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righthandrule 22nd Jul 2012 14:01

Jet2 won't be getting rid of the 800's at man or gla. Why would they when they have been so successful at each base? As for Leeds they have no call for the 800 so they won't be getting them any time soon I'm afraid!!
757 fleet is to shrink next year and the -800 fleet is to grow. Leeds is getting a couple of 800's :ok:

Johnny [email protected] Pants 22nd Jul 2012 15:39

For the Jet2.com schedule you need to go to the Jet2.com website and look up the timetable, simple really:ugh:

Lsflyer 22nd Jul 2012 17:21

Rightandrule which flights will the 800s be operating at Leeds as I can't seem to find it on the schedule? Also has anyone heard rumours of a new base recently? Apparently it's being announced soon!

ematom1 22nd Jul 2012 17:22

Jet 2 currently are flying a Euro Atlantic 767-300, out of East midlands airport, anyone know how long the aircraft is to be leased for and fly from the base until the it goes back?

EZY7117LPL 22nd Jul 2012 18:31

"Also has anyone heard rumours of a new base recently? Apparently it's being announced soon!"

I havent heard anything about a new base except for Liverpool which was supposed to be announced on friday 20th july but they have delayed the announcement for the meantime due to a lack of aircraft so I would think that any other new base is unlikely for this reason, however they will definetly be starting operations from Liverpool but not just yet due to aircraft shortages, they will probably make an announcement next year.

mikkie4 22nd Jul 2012 22:06

(this morning) jet2 new 757 dept sen to norwich for a paint job,still in aerogal colours

LBIA 22nd Jul 2012 23:33

LSflyer you'll notice the B738's been introduced to the LBA summer 2013 scheduled over next few days when the schedules are updated. As extra flights are to be added.
Mahon will increase from 3 weekly to 4 weekly, Crete will be increased from 2 weekly to 3x weekly. Also on peak days next summer Alicante, Malaga and Palma routes will be increased to operate upto 3 daily.

Another new route will also be announced from LBA in next few days.

righthandrule 23rd Jul 2012 03:15

The 800's haven't been loaded into the booking system yet as the LBA summer 13 programme is about to have several changes made. The 800's will be on a mix of FAO/AGP/ALC/PMI as well as HER/DLM/TFS etc. hopefully the booking engine will be updates over the next few days.

As for the new base.... *cough* Liverpool *cough*

EZY7117LPL 23rd Jul 2012 10:50

"As for the new base.... *cough* Liverpool *cough*"

Unless Jet2 have changed their mind ie. found some aircraft then Liverpool won't be announced soon, however they will be starting ops from Liverpool at some point.

Do you know something I dont?

EZY7117LPL 25th Jul 2012 10:29

Well, any news on Liverpool?

Lsflyer 25th Jul 2012 10:34

Where has Liverpool base come from? isnt it just a rumour? i just dont see how that would that be feasible when easyjet and ryanair have such a big base there!

cu nim 25th Jul 2012 10:53

Not just a rumour was to be anounced last week but probs with unservisable units caused a delay .
When the 800s come on stream then it will be opened:ok:

FlyboyUK 25th Jul 2012 11:17

And what about BHX? Surely that must be a potential new base with Baby finishing soon.

Cleared For A Coffee 25th Jul 2012 11:41

And when are the 800s due? How many aircraft?

LBIA 25th Jul 2012 12:44

I hear that they could be up to 8x more Boeing 737-800's joining the Jet2 fleet over the next 6 to 18 months.

For starters 2x aircraft will replace the leased Boeing 757-200 which are returning to US airline Allegiant Air at the end of the summer season.
It looks 2x are now destined for the Leeds base next summer while I suspect another will replace the Manchester based leased Strategic, Airbus A320.

As to what or where the other aircraft go is anyone's guess.

pug 25th Jul 2012 15:52

Not just a rumour was to be anounced last week but probs with unservisable units caused a delay .
I dont see how problems with u/s aircraft would delay the announcement of a new base?

I dont see why they would go to the cost of agreeing advertising, ground handling and fees only to pull away at the last minute. Either the announcement isnt due for some time yet (arent Jet2 bases usually announced Aug/Sep?), or there are other issues that caused them to pull away. Could be wrong.

EZY7117LPL 26th Jul 2012 10:31

What I think has happened here is that Jet2 are to start services but the announcement wasn't due to be made this soon and people are just speculating as to why it didn't happen. As someone else said, most of jet2's bases are announced in Aug/Sept so (hopefully) I would think that they will announce something then.

Plus 737-800's - 6-18 months??? Thats a big gap do you mean 6-8 months?

munrobagger 26th Jul 2012 13:29

Does anyone know why Rhodes / Glasgow yesterday diverted to Venice where passengers were put up in hotels ?

aces low 26th Jul 2012 15:04

A 737-800 with a full load of passengers on a wet runway will struggle to stop before the end of the runway. For that reason, I doubt whether the 738 will be used out of LBA unless the loads are light...then what's the point?

CabinCrewe 26th Jul 2012 15:28

It was an operational divert due to an crewing issue (sickness).

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