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Wanabee,Gunnabee,Am 28th Sep 2007 06:49

That I can't tell you. Maybe its because they have already sold lots of tickets and rather than refund the money, maybe they will sub contract the work to another carrier with maybe smaller aircraft.

jetsetwilly 28th Sep 2007 07:06

I thought the days of subbing was over. Who can remember the summer nightmare of 2005???


dumdumbrain 28th Sep 2007 07:38

Subcontracted to Ryanair, pax are given a refund and rebook with Ryanair and pocket the difference :E


dumdumbrain 28th Sep 2007 08:41

Well Ryanair won't be beaten on a price/route, it will reduce the cost of the tickets to force another airline to drop it. But on the other hand easyJet have a new route that was dropped by another airline from EMA a while back. Not sure how 4 times a week will do though. Saying that the loads on on ema-cia aint too great on some days, a good move by easyjet to move to where it can make a profit.

Does anyone know how long it takes to travel to the city centre on bus from BCN and GRO?


tweentown 28th Sep 2007 09:00

Lee - been to both GRO and BCN

BCN is on outskirts if Barcelona - about 20 mins by bus to centre IIRC or you can take the train.

GRO is about 100km from Barcelona City - motorway all the way - probably over 1 hr.

dumdumbrain 28th Sep 2007 09:57

Baby Venice
Cheers for that, saying that Girona is nice city, like a baby Venice, and it has a beach aswell. Im sure the ema-gro will still continue to grow.


gate 22 28th Sep 2007 10:23

I read an article recently about airport locations and it concluded that price was not the number one factor, unless a carrier was charging a ridiculous price on a particular route the majority of folk would just check and book where they wanted to go and from which ever airport suited them. It suggested that say you wanted to travel to Barcelona from the Uk, you would know in your mind how much you are prepared to pay. You would check a flight to Barcelona and if it was in and around that price, and it was from your prefered UK airport to Barcelona you would book it, without checking either another UK departure airport or a different arrival airport near Barcelona. I suppose if you where travelling to London from Glasgow and it was cheaper to get off near London and hop across the platform and get a different train 20mins later to save 10 would you bother!!

JulietNovemberPapa 28th Sep 2007 10:32

Don't forget that GRO is the closest airport for the ever-popular Costa Blanca... if you like that kind of thing.

gate 22 28th Sep 2007 10:49

Well Girona would be a better airport to fly to, to say hire a car if you are going on a beach/villa holiday, its out in the country less intimidating, than arriving at an airport in the city with all those junctions, one way systems etc. Is Girona the same airport as the charter airport Gerona!!!!

dumdumbrain 28th Sep 2007 11:00

Gerona or Girona
Yes it is the same airport, the English say Girona, and the locals call if Gerona. But dont get me started on that one, ie murica, always makes me smile where I hear people say murica :E
The best ones are the polish cities, ie Wroclaw and Lodz hehe

paul sheppard 28th Sep 2007 11:26

It is the Costa Brava not Blanca, that is served from Alicante!!

Devonair 28th Sep 2007 11:41

Actually the locals call it Girona, which is the Catalan word. Gerona is the Castillian or Spanish version.

dumdumbrain 28th Sep 2007 11:47

thats right :O either way spain is well served from ema, just need SQV to be added

finding_nema 28th Sep 2007 14:10

Certainly don't want to thread creep too much, but as a Catalan speaker, I'm going to have to dive in. Girona is the correct spelling in Catalan (pronounced zheerohna) whilst the Castillians would call it Gerona (herr-ohna). Either way it's quite a distance from Barcelona itself, which is fine if you're staying for a couple of days, but if it's a brief visit then it's not at all convenient - about a 15 minute bus ride to the local train station, then a 50 minute train. It does serve the Costa Brava (which means the wild rather than the brave coast) which is very pretty, though quite expensive. BCN is a much needed destination from EMA having gone from 2 daily flights to nothing in 2004, so it's good to see the route back, and easyJet should do well.

For a while FR and U2 competed quite happily on the Rome route with flights at polar ends of the day, but as soon as FR's flights moved to the morning with an EMA based aircraft, it seemed that two flights in the space of two hours wouldn't work.

Wanabee,Gunnabee,Am 28th Sep 2007 14:23

Regarding CIA, I understand that the Rome authorities are forcing the airport to reduce the amount of flights into the airport due, I think, to the locals objecting to their once quiet military airport turning into a busy International Airport.

The figures are ( I think reducing the flights from 138/day down to 130/day) Obviously Ryanair are up in arms as it is one of their bases. Maybe if all airlines have to reduce their flights, EMA is the EZY base that gets to reduce. Possibly.

Wellington Bomber 29th Sep 2007 08:27

Paul Sheppard

Get your map out, Alicante is on the Costa Blanca (white Coast). Have a look in the holiday brochures it will tell you. And to think your location is in Spain

LEEDS APPROACH 29th Sep 2007 08:54


I am sticking up for Paul Sheppard as you have miss understood his reply to an erroneous post (209)by JulietNovemberPapa. If you read what he has put again slowly in conjunction with the erroneous post you will see that he is agreeing with you - i.e. alicante serves the costa blanca. (i think the grammar used has caused the problem). Perhaps don't be quite so quick to scold someone.

Leeds App.

JulietNovemberPapa 29th Sep 2007 11:04

Yes, I meant the Costa Brava. And I'm delighted I got it wrong: I dislike such areas of Spain.

virginblue 29th Sep 2007 16:03

R: DHL to Germany
DHL will move its German hub from CGN to LEJ where also the new joint-venture airline with Lufthansa will be set up. However, FedEx is considering to move flights from FRA to CGN now that DHL has deserted CGN just as TNT did a couple of years with their move to LGG.

Anyone in the know what the fate of the CGN route is after JAN08? Now that TUIFly will axe the BHX route, Easyjet should be more than comfortable being the only airline serving CGN from the Midlands in the future (the numbers have always been much better than TUIFly's from BHX).

Wellington Bomber 29th Sep 2007 16:23

Leeds Approach & Paul Shepherd

Slap my face with a wet fish, I do apologisefor being too hasty, its the father in me unfortunately

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