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ssflyer 15th Jun 2014 22:42

Thanks for that,PP on line is still showing Servisair as a PP lounge!
East Midlands - EMA
Airside - proceed through Security Checks and take the stairs to the Upper
Level. Follow signs to the 'Executive Lounge'.
04:30 - 19:30 daily. Hours may be subject to seasonal changes. Closed: Dec
Dress code applicable

ssflyer 19th Jun 2014 09:05

Road Congestion-June onwards
I had this email from the EM site saying there could be continuing congestion around the airport and to make extra time for the journey.
"Major upgrade works to M1 J24 taking place from 16th June 2014 until early 2015 - please allow extra time to travel to and from the airport and follow any diversion signs"
I am coming up the A42-could I be affected or is it mainly the M1?

handsfree 19th Jun 2014 14:50

You could be affected if it gets very bad at peak times as the M1 can back down past the slip from the A42 and block your getting to the airport slip.
I'd plan to come off at the Tonge junction which is the one prior to that and approach the airport from the other direction. It's an easy route and brings you to the western entrance.
I'd give yourself some extra time as well just in case.
Hope this helps.

ssflyer 20th Jun 2014 07:33

Thanks,I will try that-that is assuming I have still got a flight what with the French ATC strikes looming!

FRatSTN 26th Jun 2014 22:35

Looks like LS will axe CDG from 14 SEP 2014 and the new route to EFL has been removed from sale also.

Balair 30th Jun 2014 10:22

A report in the business section of this morning's Daily Telegraph states that DHL are to spend 120 million on "improving sorting and aircraft-handling facilities in the East Midlands and at Heathrow" by 2016,
No further details have been given, but I assume this would indicate the construction of the much talked about extension to the EMA facility is now going ahead.


Burnie5204 30th Jun 2014 10:27

Well there was a documentary done a couple of years ago which said that the DHL hub was running at 300% designed capacity so the second hub building was always inevitable.

Skybus100 1st Jul 2014 21:00

There was an official launch today, the current facility is to be doubled in size which will include customer services etc moving under one roof

Burnie5204 1st Jul 2014 21:01

The second hub building then.

ATNotts 2nd Jul 2014 08:50

There was an official launch today, the current facility is to be doubled in size which will include customer services etc moving under one roof
Would I be correct in assuming that expansion of the DHL facility will be towards the west of the site, and probably swallowing up the long stay car park at that end of the airfield?

If that is the case MAG really has to start thinking about building a multi storey car park on the site, or else turn over the fields between the hotel and RW09 into surface car parking; which I suppose will be the cheaper, and therefore most desirable option from MAG's point of view.

Burnie5204 2nd Jul 2014 09:08

Yes, IIRC DHL already own the land immediately to the west of their existing building. The new building (which they already have planning permission for as part of the original permission IIRC) would go on top of what is currently one of the JetParks carparks.

And the airport has already laid new car parking at the eastern end of the airport. It's used for the 'Meet & Greet' customers cars freeing up those spaces from the other 'main' car parks.

Balair 10th Jul 2014 22:16

bmi regional
Are to introduce an additional BRU rotation 13.15/16.10 from 3/9/14.

The flights will only operate on Wednesdays and Thursdays, which seems to be an odd choice to me, as I would have thought the start and end of the working week would be a better option; I can only assume the extra flights are to open-up more destinations/better connectivity through their code share with Brussels Airlines?

Talking of which, the airport's management are still showing their total ineptitude by their failure to support bmi regional in promoting the onward connectivity offered by the new code share agreement.

Despite issuing a press release on 14/4 declaring "the new partnership with Brussels Airlines opens up a global network to East Midlands travellers" try finding any current mention of the fact, or try an "onward connections" search - zilch...! They can't even manage to list the Brussels Airlines flight numbers on the departures/arrivals boards.
The airport website still has an ad for Air France and "onward connections through CDG" - and until a few weeks ago it even still listed their flights f/t EMA, which finished when...?

With the lack of business routes and onward connectivity from EMA being so poor, FRA and CDG having been lost and the AMS schedule virtually useless, you would have thought a little effort may have been given to try to retain and develop the BRU route?

But wait a minute, we are talking about MAG here aren't we, and reading comments about their other airports, the above should come as no surprise!

Rant over -I'm going to bed!


Navy_Adversary 11th Jul 2014 08:58

Company fined for Lithium battery carriage at EMA
This is the article briefly mentioned in todays leicester Mercury.

Choice Select Ltd, of Baird Lane, York, was fined 1,000 and ordered to pay 2,000 costs and a 100 victim surcharge for causing 1,435 lithium-ion batteries to be delivered in an aircraft at East Midlands Airport on August 26.

The company indicated a guilty plea to knowing or suspecting the goods were dangerous, posed a risk to health, safety, property or the environment when carried by air, that technical instructions had not been complied with and that the goods were not in a fit condition for carriage by air.

Read more at Cases dealt with at Leicester Magistrates' Court | Leicester Mercury

ema 123 11th Jul 2014 17:45

My airline now tells me which way I can and cannot walk to the airport!!!!

I despair...........its like being at nursery.....maybe they'll provide a lollipop lady for us next!!!!

please be reminded of the designated route that should be

adhered by all Aircrew;

Follow footpath from B100 towards roundabout.

Cross only at pedestrian crossing.

Follow footpath towards terminal past the BP garage.

Follow designated pedestrian route through car park to departures.

This route is well lit, safe and approved in line with Health & Safety and is the only route that

crew should utilise.

paul atkins 22nd Jul 2014 15:12

It looks like Flybe are to start operating to Aberdeen from 27th October with one flight Monday to Friday dep ABZ 1045 arr 1210 EMA dep EMA 1235 arr ABZ 1400

ATNotts 22nd Jul 2014 16:00

ema 123

Oh dear. I suppose it's a good thing you're not getting to work by bus, otherwise your Health and Safety Manager - obviously with too much time on his / her hands would be sending you on courses so you can learn how to get on and off a bus!!!

It's an absolute wonder UK industry gets anything done when people are being paid (probably handsomely) to come up with this kind of rubbish.

As an aside, I was in Germany 2 weeks ago, and saw a group of gents working on a spherical structure (some sort of radar unit), hanging on the side of said spherical object, on a rope, with no bone-dome, and shock horror, no hi-vis jacket. It would never happen in UK!!!

Facelookbovvered 25th Jul 2014 12:02

Health & safety
Its all about balance, there is no doubt that Health & safety procedures have saved a lot of people from needless injury, but they do get carried away with it at times....reflective hi viz jackets are excellent in low light conditions, but in bright sun light of course not, the problem then becomes defining low light, far easier to say wear at all times and i agree, early sun on the sunward side of an aircraft on a walk round can be twilight on the other side in the shadows..

e m a 123

For your route walk it ought be sufficient to say ' employee's are reminded to use designated footpath & crossings when on airport property land/air side.

I have seen people (at EMA) get off the staff busses and walk in front of them to cross the road only to be nearly flattened by other vehicles passing the stationary bus, i guess that's why you can't pass a school bus in the US

So e m a 123 Jet2 or bmi ? H&S department ?

ATNotts 25th Jul 2014 15:16

I have seen people (at EMA) get off the staff busses and walk in front of them to cross the road only to be nearly flattened by other vehicles passing the stationary bus
Probably piddling around with their mobile phones at the same time!!!

LBIA 14th Aug 2014 12:09

Oh dear Just been announced that Monarch are pulling out of EMA from April next year.

2014 News - Flights - MONARCH AIRLINES TO STOP FLYING FROM EAST MIDLANDS BASE IN 2015 | Flights News - Monarch

I wonder if Jet2 and Ryanair will now come in and take up some of the services.

FRatSTN 14th Aug 2014 12:32

I wonder if Jet2 and Ryanair will now come in and take up some of the services.

I hope so. Jet2 even looks a bit disappointing next summer. Unless they add new services I think it's really down to Flybe and Ryanair to deliver quite some growth to stop passenger numbers from declining in 2015.

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