Post 9503539)
I do not think this is smacks of desperation at all and i don't understand how you could even suggest/come to that conclusion when the company recently announced a profit of 105,000,000 and revenue at 1,405,400,000 for year ending 2016. They clearly have done their research and research well. The company is now coming out of a phase of slow expansion and consolidation at it's bases, streamlining the business and is ready for expansion, as the figures for the year ending 2016 clearly highlight.

The company has a great working relationship with MAG and now will operate for year 2017 out of 3 of it's airports. This relationship is probably similar to the healthy relationship Ryanair share with the MAG group too and therefore i believe Jet2 will share a happy medium with Ryanair at STN. After all, Ryanair have a large presence at EMA and MAN yet both seem to find a happy medium at both. Furthermore they both each know sell completely opposite products - Ryanair seat only, Jet2 - hybrid tour operator/seat only. Jet2 will offer much needed competition to Ryanair in terms of customer service (Ryanair are offering much better these days in terms of levels of service).

This is much needed and welcomed competition at STN - you look at the current offering by IT operators and it's nothing more then shocking by Thomson (even though they have LTN down the road) and Thomas Cook (may offer more but some of there times are ridiculous after all i know i don't want to got to TFS at 7 at night) where as Jet2 will offer much friendlier flight times to customers, and more flexibility. They will offer the competition to Ryanair and easyJet and after all it is their first natural progression further south then BHX.

Jet2/Holidays has grown into a considerable force within the holiday markets, now has much more bargaining power then the traditional TUI/Thomas cook operators in some destinations and is a force to be reckoned with. It's about time people like yourself come out from your cave and realised that Jet2 is no longer the new kid on the block but a much bigger operator then Monarch/Thomas cook. (they've made much better profits then those two combined this year)

I am personally happy that not only a British company, but a Yorkshire company, is showing signs of healthy and continued expansion, consistent profit but most of all delivering much needed employment. Personally i think it's well done Jet2/MAG/STN on this deal.

I don't think the northern bases will suffer. Yes maybe there won't be the new routes from their bases initially (e.g. Skiathos, as an example route, maybe launched from MAN/STN to test the market rather then MAN/GLA etc) but they will be launched the following year. And i also think North of the border EDI got much needed 737-800 and a holidays network this year that next year for 2018 they will announce a further based 737-800 and new routes/added frequencies. Jet2 don't neglect bases like certain companies (Monarch, Thomson, Thomas cook) and will continue to expand all be it probably more cautiously from it's northern quieter bases.

I agree with winter point - however i do think that the company is fully aware of this situation and is doing all it can to minimise the effect it has on the finances. I also think egypt is helping in terms of Canaries demand.

You can't see EMA closing if BHX is a success then, as others have suggested?

chaps1954 13th Sep 2016 16:33

G-JZHJ is showing FR24 as on the move on delivery and is just commencing take off roll


BHX5DME 13th Sep 2016 16:59

I think Jet 2 will end up with four main bases - MAN, LBA, BHX & STN
With all the other becoming smaller or closing

inOban 13th Sep 2016 17:30

They're hardly likely to close their Scottish bases. After all at EDI there's only one based TUI 737 which does not serve any mainland destinations in Iberia, and no TCX at all. No wonder they do so well.

Jet2_738 13th Sep 2016 17:45

I think Jet 2 will end up with four main bases - MAN, LBA, BHX & STN
With all the other becoming smaller or closing
So what you're saying is that BHX and STN, two newly, no flights operated bases are going to become a part of their main bases in the coming years? That's ridiculous. Jet2(holidays) has a decent part of the market at Glasgow and now Edinburgh, not to mention being Newcastle's largest package provider. They've done extremely well on their northern bases. Just because they're 'expanding' southward, does not mean they're 'moving' southward.

RAFAT 13th Sep 2016 18:17

BasilFawlty - what I quoted above is straight from the marketing guys.

FRatSTN 13th Sep 2016 18:21

I don't envisage they'll close or even cut back from any existing bases, just that future growth may potentially be more focused on say BHX, MAN and STN.

Council Van 13th Sep 2016 18:48

Why would Jet2 close any of the current bases, they are expending?

Mancunians like a drink just as much as their Essex counterparts. Big expansion is coming from the holiday side of the business, particularly family's during the high season. I don't think the company are to keen on alcoholics, they are more trouble than they are worth. If they can not cope without a drink for an hour or two on the flight then they will not be missed.

SWBKCB 13th Sep 2016 18:51

The bar takings might be

LBAflyer22 13th Sep 2016 19:59

Originally Posted by BHX5DME (Post 9506814)
I think Jet 2 will end up with four main bases - MAN, LBA, BHX & STN
With all the other becoming smaller or closing

Can i ask why you'd come to that conclusion? Those bases have been neglected by the big two IT operators and Jet2 have done well in making money out of them ... so what they'll do is now turn there back on those bases where they have a prominent market share. I've never heard something as funny.

They've only just this year expanded EDI after so many years, knowing STN and BHX are coming online, and your suggesting they'll shut them. HA!

I have to agree those 4 bases are likely to become huge, BHX/STN are likely to become similar to LBA/MAN in number of based units etc. I just don't understand how or why you've ever come to your conclusion of others becoming smaller or closing.

Callum Paterson 14th Sep 2016 07:47

I fail to see why we are presuming growth will be based around BHX from here onward? Have I missed something about BHX suddenly becoming the centre of world aviation? I must have missed that email.

LAX_LHR 14th Sep 2016 07:55

Can i ask why you'd come to that conclusion? Those bases have been neglected by the big two IT operators and Jet2 have done well in making money out of them
Regarding MAN in that grouping, how have the big 2 IT operators neglected there?

Thomson now runs routes like MRU/HKT and about 16 based aircraft, and Thomas Cook, well, I shouldn't need to document that again, we know what Thomas Cook have done for MAN.

If that's what neglect looks like, I would love to see what nurturing looks like!

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