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NickBarnes 3rd May 2016 21:01

Flew from one of those stands going to Amsterdam, was quite pleasant rather than the train!

Tranceaddict 3rd May 2016 21:18

Any destination can depart from any gate, it's where it has arrived from that generally determines the gate, as a domestic arrival on Sat 1 would require bussing inbound, a waste of time and money when it can park on Sat 2 and passengers can walk in

FRatSTN 3rd May 2016 21:36


Correct, although the majority of the domestic traffic is not based at Stansted, particularly with Ryanair, so most aircraft will depart back to where they came from, though of course not always the case.

By the way, the first of the regular TOM Dreamliner flights departed today in usual fashion for Cancun. Orlando starts tomorrow.

01475 3rd May 2016 21:55

Originally Posted by owenc (Post 9364080)
Yes you are. The international arrivals comes out inside the terminal. Domestic arrivals go outside.

Quite right.

It's bizarre that there's not even an effort to give you a pretence of a route towards the railway station. Even just a way of getting back into the terminal that doesn't involve potentially getting wet...

wings folded 5th May 2016 14:49

Take a brief look at the official site walking distances, published by Stansted. Platform 2 to the Special Assistance Desk (rarely manned), 235 metres. From the top of the escalator which leaves the station level way further on say 200 metres, to check in area F, not published, but about 200 meters at least. From there through the maze to get through security, you can add 500 meters. Depending which desk you come out of, you can walk 200 metres parallel to where you need to be, just to walk the same distance back again to head for the gate. That's after passing through the hideous shopping precinct which adds, I would guess 700 metres to your journey. Then 540 meters to the gate.

I make that two and three quarters kilometers of a journey on foot, of which about 100 metres on a moving walkway.

At a stiff pace I can manage 2km/hour, but it hurts.

Whoever dreamt up this scheme should try being disabled.

No do not tell me about PRM schemes. The airport sends you off to the airline, and Ryanair does not want people with baggage nor cripples on its aircraft

Niether cares.

pamann 5th May 2016 15:25

wings folded

Have you tried complaining directly to the airport if you're that unhappy?

wings folded 5th May 2016 15:49

Yes. I am crippled, not stupid.

I have a really useful feedback referenece number

Bengt 5th May 2016 16:01

wings folded

Sorry about your troubles but maybe you can have a better experience next time.
I have travelled with my disabled daughter to and from Stansted several times. If you just ask for assistance in advance before leaving it will work out just fine.
And yes Ryanair has given excellent service to my daughter every time we have travelled. It was the first airline I have seen to offer the possiblity to book assistance at the same time you booked your flight.

wings folded 5th May 2016 16:43

You are well intenitoned folk, and I thank you for that.

There is an aspect which you do no not grasp.

Disabled. Not wheelchair bound. But having trouble in walking, can't do long distances.

If you can imagine the phsychological impact of requiring a wheel chair when you know you can walk, but slowly,
Try going there, Stansted planners, Clever ppruners, travelers

pamann 5th May 2016 17:07

Wings Folded

Having a 'rant' on here might get it off your chest but other than that I don't see what you are trying to achieve on PPRuNe?

Responding to posts with a negative and abrupt attitude when fellow members are trying to help you, won't get you far on here either. ;)

Good luck with your complaint.

wings folded 5th May 2016 18:34

Responding to posts with a negative and abrupt attitude when fellow members are trying to help you, won't get you far on here either.

You are well intenitoned folk, and I thank you for that.
I must have missed something. first quote yours, second quoute mine

Bengt 5th May 2016 19:47

wings folded
Just look at it as a VIP service. The airport will supply you with a compimentary transport so you do not have to walk a long distance as well as putting you in the priority lane for security. You do not need to bring your own wheel chair as you only need it at airports with long walking distances.

pamann 5th May 2016 22:04

Wings Folded

Yes. I am crippled, not stupid.

There is an aspect which you do no not grasp.

Responding to posts with a negative and abrupt attitude when fellow members are trying to help you, won't get you far on here either.
Let's keep this thread on track...
  • Rumours
  • News
  • Professional

There's plenty of channels to vent your dis-pleasure... MAG, Twitter, Trip Advisor to name a few.

I hope for you that they listen and you get the outcome/response that you expect. Good luck. :)

canberra97 6th May 2016 01:30


Well done and so diplomatically addressed :-)

carousel 7th May 2016 19:55

Many times PRM is used by "people" who once through security and the long black brick road and at the gate seem to be able to dispense with assistance and walk to the aircraft a Stansted miracle! Similarly on return the assistance is needed right through border force into baggage collection when another miracle occurs.

01475 7th May 2016 20:35

That's where people like my mother come in. She can't stand for an indefinite amount of time in a queue, and there is no intermediate step of assistance available; it's all or nothing. If they'd offer the "we won't make you stand for half an hour at security" and "we'll let you sit outside the gate on a chair rather than leave you standing halfway down a flight of stairs for half an hour" facility then she'd be fine.

Edit: Oh yeah... and if there were enough seats in departures...

tws123 19th May 2016 22:46

New Route

Luxembourg (1x daily) eff. 1 September 2016

Expressflight 20th May 2016 15:20

I haven't used STN for some time but will have the 'pleasure' of doing so in 10 days time.

Could someone give me an idea of what time I should plan to arrive for my RYR flight to AAR at 1125, including a bag drop, so as to comfortably make the flight?

NickBarnes 20th May 2016 17:55

You need 2 hours at least in my opinion

carousel 20th May 2016 20:19

Check in times
Your airline will give you advise on arrival at airport times, however most flights to euro-land recommend at least two hours (leaves plenty of time for shopping) ;)

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