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G-APDK 18th Jul 2017 07:46

Any news on message 3978 (Hainan A330) visit on 25 July?

AerRyan 18th Jul 2017 13:15

Originally Posted by southside bobby (Post 9834243)
EssexMan61.....Your last post concerning the STN Arrivals/Departures "live" board has mysteriously disappeared!...You know the one....where you were sarcastic quoting MAG as "here to help"....& ending with your comment...oh dear,oh dear..oh dear...Well fear you not EssexMan all appears glitch free now & running smoothly,lots of arrivals & departures for you to peruse..The little digs from the SEN area concerning STN are ever apparent whenever there is trouble at`mill..namely at SEN..Good Luck...SS

Ouch! Somebody got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning!

southside bobby 18th Jul 2017 15:50

AerRyan......Sorry...don`t really comprende your comment....nice of you to swing by tho!....

sat1 18th Jul 2017 16:59

RE-Any news on message 3978 (Hainan A330) visit on 25 July?

alledgedly carrying vip pax from swissports owners
anyone else know anything????

LAX_LHR 18th Jul 2017 17:04

The HU flight is carrying HNA staff after a European jolly.

They arrived into Stockholm on a Hainan B787 (the boss came direct to MAN), then over to the UK (not sure which airline), then back to Beijing on the Hainan A330 from Stansted (positions in from Prague IIRC).

_aax1 18th Jul 2017 22:15

Anyone know why Emirates flew to STN and back to DXB on flight EK2501?

GrahamK 19th Jul 2017 07:00

Originally Posted by _aax1 (Post 9835120)
Anyone know why Emirates flew to STN and back to DXB on flight EK2501?

Arsenal FC related perhaps?

Seljuk22 19th Jul 2017 16:52

Arsenal is currently playing in China. Must be something else
Emirates B777-200LR A6-EWH Operates London Stansted Charter.

eggc 20th Jul 2017 08:12

As per BHX thread...Primera Air to serve STN to EWR and BOS from 2018 with A321neo. Bookable now.

southside bobby 20th Jul 2017 08:16

Yes re Primera Air very good news...& yes indeed STN is on their website & in the dropdown me & u...

southside bobby 20th Jul 2017 08:31

Primera Air...& already on the Stansted Airport website...STN referred to as a base with daily to EWR commencing April`18 & BOS at 4 weekly commencing May`18..with a further transatlantic destination to be announced before end`17...Equipment will be A321NEO with 2 cabins....Bookings start today...

AirportPlanner1 20th Jul 2017 08:32

EWR appears to be daily, BOS 4x weekly. There is no mention of Toronto flights, the STN press release is just USA. I wonder if these may appear later on the days BOS doesn't operate, or even whether they'll add KEF. I can't believe the aircraft will do nothing.

ara01jbb 20th Jul 2017 08:58

Second time I've seen Primera Air mentioned online this week, the first wasn't so complimentary :D

NickBarnes 20th Jul 2017 09:26

Just booked EWR in April saves me travelling to the other London airports. Booked with the credit card mind you:ok:

Hoping they will add a Canada route, hopefully will be a success this time!

southside bobby 20th Jul 2017 09:30

ara01jbb.....Go on I`ll fall for it.....what makes you so happy with an horrendous delay please...

LGS6753 20th Jul 2017 11:00

Cheap transatlantic flights from Birmingham and Stansted to launch next summer

Artie Fufkin 20th Jul 2017 14:46

The Dane's are presumably optimistic a post-Brexit Open Skies is on the way?

pamann 20th Jul 2017 14:56

Primera Air
Must admit I didn't see this one coming.

When I read the news of BHX yesterday I did think that perhaps Stansted could be On the horizon. And so it is.

01475 20th Jul 2017 17:00

This is almost a bit sad for them. If they do happen to strike the winning transatlantic low cost formula, it is not going to be them that takes advantage of it.

pamann 20th Jul 2017 17:06

Wonder if we'll see AA return to defend their 'London' patch like last time. Let's hope not because that got no where last time.

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