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canberra97 23rd Mar 2017 04:06

On Wednesday 22 March 2017 it was announced on RoutesOnline that Kuwait Airways will be using Stansted as a tech stop rather than Shannon on it's daily Kuwait to New York JFK route using Boeing 773 aircraft.

Arrival times at STN from Kuwait are at 14.00 with a departure to New York JFK at 16.30, the return flight from JFK to Kuwait will be non stop, the airline has no traffic rights from STN to JFK but I'm not aware if they do from Kuwait to STN.

Good to see Kuwait Airways using Stansted albeit only a tech stop and especially it being another middle eastern one adding to the airports ever increasing portfolio of airlines.

I hope MAG can eventually secure Emirates to STN in the forseable future and try and poach back EL AL and also maybe give a 'sweetener' to Vueling for transferring there small amount of flights over from Luton.

pamann 23rd Mar 2017 05:31

2.5 hours tech stop? I'm guessing passengers remain on board whilst it's refuelled? Crew change?

Logohu 23rd Mar 2017 06:21

2.5 hours tech stop? I'm guessing passengers remain on board whilst it's refuelled? Crew change?
Full re-screening of pax and baggage, as long as KWI airport security is not to Trump's liking. Previously the westbound KU flights to USA were going via SNN for same reason.

FRatSTN 23rd Mar 2017 12:11

EasyJet W17/18
Little change so far with EZYs W17/18 schedule. Perhaps the odd increased frequency here and there, No routes dropped and stays at 6x A319s and 1x A320 based.

pamann 23rd Mar 2017 18:54

Quite surprised that Malaga isn't even daily in the winter? Though I'm guessing this isn't the first winter the schedule has been sporadic? It's been a while since I've taken any notice of the EZY schedules.

It's a shame they don't make more of STN. I did wonder if it would be used as a bargaining tool against LTN, but if that was the case you'd expect them to do more than launch a once weekly service to MAH this summer to give it some credibility?

My only thoughts are they must be making some yield on the routes they operate ex STN to make the operation worthwhile?

LTNman 24th Mar 2017 05:59

EasyJet's relationship with Stansted is still probably better than Ryanair's relationship with Luton after their raiding party on Luton's most popular route although I can still remember the big announcement by Stansted management about their agreement with easyjet for a massive increase in numbers. For whatever reason it never happened.

whitelighter 24th Mar 2017 07:28

I think the Flybe slot sale at Gatwick happened.
It's 100% logical that EZY put their effort into maximising their operation at EGKK.
Luton is their home airport so EGSS will always be at best their 3rd London priority.

Every spare airframe goes to EGKK or EGGW while there is capacity. Knowing the new airframes from airbus are late I'm actually surprised EGSS has retained based numbers over the past couple of years. As capacity starts to run out there is a chance of EZY expansion at EGSS in the next couple of years but I suspect only on routes with decent yeild where they don't fly/have enough capacity from EGGW

canberra97 25th Mar 2017 03:25


Without coming across as being pedantic but could you possibly use the correct airport IATA codes than your own personal ones as your post is rather confusing to say the least.

Gatwick LGW
Luton LTN
Stansted STN

dc9-32 25th Mar 2017 07:17

I think he is using ICAO codes albeit 50% of them:

Gatwick EGKK
Luton EGGW
Stansted EGSS

whitelighter 25th Mar 2017 07:25

Forgive me, I assumed we all knew the airports under discussion were in the U.K. So omitted the EG from the designator.

pamann 25th Mar 2017 08:43

I think the IATA codes are generally easier for everyone.

_aax1 25th Mar 2017 21:48

So with the Kuwait airways transit KWI STN JFK flight how will the passengers transit?

With 330+ capacity it will be the largest regular pax jet into STN, with that many pax how will they physically transit? Will they screen and stay in sat 1 or will they somehow be re-screened and sent back to the main departure lounge? Possibly spending in the main terminal/shopping centre.
2.5 hr transit time is quite long.

scodaman 25th Mar 2017 23:15

STN-LDY with Ryanair finished today after 17 years.

whitelighter 26th Mar 2017 10:31

When does the BMI replacement start (assuming LDY = Londonderry)

canberra97 26th Mar 2017 12:32


BMI commence STN to LDY on the 02 May 2017.

The answer to your question plus your recent enquiry concerning the LGW to CPT flights on the Gatwick forum can easily be obtained by searching Google or the relevant airports Wikipedia pages, honest it takes seconds it really does and it's so much nicer when you find the information yourself.

whitelighter 26th Mar 2017 18:18

I haven't posted on the Gatwick thread any such enquiry

Though thanks for the info on the BMI service

canberra97 26th Mar 2017 21:46


My apologies it was someone else on the Gatwick forum that asked about the BA Cape Town flights not yourself.

Buster the Bear 27th Mar 2017 00:10

Probably a daft question, but why does a Boeing 777-300 need a tech stop? 5,500 nautical miles, so around 12-13 hour sector?

canberra97 27th Mar 2017 08:49

It's not necessarily a 'tech stop' for refuelling as obviously a Boeing 777-300ER can make it from Kuwait to JFK non stop, as with the previous Shannon tech stop and similar to Pakistan Internationals stop at Manchester on route from Pakistan to JFK it has more to do with US immigration issues as the country doesn't allow direct flights from these two countries. Am sure someone else can put it in a more eloquent fashion.

Buster the Bear 27th Mar 2017 15:17

Deeper investigation.

Did Kuwait Kick Out United Airlines In Retaliation Against US Government Non-Discrimination Rules? - View from the Wing

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