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A350Saltire 4th Jun 2016 10:50

Originally Posted by Callum Paterson (Post 9397578)

Glasgow has two of its own airports and for the few who are willing to travel hours more to save a tenner, there are regular trains to Manchester which I'd estimate takes more passengers from Glasgow than what EDI does.

I can't see Manchester taking more passengers from Glasgow than EDI - that is simply wishful thinking. I wish there were official up to date figures on this available somewhere which will prove my point.

I certainly wouldn't have a problem travelling through to GLA to use get a direct flight if I was travelling to anywhere in Europe if one wasn't available at EDI. I have done this a few times before and it will be absolutely the same in reverse. Thankfully there are not many destinations in Europe left that EDI doesn't have covered.

When travelling long haul though, the connections are inevitable.

Jetaway 27th Jun 2016 16:41

Apparently another Titan aircraft will be based at MAN for summer 2016, anyone with any more info, hearing it will be a A320

Mooncrest 27th Jun 2016 18:39

There was a second Titan A320 at Manchester this afternoon but it was parked at T2 which suggests it wasn't subbing for Jet2. There was also one of their 757 at T2; a bit odd as I think it was subbing for Vueling, who use T3 (I think).

LBAflyer22 27th Jun 2016 19:58

The a320 - GPOWK - will indeed be operating for jet2. Not all of summer but set routes for the next few weeks. I'm unsure the reason why.

irishlad06 27th Jun 2016 23:58

GPOWK A320 is based at MAN for the next month starting tomorrow morning.

Jet2_738 29th Jun 2016 11:26

Jet2 expands winter schedule from Edinburgh Airport - Daily Record

LS have doubled this winter's seat offering from EDI. W16/17 will see them add Fuerteventura and Turin from the capital.

This likely to be the start of many winter frequency increases over the next few years, certainly W17 onwards as the new a/c start entering service :ok:

DjerbaDevil 30th Jun 2016 12:41

Jet2 738:

Whatever happened to your thread in the Spectators’ Forum? It seems to have been deleted.

W16/17 has seen huge increases across the board at all the JET2 bases and is an obvious push for a better utilisation of aircraft. All this winter flight planning was instigated well before the order for the new B738s from Boeing had taken place, so that it was probably prompted by the fact that JET2 found that it could only match their requirements for B738 aircraft by leasing them. At the moment they have 10 B738s on dry leases. Doubtless, now they have the firm order of the new B738s, JET2 may well start returning the leased B738s to the lessors or negotiating with them a purchase price. It would make sense to resolve the leased B738s' issue before retiring their owned B733 fleet.

Tour Operators and specialist Tour Operators have been producing winter holiday programmes since the 60s, so most destinations and progammes have already been invented and tried. The JET2 winter programmes would need to be constructed gradually but won’t require too much imagination. Even with the restrictions of travel to certain destinations, there is still scope to include other destinations and increase the present winter programmes substantially with the only restriction being the money and value of the money at the disposal of the customers.

Jet2_738 1st Jul 2016 08:37

I have no idea why the link for said forum no longer appears on the Spectators Balcony, though you can still find it at http://www.pprune.org/spectators-bal...98-jet2-7.html

Indeed, a push for the better utilisation of aircraft has driven the move as you say. My comment regarding the new ones was aimed at the fact that with Jet2 owning the majority of their fleet (of course excluding the 10 738s on lease) they are able to park them up for most of the winter, without significant costs (in leasing). I think this could see Jet2s very seasonal operation begin to diversify, offering more Canarian/B&S roots and ski breaks during the quiet winter months.

DjerbaDevil 3rd Jul 2016 09:00

Thank you.

first_solo 3rd Jul 2016 09:01

When having passed the selection, can you choose a base or will Jet2 choose for you?

cheesebag 7th Jul 2016 10:22

New base at BHX announced... 4 x 738 apparently

LEEDS APPROACH 7th Jul 2016 15:07

What an absolute success story this airline is. It's Leeds based you know?

rpmac 7th Jul 2016 15:15

Quite right LA. I believe Jet2 thought about setting up at Birmingham but decided Leeds was a better move and what a success it has been too and giving them the cash and momentum to spread across several bases in the UK and now Birmingham. Where next?

Jet2_738 7th Jul 2016 17:42


Indeed, quite the jump for the airline. The new base will operate with 4x738s, all of which (at least initially) to be from the new batch. Here's a weekly breakdown (sectors based on July);

Order of Starting Date:

AGP Malaga - x6 (Mon/Tu/Th/Fri/Sat/Sun)
FAO Faro - x7 (daily)

ALC Alicante - x7 (daily)
PMI Palma Mallorca - x7 (daily)
TFS Tenerife - x4 (Mon/Wed/Fri/Sat)

ACE Lanzarote - x3 (Tu/Fri/Sat)
LPA Gran Canaria - x2 (Tue/Sat)

FUE Fuerteventura - x2 (Thu/Sun)
PFO Paphos - x2 (Wed/Sun)

IBZ Ibiza - x6 (Mon/Tu/Wed/Th/Fri/Sun)
RHO Rhodes - x2 (Mon/Thu)

GRO Girona - x2 (Mon/Fri)

MAH Mahon - x2 (Tue/Sat)
REU Reus x3 (Tue/Thu/Sat)

HER Heraklion - x2 (Wed/Sun)

LBIA 14th Jul 2016 12:50

See Jet2's owners Dart Group PLc has reported that it more than doubled pre-tax profits to £104.2m in the past 12 months. In the year to 31 March 2016 the company increased pre-tax profits by 159% from £40.2m last year whilst revenues also took off, rising 12% to £1.4bn.

Profits soar at Jet2 | TheBusinessDesk.com

WindSheer 15th Jul 2016 12:23

Cardiff has to be high on their list now that they have pushed further south.
The bucket and spade market is huge in Wales, with most opting for BRS or BHX due to the limited availability out of CWL.

Malaga 15th Jul 2016 15:14

That's what I have heard too, it's the holiday side of the business that is the driver. Cardiff and Norwich also.


AirGuru 15th Jul 2016 17:25

That's what i heard ages ago, from a Jet2 employee too ! CWL was the rumoured airport along with BHX, so if there are spare aircraft to go around, count CWL in. As stated above the bucket and spade market is pretty large in Wales and will also be able to bring in passengers from the BRS catchment.

I did also hear NWI but maybe SOU instead ? Remains to be seen. Out of curiosity how many aircraft do LS now have spare for S17 including the new ones from the Boeing order ?

pug 15th Jul 2016 19:06

Where did you 'hear' all this from? :ugh:

Jet2_738 16th Jul 2016 09:11

with most opting for BRS or BHX due to the limited availability out of CWL
So, if people from Cardiff are going to opt for BHX, then why would LS move down to CWL? These decisions aren't taken lightly - it took alot of persuasion from BHX to attract LS in the first place. BHX was a big jump, especially onto routes already served by other airlines. The strategy is to open a new base every 2-4 years so we'll certainly not see anything for S17.

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