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airhumberside 6th Jun 2013 19:43

Anyone know which two Royal Mail contracts have lost from next year? (They have retained their other 6 contracts)

BasilFawlty 6th Jun 2013 19:46

As far as I know:

BFS-EMA-BFS: 11x weekly
EDI-EMA-EDI: 10x weekly
EDI-STN-EDI: 10x weekly
NCL-EMA-NCL: 5x weekly
NCL-STN-NCL: 5x weekly

EXT-EMA-EXT: 5x weekly

BFS-STN-BFS: 10x weekly

G-CELW will move from EXT to BFS.

ematom1 6th Jun 2013 19:54

I take it Exeter has been taken up by another airline then because its full most of the time, would make sense moving G-CELW to BFS the aircarft is also always full

BasilFawlty 6th Jun 2013 20:01

Isn't the Royal Mail paying anyway (no matter how full or empty a flight is)?

ematom1 6th Jun 2013 20:04

Yeah it's Royal Mail who pays for the routes to be operated I just doubt Royal Mail would drop the Exeter route which seems to do well and go out almost full every night, G-CELW would be better utilised at BFS

BasilFawlty 6th Jun 2013 20:06

The EXT route is not being dropped as far as I know, it going to another airline. Titan perhaps?

LBIA 6th Jun 2013 20:07

Understand Titan Airways are taking over the EXT-EMA route.

BFS BHD 8th Jun 2013 13:01

Does G-CELW move to BFS today to start Stansted as its just landed at BFS as EXS036E?

LBIA 8th Jun 2013 13:23

G-CELW will be covering freight duties as the Belfast based G-CELO was sent over to Leeds this morning.

BasilFawlty 8th Jun 2013 13:39

Anyone know when the new mail contracts will start?

stuart hammond 8th Jun 2013 17:03

jet2 extra aircraft
Was at NWI on fri this week and ex bmibaby aircraft was towed into air livery hanager g.toyd, is this a extra aircraft for Jet2 or a other airline.regardsStuart

BasilFawlty 8th Jun 2013 17:04

Should be G-GDFT, which is indeed an ex. WW aircraft and will join the LS fleet later this season. Another ex. WW which will become G-GDFS is also expected to join the fleet, but I believe that one is still stored.

ematom1 8th Jun 2013 18:17

G-CELW will be operating tonight's Royal Mail flight BFS-EMA-BFS then returning to Exeter for Monday, does anyone know where G-GDFE has gone that was the usual aircraft used on that route for months but hasn't been in service for a good few months now?

BasilFawlty 8th Jun 2013 18:19

Heavy maintenance in BUD. Was supposed to fly back to the UK today but it's still on the ground.

BFS BHD 8th Jun 2013 18:36

Thanks Guys i guess G-GDFE will be based at BFS again when it finally comes back to UK?

ematom1 8th Jun 2013 18:38

Cheers wondered why it hasn't been on the Royal Mail flights past few months :)

BasilFawlty 8th Jun 2013 18:39

Most likely yes, G-GDFE has always been a BFS aircraft from the moment it joined the fleet.

BFS BHD 8th Jun 2013 18:41

Cheers :ok:

BKS Air Transport 8th Jun 2013 21:37

Were the ex-baby aircraft at one time operated by mainline?

VickersVicount 8th Jun 2013 22:52

some were some were not

StopStart 10th Jun 2013 11:57

Jet2 EXT Royal Mail contract goes to Atlantic (733F) from next April. Titan relinquish theirs in Feb 2015.

BFS BHD 11th Jun 2013 16:00

Jet2.com G-GDFE is back in UK now inbound to Leeds :)

737 Speedbrakes 11th Jun 2013 17:14

Jet2.com G-GDFE is back in UK now inbound to Leeds
What is the significance of this statement please?

Lord Spandex Masher 11th Jun 2013 17:16

Go back a page.

737 Speedbrakes 11th Jun 2013 17:23

Thanks :ok:

LBIA 11th Jun 2013 19:49

G-GDFE did returned back to Leeds this afternoon but she is not going to Belfast just yet as it positioned out empty to Newcastle as EXS010P this evening...

BFS BHD 12th Jun 2013 12:56

G-GDFE is now inbound to BFS from LBA as EXS032E :)

Rob Courtney 11th Jul 2013 16:03

Does anyone know how long the Privilege Style 757 will be around, is it replacing an aircraft or merely extra capacity for the peak summer months?


Johnny [email protected] Pants 12th Jul 2013 08:54

1- end of summer season (ish), can't remember whether it's end of Sep or end of Oct.

2- don't know I'm afraid.

LBIA 12th Jul 2013 09:47

The Privilege Style Boeing 757 based at Manchester is repacing the planned leaseing of a 2nd Travel Service Boeing 737-800 for the peak summer season.

Rob Courtney 12th Jul 2013 15:59


he Privilege Style Boeing 757 based at Manchester is repacing the planned leaseing of a 2nd Travel Service Boeing 737-800 for the peak summer season.
Thanks for he info, we are booked on the Tuesday Las Palmas flight in August and at time of booking the equipment was a 737-800, I noticed its now changed to a 757

Musket90 13th Jul 2013 18:35


Bear in mind they are also leasing Titan's B757 G-ZAPX based at Manchester for the summer season, so there's a chance you could fly on this one.

Rob Courtney 13th Jul 2013 19:05

Thanks guys, I'm not really bothered what aircraft I fly on (although a 757 beats a 737 in my book every day of the week) I just wanted to know why they had switched the 800 out. Presumably my pre booked seats will still stand as the cabin layout isn't too different.

Penworth 18th Jul 2013 14:31

Jet2's preliminary results are out today - they seem to be going from strength to strength :ok:

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DomyDom 18th Jul 2013 19:21

Vienna flights
Hi, does anyone know why Jet2 have flights to Vienna from Manchester and Newcastle for a single weekend (29 Nov - 1st Dec) only? Is it for a special event or something. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks, DomyDom

GAZMO 18th Jul 2013 20:40

They also have flights to Cologne as well leaving 30th Nov and back on 1st Dec from BFS, NCL and GLA????
As least those from MAN are getting a full weekend
Maybe a weekend trip to the Christmas markets?

They are also available from NCL and LBA to VIE for that weekend

eggc 18th Jul 2013 22:06

I have just got off the Privilege Style 757, PMI-MAN, and there were many grumbles to be heard around us about it.

The c/c were half Jet2 and half Privilege, which caused them obvious confusion at times. The cabin announcements were poor from both up front and c/c, and the a/c was very tired inside, although it did provide generous leg room and a smooth flight.

Facelookbovvered 19th Jul 2013 19:51

Excellent performance from Jet2 and the growth of Jet2 holidays is even more surprising, a very good set of figures all round, it will be interesting to see who wins the battle of the Midlands between Jet2 & Monarch.

janeyTA 24th Jul 2013 14:20

Does anyone know why EXS707 BLA-ACE flew a different flight path than normal this morning, and than landed at Alicante on en route to ACE?

VickersVicount 24th Jul 2013 15:31

Remind us where BLA might be ?

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