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AirportPlanner1 22nd Apr 2016 12:20

TOM are operating SFB for April only, one can only assume that sales for that route aren't meeting expectations which is perhaps no surprise given the ridiculous increase in capacity to Orlando for 2016. I agree that TCX's 2017 schedule is a better mix.

Cancun is being operated throughout the winter by TOM which I didn't notice before so becomes STN's first year-round long haul destination in some time. They also have a one-off flight to Barbados.

pamann 22nd Apr 2016 13:19

TOM Long-haul
Looking at it more closely it looks like these are the current dates available to book for summer 2017

Sanford (Orlando)
5 Apr – 19 Apr weekly
19 July – 16 August*
*Operates fortnightly

3 May – 31 May
19 July – 27 September

Montego Bay (Jamaica)
4 May – 1 June
20 July – 28 September

There is a break in June/July where the aircraft is utilised elsewhere but returns in time for the peak English school holidays.

As mentioned above a reduction in Orlando, probably due to the large programme now offered by Thomas Cook at Stansted and lack of demand outside of peak dates.

Overall an increase on this year's operation with the introduction of the Montego Bay service next summer.

September is not the usual cut off date for the summer season, but this is as far as the programme is on sale. It is likely some routes may continue through October or winter 17/18.

Good things are happening with long-haul leisure routes at Stansted :ok:

01475 22nd Apr 2016 23:02

Originally Posted by whitelighter (Post 9332346)
I guess they'll keep upping the charges until people stop using it.

The queue in the mornings is huge so the 2.50 charge wasn't putting many off.

No doubt AENA managers at Luton and other airports will be watching closely. I'm sure if they think they can eek another 50p per car out they will

Now that they've started turning the screw on coach services to London as well they really can get you over a barrel no matter how you try to get to the airport!

LTNman 23rd Apr 2016 05:47

LTN charges 20 for its permits, Heathrow charges 25.87 and Gatwick charge 14.96 so Stansted is a bargin!

Fees from the Stansted airport website

Roll Up - 10 + VAT per coach

Pre-Paid Book of 20 tickets - 160 + VAT

Coaches dropping off passengers remains free of charge.

The process of paying the fee remains the same as all other charter coach departures as stated below.

Roll up: 10 plus VAT = 12.00 per departure
Pre-paid book of 20 tickets: 160 plus VAT per book = 192 per book
Dropping off passengers: free of charge

All vehicles less than 2.2m high or with fewer than nine seats including driver are to use the Short Stay Car Park facilities for picking up passengers unless authorised by London Stansted.

01475 23rd Apr 2016 16:09

I meant them turning the screw on scheduled services; Terravision.

LTNman 24th Apr 2016 06:43

Same happened at Luton when Greenline was kicked out. Like Terravision, Greenline went to court and won, as it was found that the airport was exploiting its dominant position.

wings folded 26th Apr 2016 16:04

I have just been through the Stansted shopping mall with an ultimate goal of getting on a plane.

I am disabled, not enough to require a wheelchair, but have difficulty in walking.
The enlightened new management of Hispanice origin have opted to make the route from check in to gate as long and as tortuous as possible, forcing you to pass through stands of purveyours of evil smelling synthentic perfumes, where pleasant enough ladies attempt to tempt you. No, bog off, I have a plane to catch.

You announce the gate within a remarkably short time limit, whilst advertising the time to gate as being X minutes.

I am halfway there at my slow pace when I get a nasty announcement that I am awaited at the gate. (All announcements at Stansted are nasty; abandoned baggage, hostility to staff, and so on.

I then discover that on a pier with gates numbered 41 to 59, 41 being of course close to the terminal, a flight is departing from gate 43, but my flight departed from gate 57. Right at the end of the pier. Empty functional gates all the way along my sad limping parcourse. Not a single flight assigned to those gates

On the pier 41 and upwards, is there a moving walkway? No. You have to walk, after a major walk already from check in.

Let's go back an hour or two. After check in I go to the disabled entry to the security check. The snotty little kid tells me to go to there where there are major queues.

I show him my badge, which ought to work, but he heaves a sigh and reluctantly lets me through.

Why should I feel diminished by needing a little cosideration?

Stansted, you have lost the plot. You have made the travellers experience horrible, I used to enjoy your airport. It is now horrendous.

mikkie4 26th Apr 2016 19:25

sorry to read about your woes at STANSTED, its all about MONEY/GREED nowadays so nothing will change, I wonder if the management were to do a poll of the PAX and the outcome was to change it back to how it was, would the powers that be change it back..i dont think so mores the pity

LTNman 26th Apr 2016 19:33

All the airport is trying to do is encourage passengers to spend money which helps to offset low airline fees. Maybe the poll should be a choice between shops or higher ticket prices?

pamann 26th Apr 2016 19:49

Same at Gatwick south terminal, Luton, Birmingham, Glasgow and probably most UK airports. They all dump you in the middle of a tax-free heaven once you clear security. They are a business after all, not a public service with money to burn unfortunately.

wings folded 26th Apr 2016 19:52

Well they can't even get that right. After an interminable wait at "security" which is laffable, most folk who are able so to do sprint towards their gate, with their cabin lugage on trolley wheels causing serious discomfort to those who get smashed into by them.

I have always allowed plenty of time to get through this ghastly mess. I don't think I have ever seen somebody pause to buy anything. But I suppose some retarded souls must.

pamann 26th Apr 2016 20:05

I don't think it's fair to use the term 'retarded souls' to describe folk who want to buy and shop at an airport tax-free outlet. A bit harsh don't you think? Whilst it might not appeal to you, clearly it does to a large majority otherwise the shops would not exist.

Whilst I agree the re-modelled Stansted is not ideal, I have travelled through it quite a few times and I don't think it's half as bad as you describe. I've had good and bad experiences at all of our London airports, with the exception of SEN & LCY. But you try and get a cheap air fare to anywhere from LCY, the airport experience is perfect most of the time, that's why you pay through the nose for your ticket. As for SEN, the lack of shops (and customers) must be hitting them hard. They'll be recouping that lost revenue elsewhere, but how long can that go on for is another question. Retail is probably the largest income at an airport after car parking.

NickBarnes 26th Apr 2016 20:28

Tbh most people complain about Stansted for one reason or another and to be fair they are quite valid.

But most people will put up with it for the low fares as pax figures show! Which can only mean the airport must be doing something right, if only its with the airlines/prices and routes you can get out of Stansted nowadays.

Although yes Stansted is by far the worse airport I have used for Security/Departures and arriving back

pwalhx 26th Apr 2016 20:31

I agree it is all about money and greed, the insistence by us passengers on paying next to nothing for flights and the greed of expecting top service for little payout. Unfortunately airports are having to earn their money somehow and shopping is the way. We are reaping what we have sowed.

Tranceaddict 27th Apr 2016 08:30

Airports make more money from retail than aviation!

whitelighter 27th Apr 2016 18:42

I like the shops at airports: the worst thing is turning up somewhere with one poorly stocked coffee stand and a tatty WHSmiths.

Not been called retarded for a while, what a pleasant individual you must be. Please dont use Stansted again, I'd hate to share the same oxygen as you

LTNman 29th Apr 2016 08:59

Surprised that no one has pickup up on this but then it might be old news.

Stansted Airport to unveil 600m upgrade plan | Construction Enquirer

whitelighter 29th Apr 2016 20:29

I did see that but assumed the 600m was a misprint.

What on earth are they spending that on? Thats 1/3 of what they paid for the place. slightly more actually

pamann 29th Apr 2016 22:15

Hopefully they'll spend some of it on re-working what they've already done.

Check-in could do with an up-grade - A lot of the desks and flight display signage above the desks has not changed since it opened in 1991 and looks really dated. Some TV screens like at Manchester above the check-in desks would bring it up to date. Some of the white walls where you used to exit check-in and go through to security look white-washed and dull, even look temporary but I don't think they are? The place does need a 'freshen up' as parts of it are looking like they were done on the cheap.

LTNman 29th Apr 2016 23:18

If they are going to spend 600 million then that sort of money will be buying a capacity increase on quite a scale I would have thought.

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