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Mike16 5th Sep 2007 14:09


Oh thanks for that, for one minute i thought we had a new Airline then, wondered why that is coming here then and going to there ?
Would this be like a chartered flight for some rich person do you think ?

I also heard EMA on the news today about this so called wind farm at the airport, well at least they are trying to go down the friendly enviroment route, and does anyone have any more news on carriers at EMA that may be coming or going ?

I do hope EZY don't go, i was cabin crew with them for a couple of years, and they are a great bunch there and the flights were always full, oh what good times i had there...... lol

Anyway take care


[email protected] 5th Sep 2007 14:18


The flight actually ran to St Nazaire last week also



Mike16 5th Sep 2007 14:35


My god you guys are soo quick today, i think you have all had 3 x shredded wheat !
Is this a new weekly service then ?
Personally i have never heard of that area, but a quick search on google did help, seems to be a french destination for probably the war veterans.

So any news on the UKIA flights ?


EGAC_Ramper 5th Sep 2007 16:51

Don't forget that the rugby world cup is starting soon and I believe some teams are stopping near the Nantes/St.Nazaire region including Ireland. Might be in connection with that who knows.

owenkirk2005 5th Sep 2007 16:58

well UKIA have been granted there AOC today which is big step further, any ideas on what they have to go through now to be able to start flying passengers?

well done UKIA!

Mike16 5th Sep 2007 18:18

Hi Guys

Great News.....

Well when do they start and advertise ?
I am all for this Airlne and i do think that if they advertise in the right way and market themselves well, This will be a good scoop for EMA.

A few months back someone mentioned on an old EMA thread that there was a possible carrier interested in a USA flight (s) from EMA, does anyone know anymore on this ?

Well take care all of you.


SAM-EMA 5th Sep 2007 19:52

Does anyone have any idea, how bookings for Sterling's new routes, and also FR's new routes are doing, as they are starting next month?

Thanks in advance

dumdumbrain 5th Sep 2007 20:07

The Ryanair new routes are doing very well. . . . the best is TFS, but this was expected, Belfast is doing very well. The Irish do like to fly with an Irish airline. Riga looks like its going to be full on piss heads on the weekend flights, im looking forward to flying to Riga myself for a few days.

I just wish we did more German routes from EMA, at the end of the day Germany is the Uks biggest trading partner in Europe. I don't think it will be too long untill ATH is a route from EMA. It's a crying shame we don't fly to Paris when you look at the endless French routes we fly.


*your friendly unoffical EMA Ryanair PR machine :E

ALTSEL 5th Sep 2007 20:11

So what are baby planning to do???????

finding_nema 5th Sep 2007 22:37

:mad: all would be my first answer and realistic guess knowing tiny town. In all seriousness they'll probably try to compete for a little while, realise that baby doesn't have the cost base or competitive edge to compete and retreat a bit more to BHX. It's a shame as with the right tools we have a product that really works, but there isn't the investment to match.

EGAC_Ramper 6th Sep 2007 00:48

thats the only thing i totally agree with competiotion but i feel ryanair have captured the market

EGAC_Ramper 6th Sep 2007 00:51

I agree in al honestly but i accept FR's fare. Ryanair do bring great fares in nrn iron!!

dumdumbrain 6th Sep 2007 18:02

I have to agree with the last few above comments, Ryanair has changed the market, and brings low fares to everyone and new exciting routes. Baby could have a nice product, but the way it treats its staff is just totally wrong. A sign tiny town is runing scared.

However i am a fan of BMI, brings alittle bit of class to EMA.


finding_nema 6th Sep 2007 19:03

I'm speechless as to how bmibaby brings class to East Midlands Airport ...

There is going to be a shake up of the flying schedule for bmibaby this winter to optimise profits and competitiveness, but everything from Tiny Town is very non-committed and quiet.

dumdumbrain 6th Sep 2007 19:15

lol i was more thinking of the BMIs route to Brussles, but i guess when you get the farm foods bunch in the grandad knitwear range, it kinda loses it touch. Baby can try, but times up, too little too late. . .

oh and on a final note, i dont think it will be long till belfast is twice daily :D


bmia330 7th Sep 2007 00:14

dumdum...... do us all a favour and stop posting such crap on here!!

There is no need for such comments surely?

dumdum...... everyone has a right to an opinion, but you are over stepping the mark and some of us are sick of you!

Modorators............. if I am out of line, then ban me!!

Mike16 7th Sep 2007 06:43

Hi Guys
I do hope everyone is ok, I read this forum everyday and have been a user for a few years now.
I was Cabin crew at EMA with Easyjet and only left a short while ago.
Dum Dum i admire you for your commitment to Ryanair and loyalty for which you show, I was very dedicated to Easyjet myself,and supported and still do all the way to this day.
What i do not like is the way you slate BMIbaby down, you are only Cabin crew not cheif flight planning officer, saying things like, i think BHD will go twice a day very soon, it may well do, but you come on here like you are the Big wig of FR, please do not state facts until you do have evidence.
Also BMIbaby and Easyjet are quite different when it comes to Aircraft, Ezy have brand new airbus and the BMIbaby team have the smaller boeing 737.
I personally flew with FR last month and i have to say, on both flights we were severly delayed which i know at EMA is a bit rare.
I felt the cabin crew were rude and i did struggle to understand them as there english skills were quite poor, the state of the aircraft was messy, with a chocolate wrapper and small can of pop still at the side of my chair from the previous flight and the way you advertise on your aircraft, i did feel like i was sat on a bus or on the subway, it just looked tacky, i know all companies advertise and have to market themselves, PS, i now work in Marketing for a very large USA company, so i know what i am saying, but on FR there would literally posters on every overhead locker.
You mention about people who shop at Farmfoods and in wooly clothes !!!!
Is this your clientle ?
I found myself on EZY that we had a very broad range of PAX from business people, day trippers, the elderly, second home owners, foriegners and even the odd celebrity, yes i met a few !!!!!
I also imagine WW would be the same too really, my close work mate flew WW last week to PMI and was very impressed by them, the level of service, the timings of the flights and the crew.
Dum Dumb you seem to come on here and slate of hardworking folk off, call there Airline etc..... We are all equal and do the best to make EMA stand out in such hard times.
On a positive note, nice to see the UKIA is doing well !!!!!!!! and any news on American carriers ?????

finding_nema 7th Sep 2007 12:21

I admire the fact that someone can be so proud of their employer, and when your employer is Ryanair you have a lot to be proud of. The airline has radically changed the aviation industry in Europe, both for fare paying customers and also in the way that airlines are run to be more efficient. Locally at EMA they have turned pax figures around after a continuing slump in the reigns of baby. They will continue to grow, at the expense of bmibaby more than anyone else at EMA. You only have to look at the way baby have made a cack-handed job at their French, Spanish, Italian and Irish route networks when Ryanair even came remotely close to sniffing. With BHD probably going twice daily alongside LDY - FR have Northern Ireland covered. ALC will go daily, and AGP has been strongly rumoured- baby is running out of places to run with the exception of the Scottish shuttles. bmibaby was born out of an ill-conceived idea to ward off Go from EMA, and the general lack of management or direction, plus the hideous gilets, goes to show that eventually Ryanair's performance will be enough to kill them or at least transfer everything to BHX ... eventually.

The Real Slim Shady 7th Sep 2007 20:21

Leaving dumdumbrain out of it, the harsh reality is that Baby, Regional or bmi cannot compete with FR.

If MOL decides to take Baby, or any of the others, out of the equation at EMA or anywhere else for that matter, he has the liquidity and bollocks to do it.

So just consider yourselves lucky at EMA at the moment: by the time FR have 11 jets at EMA, and if they go EMA - CRL, PMI or any other existing Baby route, WW are well and truly knackered: FR have deeper pockets and will simply price WW out of the game.

Harsh but reality.

PS And before any loudmouth thinks otherwise, consider how much liquidity FR are sitting on. FR could buy bmi outright and have enough left to buy VS and probably BA too.

flyer2308 8th Sep 2007 15:44

i see FR flight to Limoges delayed over 4 hours today!!!
just wondered what the reason is ... tech problems?
also EZY and TOM have delays too.
WW on time!! i thought baby were always delayed? well it has been said by someone on here?

just wondered is the renault world series at donnington affecting things at all? heard the roads have been busy around the airport today!

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