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JonnyH 9th Jun 2014 18:24

We travelled Jet2 on old LSAD on Friday evening to NCL. Nice flight with a few seats free to get a bit extra room.

Also, nice to get in NCL just under an hour early. It's a shame took almost that hour to see the bags starting to come out.

Is LSAE still under maintenance since the PFO incident? I thought it had returned to MAN a few days ago but doesn't seem to have came back into service.

LiamNCL 9th Jun 2014 18:46

More than likely Maintenance at MAN before entry back into service

Mr Angry from Purley 9th Jun 2014 19:27

Jet 2 pics EMA Sat


Mr @ Spotty M 9th Jun 2014 21:06

Jet2 have been using our hangar for LAE over the weekend.
My understanding the issue they have at this time, has nothing to do with the earlier incident.

Jack1985 10th Jun 2014 15:43

Jet2 flight LS691 (EXS33U) from East Midlands to Murcia is diverting to Paris-CDG after squawking 7700

Flightradar24.com - Live flight tracker!

tattbenj 10th Jun 2014 15:44

LS691 Emergency
LS691 just declared emergency, looks like it's heading into CDG. Anyone know what happened?? :)

johnw1951 10th Jun 2014 18:27

[I]["Is LSAE still under maintenance since the PFO incident? I thought it had returned to MAN a few days ago but doesn't seem to have came back into service."/I]

LS863 to MJV on Friday 6th was due to be operated by LSAE. After about an hour and a quarter sat on board with engineers on and off and Fire engine parked behind us we were offloaded. Re-boarded replacement aircraft that came in from Leeds and got away about 19:30, about 4 hours late. Foot down all the way got us there in a tad over two and a half hours.

Obviously nobody wants delays,but Jet2 staff dealt with the situation as well as could be expected. Main problem with the flight was that because of the relatively quick replacement mmost passengers didn't have time to use their vouchers at Manchester. Meant that the food trollies were cleaned out early on. In fact they hardly managed to serve everyone. Good positioning at Gate21 meant we were first to get vouchers and took food on with us. :)

tattbenj 11th Jun 2014 16:34

EXS63XM Emergency
Yet another Jet2 aircraft declaring emergency, this time the aircraft operating EXS63XM, they seem to be having a bit of bad luck with aircraft lately....

Ascendo tuum 11th Jun 2014 21:26


EXS63XM divert was due a medical emergency on board, but lets not allow the facts to get in the way of a good story! :E

LBIA 11th Jun 2014 21:30

"tattbenj" The reason for Jet2's Boeing 737-800, G-GDFR diverting into Frankfurt earlier today operating the EXS63XM Leeds to Zakynthos flight was in fact due to a medical emergency.

Facelookbovvered 11th Jun 2014 21:35

Jet2 also lost a court case today which has huge implications if up held, the court ruled that a 27 hour delay caused to a flight by a wiring fault was in the nature of the business and not exceptional and therefore Jet2 were liable for the pax costs.

This will effect all airlines of course

2Planks 12th Jun 2014 20:01

But those with older fleets more than those with fleets built this century!

pwalhx 12th Jun 2014 20:27

I seem to remember a few technical problems with aircraft built this decade never mind century.

Facelookbovvered 12th Jun 2014 23:59

Very true, whats the difference from a passengers point of view between a tech 2014 B787 & a tech 1990 B733, i suppose that you could argue that a brand new aeroplane should work!! and that a failure is in that case exceptional conversely a 20+ year old aircraft is unlikely to have the same reliability as a brand new aircraft and therefore a failure is not exceptional??

I have no idea what despatch reliability is between different airlines and in any event it is probably only one factor in a companies ability to preform on time.

If you have plenty of back up cover either in house or external then i guess a tech problem is less of an issue if you have zero back up, the likes of easy jet & Ryanair don't seem to have the bad press over delays that the second tier UK airlines have, whether that is down to fleet size or newer aircraft is more difficult to judge.......

SCANDIC 13th Jun 2014 15:52

There was a jet2 737 in the Thomas cook hangar at Man on jacks and it didn't look like routine maintenance, it may well be a massive problem with the airframe or something, i think it was CELH.

SCANDIC 13th Jun 2014 15:54

I think those 73-300 are a bit long in the tooth now there's always one that is
tech everyday.

Charlie98 13th Jun 2014 17:30

Personally I can't fault Jet2, they've had a rough week but apart from that I can't remember that many long tech delays, even when LS have delays I think they respond much better than others in the market, For example when AE went tech down in SOF the response to that was very good with AJ deployed within an hour or so.

theloudone 13th Jun 2014 20:28

It`s been said before, with an aging fleet comes continual problems, plus not having a dedicated maintenance hanger themselves, how can you properly monitor a fleet of aircraft when reliant on 3rd party companies?

Time for a review of maintenance on how and where it`s conducted?

jonathan78 13th Jun 2014 20:43

Jet2 have there own hanger at LBA

Charlie98 13th Jun 2014 22:07

And forgive me if I'm wrong, but Jet2 do allot of heavy maintenance in the winter, let us reflect on last summer, which was a very good performance all around by Jet2?

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