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Tranceaddict 13th Dec 2016 09:19

STN-MAH for sale on EZY website, 1 a week from 24th June 17 for the school holidays by the looks of things (last flight 2nd Sep)

FRatSTN 13th Dec 2016 17:56

Good news... but you know what I'm going to say I bet...

1x weekly is hardly much of a commitment considering LS are new to that route next year with a 3x weekly, and when EZY themselves offer far better frequency to MAH from LGW, LTN and SEN.

Nothing much more than just something to fill an empty slot on a Saturday morning it seems. Still good news nonetheless.

CabinCrew747 13th Dec 2016 19:28

Qantas 744 due Thursday morning STN-BKK.

pamann 13th Dec 2016 19:36

Originally Posted by CabinCrew747 (Post 9608434)
Qantas 744 due Thursday morning STN-BKK.

Any ideas why?

_aax1 13th Dec 2016 21:46

Ryanair ?feeder? flights deal set for take-off within months

What are peoples thoughts on this? I take this article with a pinch of salt. Surely Norwegian wouldn't bother striking a deal with Ryanair at Gatwick with their extremely limited route offering to Ireland and would of preferred easyJet.

Could Norwegian with their fast expansion of their long haul product open a base at STN with Ryanair feeding flights in addition to operations at LGW?

If Stansted want to get scheduled long-haul routes I think Norwegian should be at the top of their wish list, rather than a legacy carrier to ensure a sustainable operation.

whitelighter 14th Dec 2016 16:16

Ryanair will say anything to get into the press.

I doubt any airline will move to STN (or anywhere) just to be at the beck and call of MoL. Sure, if they are considering another base in the southeast/midlands then the FR deal might make it more appealing but I cant see any airline just moving for this reason

davidjohnson6 14th Dec 2016 16:20

What happens to the EU261 liability if connections are missed, particularly given the higher compensatory value for long haul flights ?

Has somebody found a clever way to get round this or has a commercial decision been taken to accept the liability in the knowledge that a lot of passengers are too apathetic to push hard enough to get their money after being given an initial brush-off by an airline ?

STN Ramp Rat 14th Dec 2016 17:16

if their are sold as two separate tickets then the passenger is responsible for their own connection so no additional EU261 liability. I don't see this as a STN thing more likely a LGW thing

davidjohnson6 14th Dec 2016 17:54

RampRat - I agree that separate tickets means no liability. The question is how to sell it as 2 tickets, but still be able to avoid the legal risk of the CAA or the courts deeming it to be a transaction involving a single ticket. After all if you market something as suitable for a particular purpose (ie journey with a connection) but actually it proves unsuitable, then lawyers start smelling claims. A reputation for dodgy products is perhaps something Ryanair has been trying to avoid in the last few years.

Yes you can set up a travel agency which is 49 % owned by each of 2 airlines and the remainder by some suitably acquiescent other unrelated party, but I'm not sure if the courts would accept this as passing the test of independence (and consequent risk of liability)

AircraftOperations 14th Dec 2016 18:09

The Bliss Jet looks to be a step too far for me - unless they have a guaranteed way to make good money with the aircraft on any "empty sectors". I didn't even know that LGA accommodated non-airline traffic. You wouldn't get very far across the Atlantic on anything but the smallest, shortest range private jet for $24k. But a first class ticket with a major carrier will compete well on price & schedule flexibility, even if you spend longer at the airports than using an FBO.

As for the Qantas flight, I'm sure I remember reading (on here?) a long time ago that they used to fly the odd charter to BKK and onwards to Australia for religious tour groups - possibly from MAN? Not sure if this could be a similar thing?

CabinCrew747 14th Dec 2016 19:04

Here is the QF 744;


Due 06:45.

FRatSTN 15th Dec 2016 11:27

New 130m Arrivals Building
And finally the plans for a new Arrivals facility have been made public today.

Stansted Airport unveils plans for new 130m arrivals building - Business - East Anglian Daily Times

Stansted Airport wants to build a 130 million arrivals building Stansted Airport unveils 130 million arrivals building plan - Cambridge News

To Summerise...

This will be a separate, 34,000sq m facility between the existing Terminal and Radisson Blu Hotel. It will span across three levels.

It will entail a larger immigration and baggage reclaim area, new retail outlets and a public forecourt.

Expected to take three years to complete and improvements to the existing Terminal, which will become solely for departing passengers, to be completed by 2022.

wowzz 15th Dec 2016 12:12

But unless more UK Border Staff are deployed, the queues will still be as long as ever, but in a nice new building.

paully 15th Dec 2016 12:26

I`m flying out and in, as it were, late summer next year on one of the new Jet2 services, has things improved since the terminal alterations were `finished`?..Border farce are, as everywhere, a law unto themselves so the queues inbound won`t improve in the short term..

Mind you at Liverpool, when its busy, you can end up queuing in the rain!!

Red Four 15th Dec 2016 14:34

The artist's impression outside looks like it will be a magnet for 'slips, trips and falls' claims.

STN Ramp Rat 15th Dec 2016 17:20

But unless more UK Border Staff are deployed, the queues will still be as long as ever, but in a nice new building.
to be fair I have flown out of Stansted a few times in the last few months and I have not seen any significant queues at Immigration. I know that its all about the time of arrival but its nowhere near as bad as it was a year ago.

_aax1 20th Dec 2016 13:56

Jet 2 to base an additional aircraft from Summer '17 bringing the total to 7.

New routes to:

southside bobby 20th Dec 2016 14:05

Beat me with the good news re Jet2 by moments aax1.....Total destinations on offer Jet2 Summer 17 from STN now for a total of 25....Not too shabby from a standing start......SS

FRatSTN 20th Dec 2016 14:13

To add to the good news.... Eurowings to start new 6x weekly STN to MUC from 31st March 2017.

STN Ramp Rat 20th Dec 2016 14:36

Jet 2 to base an additional aircraft from Summer '17 bringing the total to 7.
presumably that means that early sales are going well then

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