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Fletch 31st Aug 2016 14:29

Jet2 has an ageing fleet and need new(er) aeroplanes. In today's market of cheap money, and the opportunity no doubt to screw Boeing on price in order for them to fill production slots before the introduction of the Max, what would be a more cost effective way to obtain new/additional aeroplanes? Aeroplanes cost money and airlines need aeroplanes.
With some of the order to replace existing airframes, expansion is significant but manageable in my opinion. With the exception of the seasonality of the business and it being UK centric (which need addressing), Jet2 are in a far stronger position than some of it's competitors. The BHX base is no doubt intended to heap more pressure on Monarch.

inOban 31st Aug 2016 14:35

Jet2 4
I assume that the recruitment drive announced today is to cover the additional services already timetabled for S17.

Also, if Edinburgh is anything to go by, they must have made a tidy sum providing additional, short notice flights to the Spanish resorts this summer.

Ivan aromer 31st Aug 2016 15:37

Originally Posted by CSman (Post 9492196)
I do hope that I am wrong,but being an old timer have seen this situation before, Company buys lots of New aircraft ,rapid expansion .I refer of course to Court line,one moment the top of the tree, next gone Many good people lost their jobs Hope Jet2 do not fall into this trap

And still the share price continues its slow slide, so some are not convinced that its all go at no fun finder house.

Letsflycwl 31st Aug 2016 15:42

With this announcement today, just hoping we get to see Jet2 more at Cardiff.....

Council Van 31st Aug 2016 19:23

Bristol is just over the river from Cardiff, not far to travel as a one a year trip to go on holiday.

eggc 31st Aug 2016 20:12

300 of those jobs, 4 new based aircraft and hangar are all destined for MAN if the jungle drums are to be believed. Apparently stands will surround the hangar as that's the only place the new based a/c will fit ! The hangar is MON's and will be a nice bus trip around the airfield for pax boarding there.

Callum Paterson 31st Aug 2016 20:16

80 new Jet2 jobs at Glasgow for Summer 2017. Additional based aircraft?

Mooncrest 31st Aug 2016 21:00

Seems like every bugger in the country wants those extra jobs and new aircraft. I hope there's space to park them - very limited at HQ. New jobs are, of course, always welcome.

LBIA 31st Aug 2016 21:25

135 new jobs for LBA. So far 1x extra B738 based aircraft confirmed for next summer with a possible 2nd replacing the leased in aircraft (That been Titan B752 this summer)).

Jetaway 31st Aug 2016 21:38

Originally Posted by eggc (Post 9492608)
300 of those jobs, 4 new based aircraft and hangar are all destined for MAN if the jungle drums are to be believed. Apparently stands will surround the hangar as that's the only place the new based a/c will fit ! The hangar is MON's and will be a nice bus trip around the airfield for pax boarding there.

Stands cannot surround the hanger as it is technically landside, and there is no room as Air Livery, TCX, and Motor Transport have hangers there as well.

eggc 31st Aug 2016 21:55

Well they are going over there somewhere...maybe on the ramp infront of the TCX hangar, which is close enough to the hangar for someone to describe it as I've heard. There is no room for them on T1 so makes sense they'll end up remote somewhere.

LiamNCL 1st Sep 2016 05:22

90 New jobs at NCL

nonfrequentflyer_NCL 1st Sep 2016 09:16


New a/c at NCL or a re-shuffle of the existing a/c? Hoping for new.

Chesty Morgan 1st Sep 2016 09:20

Probably one of the fist new ones going to NCL.

chaps1954 1st Sep 2016 09:27

When does the Manchester hangar become operational?


AirGuru 1st Sep 2016 19:40

Personally i cannot see Jet2 setting up base at BRS, too much competition on the routes that they would seek to offer and ramp capacity issues for morning aircraft especially, pretty much rules out a base.

CWL for me would be the natural second option after STN (which i presume is the front-runner in the rumour stakes at this moment in time). Still a relatively untapped catchment since the demise of Baby all those years ago, many routes still underserved on what they once were, plus an article today has highlighted that the Cardiff City Region is 'Booming' at present.

Other options could be BOH, SOU, although the former pretty much serves its catchment well enough, with a pretty decent FR presence at the peak of Summer. SOU - relatively limited runway may hinder some of the routes, plus this serves its catchment quite well too.

For this number of jobs to be created i'm assuming there will be more than 1 new base opening in the next year or so.

BasilFawlty 1st Sep 2016 19:46

FR, EZY, TCX, TOM, they are all well represented at STN, that wouldn't be a smart move in my view. I can see CWL working for them, as well as ABZ and perhaps BOH, EXT, or HUY.

AirGuru 1st Sep 2016 19:52

I suppose Basil, but look at the huge market that they can tap into. I agree with your CWL remarks, and possibly BOH, but EXT is predominantly BE, and whether HUY would ever sustain a Jet2 base, nobody knows, although i suppose that could be said about all of them.

My money is on STN and CWL for next Summer.

Letsflycwl 1st Sep 2016 21:01

I've heard rumours about CWL for a while and really hope it does happen, it'll be exactly what CWL needs but hope they will offer alternate bucket & spade routes to VY (ALC, BCN, AGP & PMI) and BE (FAO).

If this was going to be the case when would they officially announce this ? It would have to be kind of soon for Summer 2017

AirGuru 1st Sep 2016 21:05

Doubt it to be honest, i'm guessing they'd probably want ALC, AGP, PMI, FAO, BCN/GRO/REU, TFS, LPA and possibly a few others.

This would likely p*ss off both VY and FR although Jet2 seem to like selling the Jet2Holidays Product.

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