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LEEDS APPROACH 30th May 2015 18:04

Jet2 LBA Summer 2016
This is the first time since the airline started at LBA that a new destination for the following Summer season (2016) from LBA has not been announced (as of yet) in the timetable.

HOODED 30th May 2015 19:06

Originally Posted by LEEDS APPROACH (Post 8994935)
This is the first time since the airline started at LBA that a new destination for the following Summer season (2016) from LBA has not been announced (as of yet) in the timetable.

Is this because they're getting ready to announce the growth from Leeds East next year then? Do tell....

bluepilot 30th May 2015 21:38

Spot, take it from people who really KNOW, you are wrong.

spottilludrop 30th May 2015 22:30

Really ..So the aircraft was not in a very poor state and monarch who have been maintaining the 757 since the early 1980,s and are the company who Jet 2 had to turn to when the CAA almost grounded the jet2 757 fleet due to poor maintenance just cocked up ....mmmm

Check Mags On 30th May 2015 22:34

It's starting to get embarrassing now spot.
You do not know the facts. :ugh:

Monarch made a really good professional job of the repair and then made a right royal boo boo. It was only at this point did Boeing get involved.
I suggest your source goes away and checks his facts.

Johnny [email protected] Pants 31st May 2015 08:43

We all know that the aeroplane is relatively old, and that by the time it gets to the stage where it has to go for heavy maintenance that it will be ready for some TLC, I suggest that when most aeroplanes go for their heavy maintenance, regardless of age that they are ready for it.

So, Spot, some of what you say regarding AA might well be close to being correct, but as with all these types of things, by the time the Chinese whisper gets as far as you it's turned from a routine bit of corrosion to an airframe under risk! All repairable, as was evidently completed, but believe me, and Check Mags On and Bluepilot, somebody at Monarch made a huge error that almost rendered the aeroplane irreparable, and only after Boring had been involved, and extra weeks in the hangar is it now back out earning a living. I feel sure that Monarch will be having to make some rather large compo payments for the error. Now I'm not having a dig at Monarch maintenance, they have a fabulous reputation, and usually do a great job, they fouled up big time on this one though, but we all make mistakes don't we?

spottilludrop 31st May 2015 14:17

JFP We will have agree to disagree then , As said my source works for jet 2 so cannot see any reason he would over egg the pudding so to speak ,However main thing is the plane is hopefuly good for plenty more flying and will hopefuly provide jet 2 with reliable safe service over the coming months
Im actually flying with jet 2 to corfu later this month so who knows i may have the pleasure of flying on her.

Check Mags On 31st May 2015 14:23

There has been at least three people on here all who work for Jet2 all told you that your relative is incorrect.
Have sent you a PM too Spot.

Jet2_738 31st May 2015 15:05

It appears that G-GDFH, Boeing 737-300WL has gone tech down in DBV, after operating service LS569 from NCL. G-LSAC is currently en route as EXS045A from MAN to pick up the passengers. G-GDFH was scheduled to operate services LS533/4 to PMI this afternoon, however, as to avoid delays on this service also, G-CELG has positioned to NCL as EXS048A to take the service. :ok:

Edit (19:00): G-GDFH is now back in the air as EXS047A.

EK77WNCL 1st Jun 2015 00:42

I'm assuming G-LSAC has left NCL now?

GEB74 1st Jun 2015 11:39

Spotilludrop has previous on this forum chaps (don't bother denying it)
Can't quite bring my brain to remember all his previous monikers, one was Topspotter if you want to look back at his previous sh*te, but he was either banned or changed I.D under his own volition a few years ago.
Somebody with a better memory might remember more.........
In his previous incarnation, he was a vicious Jet2 slagger and a Spotty M love in merchant.
Was previously always questioning Jet 2's safety record and aircraft age policy.
You guys inconvenient truth's about Monarch's cocked up (on this occasion) engineering efforts will have really gotten his goat hence the repeated attempts to argue with people who clearly know much better than him.
Don't feed the troll.................

Jet2_738 1st Jun 2015 16:02

I'm assuming G-LSAC has left NCL now?
Yeah, G-LSAC was ferried back to MAN as EXS046A last night.
The aircraft theat went tech in DBV, G-GDFH, is now based at LBA, while we've got G-CELS it its place.

I have noticed that alongside G-POWM leased from ZAP at GLA, we have also had G-POWK at MAN since yesterday, operating under the Channex callsign.

G-POWK was ferried up from STN as EXS041A to MAN yesterday, where it operated LS801/2 from MAN to VCE. It was due to return last night to STN as EXS043A, but somehow didn't and has operated the LS931/2 from MAN-MLA today. Any ideas as to why she is still at MAN? :ok:

Skipness One Echo 1st Jun 2015 16:53

Somebody with a better memory might remember more.........
Spotilludrop=kevlarkarl = simonchowder = walterthesofty

He's been banned more than once.

Brigantee 1st Jun 2015 17:47

Any news on the story Jet2 are buying a hangar at MAN?

Jet2_738 1st Jun 2015 18:52

Jet2 Manchester Airport Hangar

Originally Posted by Brigantee (Post 8997119)
Any news on the story Jet2 are buying a hangar at MAN?

As far as I am aware, there are currently no hangars up for sale at MAN. In fact, the only hangar for sale in the entire MAG Group is at Hangar 29 at EMA: Property Search - MAG Property: Office, Warehouse & Logistics Property in the UK

The hangar at EMA is 114,000 sq ft, and can accommodate up to 5 737-800's in at a time for maintenance. The hangar can also accommodate 757s for maintenance. It is specifically designed for MRO ops, and of course is located at one of Jet2's bases. It also claims that the hangar has previously, and can fit a 767 in, by positioning the tail outside. Other than MAN, I believe this is the biggest hangar on Jet2's base network.

I am not saying that Jet2 are going to buy this hangar, but think if they were to purchase one, this one would be the most viable :ok:

Jet2_320 1st Jun 2015 18:58

Does anybody know why the Tunisia-Manchester (Enfidha) flight was delayed yesterday morning?

Jet2_738 1st Jun 2015 19:04

Does anybody know why the Tunisia-Manchester (Enfidha) flight was delayed yesterday morning?
Flight number? Was it LS940? As far as I am aware, if you are referring to LS940, on 31/05/15, it departed 24 mins late, and arrived 10 mins late at 14:40BST into MAN. Slight delay, likely caused by pax slow boarding, baggage handlers slow putting bags on, refuelling taking longer than expected etc. Minutes here and there do add up :ok:


G-GDFW operating service LS561 from NCL-DLM has diverted to PRG this evening, no change in squawk. It is now back en route to DLM so an offload at PRG. Does anyone know why?

Jet2_738 1st Jun 2015 19:36

Jet2 Add New Seasonal Routes for 2015
Jet2.com and Jet2CityBreaks Have Christmas Markets Wrapped Up! | Jet2.com

Jet2 News Article (see above):

Jet2.com and Jet2CityBreaks are already spreading some festive cheer with the launch today of their biggest ever range of Christmas market breaks for 2015, with TWO stunning new destinations, Berlin and Copenhagen, plus the return of Vienna.
In total, there will be 8 addtional flights over the winter 2015 city break. The flights are mainly focussed on NCL and LBA, but 2 of the 8 flights will be from BFS and GLA.

The Christmas Break addition is as follows: Blue = 737-800 | Red = 737-300

Berlin SXF:

LS4067 Newcastle, Fri 04 Dec - Sun 06 Dec 2015
LS4059 Leeds Bradford, Fri 04 Dec - Sun 06 Dec 2015

Copenhagen CPH:

LS4069 Newcastle, Fri 11 Dec - Sun 13 Dec 2015
LS4041 Leeds Bradford, Fri 11 Dec - Sun 13 Dec 2015

Vienna VIE:

LS4055 Newcastle, Fri 27 Nov - Sun 29 Nov 2015
LS4049 Leeds Bradford, Fri 27 Nov - Sun 29 Nov 2015
LS4039 Belfast, Fri 04 Dec - Sun 06 Dec 2015
LS4045 Glasgow, Fri 04 Dec - Sun 06 Dec 2015

The additions were added following the launch of Jet2CityBreaks, a subsidiary of Jet2holidays, distinguishing the Beach from the City. It marks the biggest ever range of Christmas market breaks adding brand new destinations Berlin, and Copenhagen, never before seen on the Jet2 map :ok:

Brigantee 1st Jun 2015 21:10

Brill destination Berlin good on jet 2

Honiley 2nd Jun 2015 09:48

Any ideas as to why she is still at MAN?
Well, basically, it's due to a VERY out-dated, freight mentality business model and an out-dated CEO with marginal people management skills adding up to be one of the worst airlines to be employed by in the UK in both terms and culture, creating massive staff turnover and with an ageing, unreliable fleet and minimum crew numbers somewhat exposes the program! The word is certainly out on Jet2 and attracting quality experience with type-ratings is a thing of the past, hence the training department is also creaking at the seams!

Huge expense in crew logistics, more roster disruption to already appalling rosters, and we all know how expensive Titan Airways are.

When the arrogance of those running this company subsides and they stop believing they are re-inventing the wheel and think they are something special, it may just have a future...it's confirming it's just a poor 'number 4' in the UK...

Summer 2015 is going to be bad for them...and this is before the big Norwegian and Ryanair push in 2016/17...

Everyone I know that left my company are now looking to leave...

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