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owenkirk2005 8th Sep 2007 16:24

yes its busy down there, one way system down to M1.

Abusing_the_sky 8th Sep 2007 16:45

Limoges delay
The flight is delayed because whilst on turn around in MJV (the a/c operated MJV-LIG) , a baggage handler took his HiViz off when loading the bags and the HiViz got sucked in the engine's airvents...

That's what i've been told.

Take care.:ok:

dumdumbrain 8th Sep 2007 17:18

I txt one of the of the crew on the ema-mjv-ema-lig-ema and that was something like that can not give details, but someone cocked up, can not say why. . . . but it means some of the crew will be out of hours, their goes my home standby tomorrow :ugh:

i was told a different crew might do the lig, because that ac does


or well we all have delays sometimes, somethings we can not control by buying new aircraft and pushy staff who make sure we depart on time.

One the main question which still aint been answered is if Ryanair is to bring 11/13 a/c to EMA within a year where are these going to go. . . . if new ramp space boarding gates are to be built in time, someone in planning will have to get a move on and start asap.


tui doll 9th Sep 2007 10:13

It took me 2 1/2 hours yesterday to get to the airport which normally only takes me 10 mins - it was hell! Our TOM flight was delayed by approx 3 hours

finding_nema 9th Sep 2007 10:52

A good place to start with some of those stands might be some of the ones that baby are currently using. The company has advised staff that there are to be changes to fleet numbers and schedules to optimise revenue, and with the fleet going down from 21 to 18 over the winter networkwide, perhaps it might be fewer aircraft with a tighter schedule for baby.

Ryanair are changing the way that the airport operates. Stand 12 which was always a coaching stand was changed at the beginning of the season to a walking one if there were less than 100 pax onboard, now it is regularly a walking stand - same with Stand 7. I had heard for night-stopping aircraft, and provided you had sufficient numbers of staff on the various crossings, that Stands 4 - 6 could end up the same. Also that Ryanair want to practically rebrand the Eastern Lounge (Gates 1 - 5) with Ryanair branding everywhere.

Personally I don't think EMA-CRL would have any effect on the regional BRU route, instead finding a totally different market. The pax that travel on that service pay a lot of money for a hassle-free service; express security lanes, lounge access, free catering, aircraft side baggage pick-up, going straight into BRU. The route was baby for two seasons and Brussels is still a destination where there is sufficient high-yield traffic for a full-service product.

END BAG 9th Sep 2007 10:58

East Midlands 6
Hi All
The renault car racing event caused chaos at the airport yesterday with nearly every flight delayed due to crew or cabin staff stuck in the jams. when the departure time for the thomson came they were still 60!!!! passengers down and it was nearly 3 hours late by the tme it left. I live in castle don and i have just been down to the shops and once again the road system is gridlocked as far as the eye can see!! Anybody at work in the next couple of hours needs to set off NOW!!!!! it seems the racetrack struugles to cope with big events but the knock on effect to the airport is noy good .I dont know how many people lost their holidays through yesterdys chaos but i bet thre were quite a few. The event was only shown as having an effect on the traffic on sunday but apparently thousands of FREE tickets were made available for yesterday thus causing the problems.On a more positive note theUKIA 767 departed on a positoning flight to BRUSSELS las night on what could be its first revunue earning flight as it was suppsed to be operating a BRUSSELS-AGADIR rotation today for thomson/tui according to the engineer :D:D

OltonPete 9th Sep 2007 12:20

BMI Baby winter 2007/8

The BMI Baby three (maintenance?) aircraft are two BHX based (going from 8 to 6 based) and there is currently one spare (occasionally).

This spare should have now have been EDI based operating into BHX at 8 in the morning and going back at 2030. This just vanished from schedules in August, yet the billboards on the A45 near BHX are advertising EDI five a day and GLA four. However these flights now seem to start on 29/10.

The based aircraft when I last looked for winter 2007/8: -

BHX 6 based
EMA 5 Based
MAN 4 based
CWL 3 based
EDI 1 Based

This obviously adds up to 19 but I assume the 3rd unit will not be taken out until another arrives unless something is about to change.

There is no spare if three are on maintenance but there are so many holes in the schedules that most tech delays can be covered in the day due to aircraft downtime and I think a Manchester aircraft has some early morning downtime until the Geneva starts. I must admit the schedule looked a mess for utilization purposes, with BHX the best out of a bad lot.

The amount of rumours circulating is getting ridiculous and it will be interesting to see if there is at least one announcements in the next few weeks but something seems to be brewing.

The East Mids schedule could be done with four aircraft except for the fact EDI, GLA, BFS, CDG & AMS are all at least double daily. Someone mentioned another regional 145 coming to be based and I was wondering whether it would be used on one of these such as CDG (again).


finding_nema 9th Sep 2007 12:30

I can only go on a thank you memo given out to all of us in baby ground services last week at EMA about forthcoming changes to the flying programme. Tiny Town doesn't usually inspire confidence with forward thinking management ideas, and doubt that this winter season is going to change anything. I can't see bmi regional returning on the CDG, considering that baby is the final stand of the bmi group at the airport, all other routes having been closed when mainline pulled off of the LHRCDG route. The route always bears the brunt of slot and scheduling delays, but with the loads and support can't see it going anywhere any time soon.

OltonPete 9th Sep 2007 16:24

BMI Baby Winter 2007/8

Thank you for the information, I trust there will be some schedule
changes announced shortly.

Of course Paris has been dropped from LHR and LBA I believe, so I suppose it is very unlikely that Regional will take it on and certainly
the CAA stats shows it justifies a 737 in respect of passengers flown
(yield I have no idea of).

I have only one flight booked with Baby at present and that is from
BHX so I am not particularly worried about any schedule changes just
interested to know what is going on as they are BHX's main airline
especially in respect of route development.


bmibaby.com 9th Sep 2007 19:05

I thought that the memo to ground services was all about optimising our presence at East Midlands, for all we know that could mean growing as much as it means downsizing. bmibaby wouldn't be here five years later if we weren't doing something right, and I don't think EMA gives the best image of what baby is capable of. I had to work out of BHX recently, and T1 is practically bmibaby - a very visible check-in area, adverts everywhere, shuttle trains all bmibaby branded - all with some very exciting destinations. Although EMA is the actual and spiritual base of bmibaby with Tiny Town here, why risk competing with a known predator like Ryanair when you can stick to safe routes and be riskier down the road where your main competitor is a carrier undergoing merger pains? I think we're pretty safe at five aircraft, as long as we keep on top of what Ryanair are doing as and when they compete directly.

dumdumbrain 10th Sep 2007 09:30

I agree, I think Baby should stop at BHX and expand where it's safe. Ryanair can be very hostile to any other airline that creeps on to its routes or markets. . . . either with its huge cash funds to price another airline out, or with adverts, ie "BYE BYE BABY" aircraft which was meant to be based at EMA but was quickly moved on by EMA managers when Baby got upset by it.

Is Baby going to keep its own staff at the boarding gate. . . .

So many people missed flights yesterday it was a joke, about 50 missed the DNR.

With Ryanair new flights, Sterling, UKIA starting in the next few months, growth of the airport should be very impressive.


bmibabyfc 10th Sep 2007 13:55

Yes, bmibaby will be keeping its own staff in EMA on the ground.....

emababy 10th Sep 2007 14:01

finding nema and dumdumbrain if you 2 actually knew anything that you were talking about you would be dangerous! finding nema winter gives some of the baby a/c chance to get some well deserved maintenance and dumdumbrain if your ryanair lot had a braincell between you you might be able to work out that your uniform aint exactly the greatest and actually see past them dodgey blue suits um lovely butlins reps here we come!

[email protected] 10th Sep 2007 14:32

Come on now, lets not get personal. Lee and Finding NEMA have there opinions, others have theres. lets keep this thread on track please.

Anyway, it was me mike who spoke about the American service a few months back. I havent heard anything for a while but i was been told that there is a possability of a mar / apr 09 start date for a JFK service and wont be CO.

I still feel a link to a major European hub is required with worldwide connections a major requirement. Could Lufthansa run a few A320's over to FRA Daily?? or KLM to AMS 3 times daily???



Mike16 10th Sep 2007 15:14


Wel lfingers crossed for thr JFK, that would be great !!!! i for one would deffo book for that one.

I wonder who it could be, if not CO ? imagain VS up here, i do miss them and there training flights, now that would be nice to hav them doing a daily JFK, oh we can dream...... lol

Good news on UKIA, i did have doubts about this one, but lets be positive all good news for EMA.

How are stering doing with there flights, i went to see some relatives on Sunday in Melbourne Cemetry and i could not beleive what i saw in the grounds of the cemetry on the Notice board, an advert for Sterling !!!!
I know it is pro active marketing, but in a graveyard ????
Well i suppose it is different, a new kind of PAX i suppose.... pmsl

Take care guys


finding_nema 10th Sep 2007 17:16

I don't wear the Ryanair uniform, until recently in fact I was an (at the time) fairly proud owner of the gilet variety, drinking the Tiny Kool Aid. The problem is that bmibaby is not a forward thinking low cost carrier who are doing anything to protect their market share from being eroded at their home base. Instead there's a mentality that all is well and people will fly us because we've always been there and we have assigned seats. Sadly this is no longer the case, especially when your main competitor is Ryanair. They're slim, quick to react and competitive. Ryanair have the airport over a barrel right now, they can demand what they want because they're bringing in the most pax and expanding the route network. baby meanwhile have a small concentrated fleet of tech, ageing aircraft and a management who don't want to take any commercial risks - which means Ryanair have them backed into a corner. Although baby have their core routes now, how long will it really be before Ryanair add Scottish destinations or Malaga? People won't stick with baby for diamond club miles and assigned seats, especially with baby's OTP.

Fried_Chicken 10th Sep 2007 18:57

Ryanair have the airport over a barrel right now
Has anybody thought about how all this (aggressive) Ryanair expansion may actually be a bad thing in the general sum of things.

How long till Ryanair is the major (or only?) operator at EMA having forced out many or all its competitors?

As the above quote say's, Ryanair would def' have the airport over the barrel then

Fried Chicken

dumdumbrain 11th Sep 2007 08:43

I dont think Ryanair will ever be the only airline at EMA, look at STN, both Ryanair and easyJet have STN as a massive base. New airlines are starting at EMA Sterling and UKIA. . . .

Yes Ryanair can be very hostile towards other airlines and public figures, esp those in the Irish government, but at the end of the day it's a business.

Plus Ryanair is very good and getting media interest, either good or bad. . even are inflight service, every single flight someone will win a *free return flight, and the landing PA most number ones have included telling pax about are new routes.

As I have said before only time will tell what will happen with EMA, number one thing we can be sure of its new routes and increased growth.

Can someone tell me if this is true, I got told a few weeks ago by someone who I work with, Ryanair was told when it first started at EMA that it would not be allowed to do PIK-EMA and CRL-EMA to protect BMI routes . . . . . any truth in this?


Charlie Roy 11th Sep 2007 10:10

it would not be allowed to do PIK-EMA and CRL-EMA
Ryanair can do these routes, but must pay full wack in fees etc, and the deal is probably that they'll lose their reduced fees on other EMA routes if they start these routes.

gate 22 11th Sep 2007 10:14

Ryanair can do these routes, but must pay full wack in fees etc, and the deal is probably that they'll lose their reduced fees on other EMA routes if they start these routes.

Why did they not apply this to Belfast - just as a matter of interest

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