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LTNman 20th May 2015 13:09

Well at least Stansted didn't come in bottom place in the Which passenger survey.

We have to remember that Ryanair don't like paying airport fees so MAG has no choice but to encourage the shopping experience and put as many retail units in that they can to earn an income and find other ways to raise money out of passengers. Most passengers will still chaise the cheapest fare regardless of the comments here so nothing is going to change at Stansted.

wings folded 20th May 2015 13:59

What they are not bright enough to realise is that if, because of their pathetic inabilty to provide adequate security staffing levels, passengers have waited for 90 minutes to get through and therefore have no time to stop in their ghastly shopping mall

The other day I used the "facility"

Far from enjoying the fine shopping opportunities, most passengers ran through the labyrinth towards their departure gate (Those that could run, that is) I didn't see many slowing down to shop.

Teaboy24 20th May 2015 15:00

Part of the problem with immigration queues is that even though Ryanair do not recognise "connecting flights", people still make two reservations to connect at STN. As a result everyone is in the same long queue even though some people don't actually want to enter the UK.

Until such time that the airport is redesigned to operate in the same way as LHR and LGW this situation will exist. Somehow can't see this happening soon.

All very frustrating for us that want to get back into the UK asap on arrival.

A connection channel would please MAG as transits would get to their shopping mall in departures quicker !!

LadyL2013 20th May 2015 15:11


When we went through Stansted, we were told that we were not allowed to buy anything at all from the shop if we were travelling to the EU. Considering that's most of the flights, I can't imagine it's worth it. That might be wrong, bug that is what we and many other passengers were told.

LTNman 20th May 2015 15:28

Luton has one very small section within the duty free that is actually duty free for non eu citizens. It doesn't stop people buying items at inflated airport prices including tax. Maybe they still think they are getting it tax free?

TSR2 20th May 2015 15:36

When we went through Stansted, we were told that we were not allowed to buy anything at all from the shop if we were travelling to the EU.
Unless there have been some recent changes, what you were told is wrong. If you are travelling within the EU, you may purchase anything at the Duty Free Shops except alcohol and tobacco products.

LadyL2013 20th May 2015 15:47

Well that's what we thought. We wanted to buy some perfume, but they said no:confused:

pamann 20th May 2015 16:13

LadyL2013 Who is 'they'? It certainly wouldn't have been the shop staff as they should know the rules which are correct as TSR2's reply.

bhx bod 20th May 2015 17:00

Duty Free Goods
All passengers no matter where they are traveling can buy Fragrances or other beauty products,luxury items such as jewellery,watches,bags or cameras and confectionery at tax free prices.
As mentioned before it is only tobacco and liquor that is restricted.
However you can buy liquor at duty paid prices if you wish.LHR used to offer tobacco products at duty paid prices as well,but whether they still do I don't know.
BHX used to as well but there was not much of a market for cigarettes at UK prices,so that experiment did not last long.

LadyL2013 20th May 2015 17:26


Yes, it was and even when we double checked they still said we couldn't buy it at all.

pamann 20th May 2015 20:12

Never had a problem buying anything in the shops at any airport including Stansted when travelling within the EU, even when flying domestic (with the exception of cigarettes and booze). Someone obviously needs a new career if they're turning away business. Very strange :confused:

insuindi 29th May 2015 11:10

DUS canx
Germanwings will, at relatively short notice, have their last flights on DUS-STN on Sunday 14JUN2015. Not a big surprise.

adfly 29th May 2015 11:20

Sadly looks like a classic case of a large carrier muscling in on a well established route (AB/Etihad Regional flew STN-DUS for many years before) squeezing the other carrier off the route then ditching it a few months later leaving it unserved. Hopefully AB will consider picking it up again.

insuindi 29th May 2015 14:09

I think the main concern was Ethiad attempting to establish itself as somewhat of a player in the market, which LH did not at all approve.

The whole Etihad Regional venture is a dead fish in the water at the moment, so the counter attack succeeded. I'd be more than surprised if we saw AB back at STN, given the choice of carriers from the DUS/CGN area to LON.

daz211 3rd Jun 2015 18:49

New Airline .. SAS/SK
Talk on the LTN thread that SK are to introduce STN-GOT is this true ?

LAX_LHR 3rd Jun 2015 18:55

It is true, transferred from LHR.

SK2567 GOT0700 0750STN 736 x67
SK2567 GOT0725 0815STN 736 6
SK2569 GOT1750 1840STN 736 x6

SK2568 STN0830 1115GOT 736 x67
SK2568 STN0855 1140GOT 736 6
SK2570 STN1920 2205GOT 736

Taken from airlineroute

daz211 3rd Jun 2015 19:01

Nice but guess Ryanair will want price war
Shame would have liked a total new route out of STN
say maybe Helsinki but hope it works out for SAS :ok:

LTNman 3rd Jun 2015 19:14

SAS are going into Stansted with their eyes open. Not everyone wants a 10 fare so good luck to SAS and I hope they make a go of it.

wethersfield 3rd Jun 2015 19:49

Rather than face the wrath of Ryanair, SAS should have gone for SEN where they would have no competition on the route and got fast transits through the terminal etc etc with slots and package to suit them.

LTNman 3rd Jun 2015 20:08

Southend so far has a poor track record when it comes to keeping routes. SAS would be aware of that.

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