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01475 22nd Dec 2016 22:33

Lots of people want to make that journey, and they are people who care about making that particular journey; it's not like they'd go to Sharm instead if there was a better deal available!

_aax1 4th Jan 2017 14:13

Summer NQY services returns 26 March and ends 28 October - on sale now

FRatSTN 4th Jan 2017 14:37

Flybe NQY
Flybe are operating in the evenings now though apart from Saturdays main season which remain afternoon times.

I see Cobalt are starting to put S17 flights on sale now as well. Seem to operating at slightly earlier times on the whole compared to last summer.

That concludes everything now so as it stands all airlines from S16 will be operating from STN again in S17.

daz211 4th Jan 2017 15:06

Got this today regarding Stansted flights to India
I'm not holding my breath but if it happens it happens.

Happy New Year!. Thank you for your message about POP. We plan to launch Summer 2017 and tickets will go on sale in Q1. I have added you to the POP press list so you will receive our press releases/news announcements. Thank you for your interest in POP. Kindest regards, Abby in the POP press office.

Buster the Bear 8th Jan 2017 17:07

Titan Airways secures Neilson summer charter contract - ch-aviation.com

whitelighter 9th Jan 2017 08:40

PoP have been discussed for about 18 months.
Anyone know if they've leased the 330s yet?

daz211 9th Jan 2017 11:15

From google search : lots of results

flyPOP (London Stansted) has chartered an A330-300 from an unspecified operator ahead of plans to commence regular flights to the Indian cities of Amritsar and Ahmedabad during the last quarter of this year.

Chairman Navdip Singh Judge told the Runway Girl Network in an interview that of the aircraft’s 378 seats, 78 seats are premium economy while the remainder are in an all-economy layout.

Judge added that POP has a verbal agreement with an unspecified budget carrier operating out of London Stansted wherein it will provide regional European feed to POP longhaul flights and vice versa.

davidjohnson6 9th Jan 2017 12:44

Over the last 10 years, there have been a series of attempts to set up a new airline flying just between the UK and regional cities of India (often involving Amritsar) - they seem to always end in tears.

Flying between the UK and Ahmedabad / Amritsar will be very heavy on ethnic and possibly highly seasonal VFR traffic with little in the way of business. Visas are required for travel in either direction (unless you are of Indian origin but have a British passport - mainly people who were born in India but have emigrated to the UK). For the general UK public, neither city has a strong tourist appeal. OK the Golden Temple and Wagah are both interesting but that knocks off Amritsar in 1 day. There's a reason as to why the likes of BA, Jet and Virgin are so much more interested in Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai with all the year-round corporate flying that goes on to these 3 cities. I do not consider Air India to be a commercial airline - I see it as a part of the Indian Govt - but they have a Star Alliance feed in Europe and their own network feed in India, fly non-stop between the UK and Ahmedabad and, with a refuel stop, direct to Amritsar. When you're running an aircraft which has a fixed supply of heavily economy focussed seats, wastage due to seasonality is bad news.

A verbal agreement with a LCC at Stansted, presumably Ryanair, to supply connecting passengers is worthless. Firstly verbal is not enforceable - either it's in writing or the LCC can (and possibly will) change its mind on the terms at a later date. Secondly, who handles the EU261 cases where something goes wrong with a connection ? A sizeable LCC should be seeing desperation and smelling blood in the water when it views flyPOP - and will have no hesitation in ensuring the terms of any agreement heavily favour the LCC over flyPOP. Even if the terms favour flyPOP, I don't see this as contributing much to flyPOP - the Indian population in the UK is about 1.5 million, the European country with the 2nd largest Indian population is Italy with just 150,000 - the MEB3 and TK should already have the Italy - India market covered, compared to flying 2 hours in the wrong direction before making a connection

Finally any company that plans to give 51% of its profits to charity is going to have a very hard time borrowing money from a bank to start operations - the lender would likely deem the company unable to repay the loan requested and refuse to lend in the first place. There are plenty of airlines which explicitly spell out the message to new hires 'We are a business not a charity'. A charity has no business running a long haul airline, and a start up long haul airline will need every penny of cashflow it can find just to survive in business before even thinking about giving it away. If the financial backers of this airline want to support some charities, they would be better off just giving the money direct to charity and avoiding pouring their wealth into this likely financial disaster.

I don't like to see the small guy squished out of the market in general, but frankly I look at this airline as a money-losing pit

daz211 12th Jan 2017 11:41

Ryanair expansion 9x new routes from Stansted
Ryanair, Europe’s No.1 airline, today (12 Jan) announced a new growth deal with Manchester Airports Group (MAG) which will deliver 9 new London Stansted routes, including a daily service to Naples and a three times daily service to Copenhagen, as well as routes to Beziers, Cagliari, Clermont, Grenoble, Nice, Nimes and Strasbourg, extra flights on 13 existing routes, and over 20m customers p.a., supporting 15,000* jobs at London Stansted Airport. - See more at: Welcome to Ryanair!

FRatSTN 12th Jan 2017 14:33

Can't imagine EZY will be seeing this as particularly welcome news with Cagliari, Naples and Nice as three of their existing STN routes.

_aax1 12th Jan 2017 15:46

easyJet has suddenly got a lot of new competition in 2017 with Ryanair, Jet2 and Eurowings muscling in on their routes!

AirportPlanner1 12th Jan 2017 17:28

How are these flights being facilitated? Are they at the expense of other routes or are they basing additional aircraft? I've only looked at Copenhagen, the morning flight originates there but the two later flights are STN aircraft.

DC3 Dave 12th Jan 2017 20:52

Originally Posted by FRatSTN (Post 9638550)
Can't imagine EZY will be seeing this as particularly welcome news with Cagliari, Naples and Nice as three of their existing STN routes.

I guess EZY have no choice but to stand their ground and fight for their share. Personally, I'd love them to shift another airframe to SEN, but the way things are going at STN such a gesture would be scoffed at.

j636 14th Jan 2017 14:25

Stansted bids to become Britain's next long-haul hub as Heathrow and Gatwick are 'full' | The Independent

Only thing missing is actually long haul services.......

FRatSTN 20th Jan 2017 18:14

BA CityFlyer
Looking at BACFs schedule for Summer 2017 it seems the Saturday PMI flight has changed to an E170 with an earlier departure time yet the AGP, FAO, IBZ and TXL are still showing as the E190.

With rumours circulating about BACF at MAN and BHX for the summer could this mean some changes, perhaps a 2nd aircraft, for STN?

whitelighter 20th Jan 2017 19:14

2nd AC but no extra routes - seems unlikely, unless more routes are planned

Btw, there were 8 EZY overnight the other day, fluke or has the airport picked an extra one up

AirportPlanner1 20th Jan 2017 22:31

Re EZY - there was a divert from SEN the other night, probably that.

DC3 Dave 20th Jan 2017 22:36

And we want our A320 back, thank-you.

Tranceaddict 31st Jan 2017 10:12

BACF new Routes
New Routes and increased frequency's STN


FRatSTN 31st Jan 2017 10:39

So from what I can make out STN now has...

Berlin-Tegel - 1x week
Faro - 1x week
Florence - 2x week
Geneva - ?
Ibiza - 4x week
Malaga - 1x week
Nice - 1x week
Palma Mallorca - 2x week

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