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pug 2nd Oct 2012 18:00

W Patterns have been operated from UK bases by charter airlines for many years.
Of course, but what is the reason why Jet2 dont currently operate such flights?

FRatSTN 2nd Oct 2012 19:39

The East Midlands to Pisa service for summer 2012 was initially supporting a W pattern with it flying into East Midlands before going back to Pisa 45(ish) minutes later however strangely there was no other aircraft from another base to Pisa which had a long gap between it's arrival time in Pisa and flying back to its base much later in the day, which would be required to cater for the EMA route. At a later date, this was changed and the service became operated by an East Midlands based aircraft. All this might suggest is that Jet2 were trying it and it may not have been successful or viable for them to carry it out.

BasilFawlty 14th Oct 2012 00:28

They're operating EDI-CMF-DUB-CMF-EDI on Satudays every winter for quite some years now. This winter they're also operating EMA-CMF-BRS-CMF-EMA on Sundays which was previously operated by bmibaby.

theloudone 14th Oct 2012 15:44

The joys of operating an ageing fleet.

MKY661 14th Oct 2012 22:47

One Allegiant 757 now been withdrawn from fleet (G-LSAL).Wonder what aircraft will replace them next summer?

LBIA 16th Oct 2012 16:33

Jet2 have today announced 3 new routes from Glasgow to Menorca, Murcia and Pula and that they will be adding a 4th based aircraft next summer season.

Jet2.com Announces Even More Destinations from Glasgow | Jet2.com

CabinCrewe 16th Oct 2012 18:27

If a new permanent based 4th aircraft at GLA wonder what routes it would add during Winter 13 ?
PRG, is an obvious omission, plus perhaps some extra ski destinations
Budapest, Salzburg, Paris , Dusseldorf, Krakow and a return of Nice might be nice suggestions !

vpcaptain 16th Oct 2012 19:49

im guessing 3 x b737-800's and 1 x b757-200 for gla next summer commencing may 2013

CabinCrewe 16th Oct 2012 21:51

its 2x 738, 757 and a 733

scotsunflyer 17th Oct 2012 00:10

Good News for Glasgow.

(and without going into GLA v EDI debate, as happy to see all Scottish airports doing well)

Could this be one of Edinburgh's B733 gong to Glasgow with a newly aquired B738 heading to Edinburgh for new routes to Canaries/Greece to be announced from Edinburgh?

Or does Edinburgh still require all the B733s there to operate current routes?

BasilFawlty 17th Oct 2012 00:27

No, EDI needs the 4 733QC's for the Royal Mail flights, so if they get an 738 in the near future it would be an additional frame.

BAladdy 17th Oct 2012 02:12

It looks as if LS are planning to add at least 5 more 737-800's to the fleet for S13??.

Based on the current schedule for mid July 2013 and the seat plans available on LS's website it looks as if the following aircraft will be deployed at each based for S13

BFS - 2 x 733's
BLK - 2 x 733's
EDI - 4 x 733's
EMA - 2 x 733's, 1 x 738 & 1 x 757
GLA - 1 x 733, 2 x 738's & 1 x 757
LBA - 8 x 733's, 1 x 738 & 4 x 757's
MAN - 3 x 733's, 5 x 738's & 3 x 757's
NCL - 4 733's & 2 x 757's

Does anyone know if EDI is likely to get any new routes for S13?.

BasilFawlty 17th Oct 2012 02:39

Anyone able to give a fleet overview for the upcoming winter season?

AP1995 17th Oct 2012 10:50

correct me if im wrong but isnt LBA getting 3 757's and the 737-800 is new?

Jack1985 19th Oct 2012 16:26

Jet2.com B738 at Glasgow on Oct 19th 2012, rejected takeoff and evacuation
17 injured. 4 transported to hospital, 13 treated at the scene. Accident: jet2 B738 at Glasgow on Oct 19th 2012, rejected takeoff

djfwells 20th Oct 2012 08:47

Jet2 refuse to clarify which Murica airport their tickets are valid for post-May 2013 !
Minister defends Jet2 Corvera airport position

SCANDIC 21st Oct 2012 16:24

I love 757's but jet2's look like they need scrapping, they're not a patch on monarch's or thomson's.

deltahotel9 21st Oct 2012 18:43

I don't usually bite on posts like that but on what do you base this assumption? I've been on a few Jet2 757s and they have all been great inside, maybe not the newest examples but most customers won't know or care about that.

757 Speedbrakes 21st Oct 2012 22:14


What's that based on??!! The paintwork??!!

Jet2's 757 fleet age is varied with some models built in the mid to late 90's. All Jet2 aircraft have recently had new interiors fitted over the last few years. I wasn't overly keen at first but passengers often comment that they find them more comfortable and roomy than some of jet2's competitors.

Have a look at the age of Monarch's remaining 757's. Perhaps you're basing your assumption on engineering? Jet2 757's are not quite at the 'need scrapping' stage as you put it. It's sad to say that the performance of the 757 hasn't nearly been matched by any new 737 or A320 variant.

It's true that the summer season plus the age of the avionics of the aircraft can take its toll but I've seen just as many Thomas Cook or Thomson 757's with some tech issues this summer.

I'm not having a pop at you, I just find your comments a little odd?!

SCANDIC 22nd Oct 2012 15:13

jet2 engineers are forever working on them and they do get a lot more 757 tech delays than monarch do with theirs. Jet2 will probably phase them out in the next couple of years i would think.;)

rumair999 22nd Oct 2012 15:35

Scandic do you think it might be due to Jet2.com operating a much larger B757 fleet than Monarch ? give you a clue, google each airlines fleet :ugh:

purplehelmet 22nd Oct 2012 15:40

what on earth are you on about??of course jet2 have more tech delays with the 757s than mon because they operate more of them:ugh::ugh:

SCANDIC 22nd Oct 2012 15:42

I know exactly what j2 have but i just think that everyone else's 757's are in much better condition than theirs.

SCANDIC 22nd Oct 2012 15:46

I agree with walterthesofty, there's not many airlines that can beat monarch engineering set up.:cool:

purplehelmet 22nd Oct 2012 15:49

what a load of

walterthesofty 22nd Oct 2012 16:07

PH I believe a while back when the CAA grounded a jet 2 757 on safety grounds they insisted monarch were to carry out the required work.

purplehelmet 22nd Oct 2012 16:10

and your point is?

spottilludrop 22nd Oct 2012 18:12

AFAIK both airlines employ UK CAA licensed engineers to maintain their fleets who are by all accounts very well thought of around the world, so cannot see walters point TBH

bluepilot 22nd Oct 2012 18:59

dont feed the trolls

Buster the Bear 22nd Oct 2012 19:29

I guess if you have owned the airframes from new, maintaining them is more straightforward?

walterthesofty 22nd Oct 2012 19:45

One of the problems with buying clapped out old sheds, its about time Jet 2 started investing in some decent aircraft

TSR2 22nd Oct 2012 19:56

its about time Jet 2 started investing in some decent aircraft
That's what DAN-AIR started to do and look what happened.

I'm sure Jet2 know their business.

purplehelmet 22nd Oct 2012 19:57

the "clapped out old sheds" continue to help jet2 make a profit year in year out.
can we move on now.

Ernest Lanc's 22nd Oct 2012 22:51

My penneth..jet2 aircraft like the 737 and 757 might be long in the tooth..But if an aircraft is maintained properly, their lifespan is endless.

The point about Monarch engineers is just plain pointless.

In fact my aircraft of choice to fly for comfort, not necessarily Jet2, are 757s..Not far behind are the 737-800s which when sat at the rear, are the quietest a/c I have flown in.

TSR2 23rd Oct 2012 00:13

I have found that the comfort level of any aircraft very much depends on the operator. The type of seat, seat pitch and seat width are the major factors plus noise levels depending on where you are seated in relation to the engines.

The B757 has always been one of my favourite aircraft and having travelled on 757's with BA, Thomson & First Choice, Monarch, XL, Eastern, Finnair, LTE, Delta and probably other airlines, I have found Jet2's B757's to be as comfortable as any and more comfortable than most, despite their age.

tonyic7 23rd Oct 2012 18:33

Monarch Oct 2011 year end = -45m loss
Jet2.com Mar 2012 year end = 26m profit

If Monarch carry on like that their engineers won't have to worry!

Ernest Lanc's 23rd Oct 2012 19:45

plus noise levels depending on where you are seated in relation to the engines.

That's true...I came back from Fuerteventura last Easter with Ryanair..was an all male cabin crew..We had to board fast as we could have got airborne sooner.

We had priority boarding, so we got the next to the back seat..The FR cabin crew almost pleaded with the passenger to move right down to speed boarding.

It never ceases to amaze me that some people take no notice and choose a seat in the middle, the worst on the aircraft for noise...Cabin crew asked for luggage to be stored under seats if possible..no - people stood in the aisle holding others up, while they filled the over seat luggage space.
We missed out early take off. and was lucky to make our slot.

Point being we sat at the rear and noise levels were the lowest ever, while the pax in the middle who ignored the cabin crew - had to put up with the drone of the engines.
Also row 2 in a Jet2 B757 is as good as it gets. yes comfort matters, as do noise levels.

FRatSTN 23rd Oct 2012 20:57

Unlike a lot of people, I prefer the rear, not the very back, just 4 or 5 rows behind the wing is perfect and I like to be alinged with one window, not have the space between where you have a window to look in-front and another to look behind.

Sitting in-front of the engine, you get a loud, almost buzzing sound and really hear to spool up on take off. Behind the wing, you get more of a rumble on take-off and reverse thrust on landing. Both are good but that roar and fast acceleration that pushes you back into your seat when take-off throttle is applied is the best part of the whole flight hence why I always sit towards the back, plus it seems quiter in-flight I find!

sunday8pm 23rd Oct 2012 21:18

Any chance of a move into STN should MAG win it?

Ernest Lanc's 23rd Oct 2012 22:12


Unlike a lot of people, I prefer the rear, not the very back, just 4 or 5 rows behind the wing is perfect
I prefer the rear..One or two rows from the back seats. I have booked Dalaman from BLK next year..It will be a 737 and the worst seats on that a/c are 14/15/16/17..Yes on the seating plan, most of those have gone and the best seats are still available.

Sitting in-front of the engine, you get a loud, almost buzzing sound and really hear to spool up on take off
So you have noticed?. I was on an A320 earlier this year, at the front..The noise you describe is horrible, and was worse in row 2 on a 757 on take off.

Once in the air though, was not so bad on the 757.

I also like the rear seats, as I believe they are safer.

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