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Mr Flaps 10th Dec 2007 19:44

The latest news on Maxjet does not sound to hot. What will happen to Aviance?
Avaince will be like S/Air if Maxjet go bust. They are investing at lot in the new contarct but is it money well spent?
I think time will tell with Maxjet.
If they do go bust, the fixture of their aircarft outside SR will be missed. Will it???

Powerjet1 13th Dec 2007 05:46

Reduced winter schedules by Ryanair & Air Berlin, saw STN Nov pax numbers down -6.3%, compared to Nov 06. By contrast, LGW was up +6.2%, no doubt mainly due to easy.

Must be the first negative pax drop at STN for many months.

Hounddog1 13th Dec 2007 11:33

And guess there will be other drops in pax figures due to BAA's policy and the increase in landing fees, not really good buisness sense, increase fees, watch airlines go to alternative airports where costs are lower.

Fewer passengers going through Terminal, means less money spent in shops, so is there really a need for a second runway on this type of management?:ugh:

FEROMAN 14th Dec 2007 18:12

BAA going on strike at Stansted?
It seems to be mentioned a lot in the news, but could BAA staff (security?) really be going on strike over Christmas? I thought this was about pension changes for new members of staff only, so I can't see why current members would vote for industrial action if it doesn't directly affect them.

South Side 1 15th Dec 2007 15:12

Well thats a new one I haven't heard, surprising as there's so many staff on different contracts and that there seperated into two sectors now (outside & terminal). They've never really struck me as being a union strong work force.
Very interesting.

jack_essex 21st Dec 2007 18:02

I was just watching the local BBC news and there was a spokesman from American Airlines. He said the new STN - JFK has been very successful with lots of very strong loads in both economy and business. A friend of mine flew with them last week and said the flights were fully booked both ways.

FEROMAN 23rd Dec 2007 09:16

American Airlines are often fully booked and even occasionally overbooked at the moment and have had to pay some passengers a lot of money to go from Heathrow. Wouldn't surprise me if they don't start that second daily service due in March a little earlier.

jack_essex 23rd Dec 2007 13:40

I am really glad that this route is doing well for AA. I will be flying with them on this route in March.

Mr Flaps 24th Dec 2007 19:06

Good Luck to all the staff at Maxjet, Servisair and Avaince. Shame to see thier planes leave STN.

Mr Angry from Purley 29th Dec 2007 11:17

Can anyone confirm that Air Berlin are dropping their STN-LEJ-STN (Leipzig) service early Jan? :\

FEROMAN 5th Jan 2008 20:05

Looks like there's just a Sunday evening service until 13th Jan. Then nothing until a Weds & Sunday evening from the 6th Feb through to the end of March; but maybe they'll scrap that too. :confused:

D-ABAA 10th Jan 2008 16:37

Can anyone confirm the following:

EOS to start up STN - Newark as mentioned by an Eos rep. Start date March??

PIA - to fly a weekly service again to Islamabad, bookings are being taken from March also.

SPANAIR - not sure of frequency or routes, but a VERY strong rumour has them operating from STN from March.

Powerjet1 10th Jan 2008 16:49

See that STN handled 23.76m pax in 2007, a slight 0.3% increase on 2006. Dec 07 figs were down -8.6% on Dec 06.

sat1 10th Jan 2008 20:33

PIA - to fly a weekly service again to Islamabad, bookings are being taken from March
PIA - to fly a weekly service again to Islamabad, bookings are being taken from March also.

Woopeeeee!!!!!!! can't wait for that. modern,reliable aircraft........not!!!!

MUFC_fan 10th Jan 2008 20:38

B777-200/200LR/300ER are all very new. Infact, on delivery of their 777s they often fly it into MAN from SEA to pick up fare paying PAX back to Pakistan!

If they are to operate these aircraft then it would be a very good service with MODERN aircraft.

If it is the A310...well...your right...it will be poor.

FEROMAN 12th Jan 2008 12:16

Pakistan International
If they happen, PIA should actually be twice a week - Tuesdays & Fridays with an A310 starting 1st April.

FEROMAN 12th Jan 2008 12:26

EOS to Newark
Starting 30th March EOS are planning a daily 757 service to Newark for the Summer. 08:30 Mon & Sat, 13:15 other days

Hollymead 13th Jan 2008 22:02

Blue 1 are switching their Helsinki route to Heathrow .

poshnramp 20th Jan 2008 09:23

EOS to Newark
Who was you informant on the Newark route then???:O

Stanstedeye 21st Jan 2008 17:49

A new STN Charter
To-night ISR101 03.15 dep STN-JFK

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