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SWBKCB 3rd May 2015 19:21

Jet2 like to please their passengers
and nothing to do with reducing compensation payments... :ok:

Station_Calling 3rd May 2015 19:37


and nothing to do with reducing compensation payments...
Don't think EU261 was on the cards when the ash cloud hit. But I do know that Jet2 did way more than any other airline to get people home, including many FD & CC giving up leave / days off to fly as much as possible to get people home once the ban was lifted.

But people never remember the good points, only the bad...

SWBKCB 3rd May 2015 19:58

Do you really think there would be a standby A/C based in ALC without EU261? Don't remember there being one before.

But people never remember the good points, only the bad...
Fair point, but on this thread I think its heading the other way - bit of balance won't do it any harm.

nonfrequentflyer_NCL 3rd May 2015 20:03

Fair point, but on this thread I think its heading the other way - bit of balance won't do it any harm.
For the sake of argument I'd say all airlines probably have good and bad, yeah?

And Jet2_738 - many thanks for the praise. Just an observer who's fascinated with flight but ruddy terrified of the b*gger at the same time :ok:

mockingjay 3rd May 2015 20:17

The ALC aircraft would not be there if it weren't for EU261. Airlines do not do things unless they make or save money. This setup is for reducing compensation claims.

They've obviously done their sums and have concluded that ALC saves them money. But then again it isn't much different to other locos who have planes and crews on airport standby ready to perform rescue flights lets not kid ourselves that they're doing this to be customer service champions.

The ash cloud was over five years ago. People will have well forgotten and five years is a long time in this industry. They did it then, who's to say they would handle it the same way now?

As mentioned all airlines have good and bad, but reading this thread LS would seem to be the exception. They can only do good seemingly.

TartinTon 3rd May 2015 20:55

Jet2 like to please their passengers - just look what happened when BLK closed - LS re-scheduled everything, going to the length, so much as to pay for customers' parking at MAN, and bus people there and back for months. Look at the ash cloud crisis - LS sent buses all the way from Leeds to the bottom of Spain to get people home. What other airline did that???
Monarch Airlines did as well. They also flew passengers from the Canaries and Balaerics to the mainland and coached them back from there too.

Lord Spandex Masher 3rd May 2015 21:39

Originally Posted by Sean Dillon (Post 8963947)
Good luck to you all...you'll be all very pleased to know, especially Lord Spandex 'Turbo-Prop' Masher i've already left and joined BA...

Not sure what your turbo prop reference is to but....of course you have. :D

EK77WNCL 3rd May 2015 22:32

Happily given Jet2 our money to fly NCL-AGP-NCL in July/August, out on a "new" 738, coming back on a 733. I'll let you all know how it is, I'm confident they'll be absolutely fine as usual

DjerbaDevil 3rd May 2015 23:15

The ALC aircraft would not be there if it weren't for EU261.
It doesn’t make sense to base two B733s at ALC to cover for aircraft with mechanical problems. The B733 can only carry 149 passengers and JET2 have the B738 with 189 passengers and the B752 with 235 passengers. It should be remembered that the B752s were re-allocated to LBA and MAN, so that they could be used to cover for delays etc., due to possible claims under EU261.

In the case of the Faro incident, G-LSAC is a B752 with a carrying capacity of 235 passengers and G-CELS that went to the rescue can only accommodate 149 passengers. Obviously in this particular case JET2 hit lucky and the flight back from Faro most probably only had 149 passengers or less. In any event the ALC based B733s are normally quite busy flying passengers to and from the JET2 UK bases.

For AENA, the Spanish airports’ authority, the fact that a UK airline has chosen ALC as a base must carry a certain amount of prestige and perhaps that in turn gives JET2 certain privileges. There is no evidence that this is the case but this arrangement is much more likely than using ALC as a base to send a B733 to rescue a full plane load from a B752 or a B738.

Sean Dillon: Congratulations! Though it does sound too good to be true. In any case please keep us updated on the BA Direct Entry Pilot forum under Terms and Endearment, doubtless your experiences at BA will be more appreciated there.

EK77WNCL 3rd May 2015 23:41

How do the bases look for Jet2 for summer 2015? Someone posted them all a while back I think but I can't find them.

I know Newcastle is 3 733, 3 738 but I'm oblivious as to the rest...

BFS BHD 3rd May 2015 23:45

BFS is 3x B733 & 1x B733F.

DjerbaDevil 4th May 2015 07:35

GLA is 6 x B738s + 1 x A320 leased from Titan for the summer.

deltahotel9 4th May 2015 08:16

NCL seems to be 4x733 and 2x738 at the moment, could change later in the season of course.

BasilFawlty 4th May 2015 11:56

As far as I know:

ALC: 2x 733
BFS: 3x 733 1x 73F
EMA: 3x 733 3x 738
EDI: 4x 733
GLA: 5x 738 1x 320
LBA: 7x 733 (2 spare) 2x 738 5x 752 (1 spare)
MAN: 6x 733 (1 spare) 3x 738 7x 752 (1 spare + 1 leased from Privilege)
NCL: 3x 733 3x 738

Please correct me if I'm wrong.

DjerbaDevil 4th May 2015 13:30

Please correct me if I'm wrong.
You have allocated 58 aircraft above including 1 x Titan A320 and 1 x Privilege B752. The JET2 fleet stands at a total of 58 airframes at the moment and 60 if you include the Titan and Privilege aircraft. G-JZHD, the new B738 is still to be allocated a base perhaps, which would account for one, so there would appear to be one aircraft that has not been allocated to a base from your list. Perhaps GLA is 6 x B738 + 1 x A320 but maybe you know better.

EK77WNCL 4th May 2015 15:03

NCL's new routes to Malta, Antalya etc. And a few frequency/aircraft upgrades are coming at the end of May which I think sees a 733 swapped for a 738 if I'm not mistaken

Edit: Thank you very much for your help! :)

nonfrequentflyer_NCL 4th May 2015 15:26

EK77WNCL - be interesting to see if the 738 is used for the Pisa route or stick with the 733's.

EK77WNCL 4th May 2015 15:49

I mentioned in the NCL thread I'd like to see some growth on the city routes (Krakow, Prague, Pisa, Rome etc.) and using the 738's would be a great start, alas they all appear to be 733's this year still

GLAinsider 4th May 2015 17:46

Interesting to see EXS cooperating with other tour operators (than Jet2holidays). Certainly helps to support routes which would otherwise, quite probably, be uneconomical.

LEEDS APPROACH 5th May 2015 10:40

LBA flights Summer 16
Should be loaded from today.

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