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larryloader 20th Aug 2007 11:14

Could be PP-VMT DC-10F seen operating out of AMS.
West apron is a good bet.

UPSAirOps 21st Aug 2007 07:03

UPS to upgrade to 744F
Presumably we're talking years on this one? As far as I'm aware, the first 5 aircraft will go into service on the Asia and Pac routes out of Louisville. MD-11 has been rumoured for years, but would make more sense to send directly CGN-USA. Unless volume's slated to increase hugely out of the UK.

dumdumbrain 21st Aug 2007 10:52

easyJet EMA-PMI
easyJet have today announced that they will be adding Palma to their destinations from East Midlands Airport.
Commencing 7th February 2008, the service will operate three times weekly direct from EMA to Palma and will continue into next years summer season with a daily service. :D

Well I wasn't expecting that, beat Ryanair to it, makes sence Palma is such a nice island and very popular with people from the East Midlands. I have friends who have a villa in Palma and always found the tickets to be alittle on the expensive side. Competition is always good for the customer.

So does this end the talk of easyJet flying down the down the road to BHX?

*Ryanair's unofficial PR machine for EMA :ok:

OltonPete 21st Aug 2007 12:31

Just tried EMA-CGN in Feb 2008 and it states route only operates up
until 6/1/08.

Therefore it looks as if another new route will be announced to fill
Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Sunday unless an existing route is
increased but I have not checked the full timetable.

On the whole a strange decision as I am sure Ryanair will do PMI
and Malaga, thus competing even more and putting more pressure
on yields.

Cologne averaged over 80% load factor most months and this
just goes to show (again) that it means nothing unless you can
get the pax to pay a realistic fare.


paul atkins 21st Aug 2007 12:53

the departures(7th feb) on thursday & tuesday are morning flights to palma(0620) also alicante,faro & rome so are easyjet to base a 4th aircraft

OltonPete 21st Aug 2007 13:02


Yes just clocked that and a second Geneva is showing up on the evening
on Monday and Fridays (the Cologne timings) and possibly Wednesday
as well.

Extra aircraft or could Rome or Alicante go or get reduced to Monday,
Wednesday, Friday & Sunday?

If it is a 4th aircraft the a significant move but choosing a route
already occupied such as Palma is not great although the BMI Baby
frequency in winter is low.


Ian Farquharson 21st Aug 2007 14:12

EasyJet at NEMA
The press release quotes Palma three per week from Feb 2008 then daily for Summer 2008 !

This would indicate they are not leaving NEMA !

Where does thus leave BHX ?


GayFriendly 21st Aug 2007 14:54

Personally I never thought that Easy would up sticks from EMA completely but I do think there is room for expansion at BHX, Baby manage to operate from both quite happily and I see no reason why Easy can't. I for one would be over the moon, Easy have the potential to fill many of the glaring (and frankly quite embarrasing) gaps in the BHX Euro route network. Obviously some sort of deal has been struck to operate from BHX over the winter on routes that already have competition (GVA) or are close to destinations already served (Grenoble). I feel that this indicates a definate testing of the waters by Easy. But don't they do the same routes from Bmouth and Doncaster on a seasonal basis? So it could just be the orange tails will only grace BHX for a few months - who knows??!! One thing is for sure, a new route from EMA indicates that Easy are to stay and that maybe, just maybe a sleeping giant has just awoken................

Centre cities 21st Aug 2007 15:42

I dont thing that Easy introducing Palma has any bearing on BHX. Easy will not leave EMA but that does not mean hat they will not operate from BHX. Baby, Easy and Ryanair will all operate duel routes this winter from EMA and BHX. My view is that they both have their own catchment area that there is more than enough demand to sustain routes from both airports and make a profit.

Centre cities

tweentown 21st Aug 2007 22:29

Ema - Cgn

Not normally a poster on here but thought it worth mentioning that Easyjet flights from Liverpool to Cologne are also not available after 6 Jan 08. Conclusion maybe that EZY are withdrawing from CGN and the new PMI & addl GVA at EMA are to utilize the vacant capacity.

OltonPete 21st Aug 2007 22:45

Easy PMI


It could be a direct replacement but the CGN operated in the evening
and has only been replaced at the moment by the evening Geneva on
Monday and Friday.

The PMI is in the morning and the three based aircraft are still allocated
to other routes. The Easy booking engine shows no alterations to the
other routes yet and the timetable as of all day today was not working for East Midlands flights, which leads me to believe changes are in the offing.

It could be aircraft number four with more routes to come or just covering for the other three for most of the day or of course another route is going to be re-timed to accommodate the PMI.

I was hoping somebody would have the answers today :confused:.

I notice the Easy PMI days in Feb and March shadow the BMI Baby ones
except for one rotation.


paul atkins 22nd Aug 2007 14:05

there is also a sunday evening flight to geneva pete just leaving tuesday to thursday left

airhumberside 22nd Aug 2007 16:11

Not normally a poster on here but thought it worth mentioning that Easyjet flights from Liverpool to Cologne are also not available after 6 Jan 08. Conclusion maybe that EZY are withdrawing from CGN
What about LGW-CGN?

lhrflyer 22nd Aug 2007 16:43

The extra Geneva flights operating on a Monday and Friday are operated by a BRS based aircraft that does the pattern BRS-GVA-EMA-GVA-BRS.

Excellent news for easyJet at EMA! :D

OltonPete 22nd Aug 2007 17:40


You are either: -

1) in the know
2) or there is something wrong with my PC (or both ;))

I just tried a booking in Feb and the second Geneva is shown as 18.30
on Monday from EMA arriving GVA 21.15, departing 21.45 from GVA
arriving EMA 22.30. Same for Friday.

The timetable on my PC shows some winter 2007/8 schedules but 2006/7
for Geneva. If it is being updated then 30 hours is a very long time!

So at the moment EMA has lost 7 flights and has gained 6 but lost a destination with no competition and gained a destination with an established operator - This is right out of the BHX book of new routes.

The real good news would be if it is aircraft number 4 and new destinations such as Munich (slot request) to fill the outstanding gaps.

However I do agree that it should stop any more talk of a move down the M42 & hopefully they will have two bases in the Midlands in the future :).


SAM-EMA 23rd Aug 2007 17:31

Anyone have any idea when the FR announcement about the next based units is due?


easyboy 23rd Aug 2007 18:48

I can't believe this subject of EZY moving to BHX is doing the rounds again.

Let's put an end to it here and now, EZY will not shut down EMA and move to BHX - it simply ain't gonna happen.

stuart-travel 24th Aug 2007 09:00

East Midlands 6
Is ema-pmi the new ema-jer in the 1970s ema had up to 10 jer flights on a summer saturday,
For 2008 i make that 9 flights ( tom/fca 3 tcx/air 2 cosmos/avro 1 bmibaby 1 easyjet 1 ryanair 1 #tbc# )
Total weekley flights to pmi for 2008 is 37 flights per week and that may rise as some programms to confirm.

SAM-EMA 26th Aug 2007 21:11

My 100th Post!!! Great News!!!
New airline plans East Midlands - Fujairah - Amritsar flights
A new low-cost airline that will launch from the Fujairah International Airport in October this year plans flights between East Midlands Airport and Amritsar. Kang Pacific Airlines (KPA), the first private airline to fly out of Fujairah's new international passenger terminal, will become the fifth airline based in the UAE. It plans to offer flights to Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines.
Paul Kang, chief executive officer and founder of KPA, said that services to each destination will operate three times a week using leased McDonnell Douglas DC-10 aircraft. He said: 'The aircraft concerned is being provided by a reputable leasing company that has contracted Lufthansa Technic to undertake maintenance. Until recently, the aircraft was operated by the United Kingdom-based airline, MyTravel Airways, and meets all current aviation certification and operating requirements.'
He said that their decision to operate from Fujairah has been influenced by the huge demand for air travel service in and out of the northern emirate. Kang added that, unlike the other low-cost carriers in the region, KPA would not only cater to short-haul air transport but to long-distance travel service as well.
Mr. Kang said: 'KPA will later operate to Europe, flying wide-body equipment from East Midlands Airport to Fujairah and on to Amritsar in the Indian Punjab. Our sales efforts in this market will target the large Punjab immigrant community in the UK's East and West Midlands, as well as its Northwest region.'

Centre cities 26th Aug 2007 23:26

Does that make it another Turkmen,Uzbec, Mahan air etc.

Centre cities.

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