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Balair 8th Oct 2007 14:21

The airport's website shows a "Cargo Links India" website under construction. I presume this is in connection with UKIA's proposed activity, or are there other possibilities?

gate 22 8th Oct 2007 15:03

BFS/BHD serve different markets with BHD providing a niche for inbound business traffic to Belfast, while BFS serves majority outbound business/leisure. Therefore I think the times ahead are interesting with relation to EMA to Belfast as the 'business' operator BMI Baby will be operating out of BFS while the 'chewing gum on your pants' Ryanair operate into BHD. Interesting to note that Bmi baby seem to be holding their own at Belfast with competition from BE at BHD, which when BE announced, there were comments that baby would not survive.

dumdumbrain 8th Oct 2007 15:13

Gate 22, any seat with chewing gum on them, are noted in the cabin defects log book and replaced later that day. Fair enough most business pax will prob stay with Baby for a while, but you can not run an airline like Baby on just a handfull of business pax who generally dont spend much onboard and normally only have hand baggage.

You seem to be forgetting that Ryanair has the money to ride out any competition with the marking down of seats to rock bottom and lose money untill the time when the other airline jumps.

Good news about Baby doing EMA-WAW ;)

SAM-EMA 8th Oct 2007 15:49

Baby EMA-WAW, since when, has this been announced, I haven't heard anything about this.

Any further info appreciated


dumdumbrain 8th Oct 2007 15:56

Just a little something i heard on very good ground, like i did with bhx-mad months before

finding_nema 8th Oct 2007 16:59

I'm sure, Blue, that the "Lee and Jordi Show" (age before beauty with the title) would be a great success ...

I still think that my argument stands that baby are not a competitive low-cost airline, or, at least are not competitive when it comes to serious low-cost competition. I'm now at BHX, and the bmibaby marketing presence is enormous, alongside a growing and exciting route network, but they can afford to do this because the main competition is flybe and Monarch. When it comes to a serious competitor like Ryanair however, baby only ever do one thing - run away. There's obviously no point keeping routes for the sake of it, but why haven't they tried to capture the business end or city break destinations before Ryanair moved in. If WW do start WAW, how long before Ryanair get annoyed at them moving into the Polish market and do the route themselves. Relating to Belfast, they're doing 13 flights a week - that's enough of a competitive schedule for most business pax to do a day trip - and if Ryanair are, as they tend to be, cheaper and more punctual, they will vote with their feet.

bmibabyfc 8th Oct 2007 22:19

loving the double act boys...

how about a game of doubles :- ;)

Little Blue and bmibabyfc


Finding_nema and dumdumbrain

Once again it will be interesting with the BFS and BHD flights and yes passengers may vote with there feet, but baby sustained the route 3 daily when we took the route from bmi so there is no reason why we cant wipe the chewing gum from our shoe with FR - sorry since we were on about chewing gum i had to mention it!!

Correct me if i am wrong but i was always under the impression that FR were a leisure airline and did not carry many business passengers??? What main core airports do they fly into? I am not being sarcastic, just dont know and cant be arsed to click on the online casino that is now ryanair.com

Lee - i could spend hours replying to your posts and would probably need a new keyboard after finishing but i just cant be bothered.... You seem to come out with some good quotes and then some utter turd....

Either way boys and girls its what makes this forum tick, and especially the EMA thread....

I have served so throw me the return FR lovers!!

finding_nema 9th Oct 2007 00:32

baby have sustained a thrice daily operation to Belfast, because they have no competition on the route. The issue is going to be whether they follow the way they did with an established former bmi route like DUB, when Ryanair comes along. This sort of route attracts plenty of business pax, because with Ryanair they're pretty much guaranteed an on-time flight, with their luggage and for a decent price. Obviously it'd be nice if that package didn't have to come with a luminous cabin, cattle call boarding and crew with a limited grasp of English, but Ryanair does a good no-frills job of getting people from A to B. They're doing this both in the leisure markets where they're taking traffic away from the charter carriers, and in major city markets like MAD and shortly MXP. Not that my new employer is renowned for punctuality, but baby needs to sort out this issue as a main reason for business pax not to get fed up and move to Ryanair. Most pax use baby on the route as they are the only option, and there's only so many times over a season when you hear "is the flight delayed, it usually always is?" before it becomes disheartening and you realise pax want an alternative.

Evileyes 9th Oct 2007 09:58

Sycopantic, cheerleading posts regarding particular airlines are not welcome in airport threads.

The Mods

bmibabyfc 9th Oct 2007 10:15

Maybe you should follow the link finding_nema and see that baby is ACTUALLY number 2 this season so far for punctuality despite what some passengers seem to think! God knows what they say to the other airline staff...

Congrats to FR on being number 1, i guess this is because they cancel when they have a major delay rather than running the service.... Would love to see a cancel ratio or statistic....

Besides, when FR have a delay it tends to be something stupid like 9 or 12 hours rather than WW 2/3 hours...

Follow the link


mathers_wales_uk 9th Oct 2007 10:19

It is good to see that over the years the acualy figure has been dropping steadily for BmiBaby according to the figures on the website.

Ryanairs are stadily increasing year on year.

bmibabyfc 9th Oct 2007 10:58

Your not wrong Mather...

2004, what a year for delays!!! Most of which would have been at EMA

I was surprised that U2 and Flybe and Jet2 were all below baby but there you go....

We dont really see much of U2 at EMA now so cant really comment on there delays...

EastMids 9th Oct 2007 13:10

Well I go to Belfast from EMA from time to time and it'll be a cold day in hell before O'Leary gets a penny of my money - in fact, I'd rather use a row boat. WW on the other hand - quite happy with them. So one pax at least won't be changing airline no matter what the tinkers do - dictionary defn of the word "tinker" - Irish traveller! :)

JulietNovemberPapa 9th Oct 2007 13:43

it'll be a cold day in hell before O'Leary gets a penny of my money
I bet MO'L's shaking in his boots. :}

JulietNovemberPapa 9th Oct 2007 13:50

when FR have a delay it tends to be something stupid like 9 or 12 hours
What an idiotic statement. If you look at flightonline.info, you'll quickly find that FR has exceeding few delays of over 3+ hours; thus "when FR have a delay it tends to be something stupid like 9 or 12 hours" is simply wrong.

Crusher1 9th Oct 2007 14:57

Having used East Midlands for too long to remember the worst delays throught the years have always been charter, and I guess that's how it still is. EZY and FR have both been pretty good in my experience although it is a bit like cattle on a bus but you pay for what you get, so no complaints.

WW not quite so good I'm afraid although I guess the actual experience may be a little better if it's on time.

Anyone know how bookings are going with the Sterling flights? I always end up going from STN to Stockholm at the moment and as FR don't fly to Arlanda it can be a pain if I need to get an internal connecting flight so I'm hoping they do well.

bmibabyfc 9th Oct 2007 15:02

"What an idiotic statement. If you look at flightonline.info, you'll quickly find that FR has exceeding few delays of over 3+ hours; thus "when FR have a delay it tends to be something stupid like 9 or 12 hours" is simply wrong."

Sorry JNP.... I was referring to EMA and not any other base, i have often seen delays with flights scheduled for 0835 with an ETD of 1800 - unless of course you are going to tell me i dont know how to read a departures board... FR dont in my opinion tend to have the odd hour delays, i could be wrong though as i dont pay particular interest in the FR operation except when they get in my way...

Sorry for the mix up, since this was an EMA thread i was simply trying to incorporate the figures into EMA talk rather than generally...

bmia330 9th Oct 2007 15:18


So....... have you heard anything about the 'suposed' EMA-WAW?? ;)

FlyboyUK 9th Oct 2007 16:27

Announcement today stated:

"within the next few days bmibaby is expected to announce two new exciting routes from two of its key strategic bases, strengthening its presence in the low cost market":ok:

bmibabyfc 9th Oct 2007 20:01

Yes bmibabyFC has heard about the new routes and is pleased to announce that bmibaby will be going for the Poland market....

baby will be flying to Warsaw and Godensk from January i think it is...

Warsaw being about 4 times a week and Godensk about 3 times a week - you will have to go on website for exact timings as i can be bothered...

Great news for baby, the midlands carrier will be flying the Polish community of the midlands - these routes DO SHOW that baby has ambition and proves the point that we were waiting for the right time to implement a new route...

Of course, alot of hard work to be done and the story will be told by the yield and number of passengers flown before we can sit and cheer, but all the same GREAT NEWS for baby and EMA...

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