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what aces?

Shed, Ryanair have the benefit of size and maybe cheaper airport fees for awhile. Jet2 has 1st mover status, ie they have existing clients, some degree of loyalty and know the market well. With so many based aircraft they can arrange their flight times to better suit the pax. Their old a/c mean that their cost base is probably lower than Ryanairs, especially when you consider that they are more diversified, selling seats to tour operators, flights for royal mail, a large charter operation and a holiday company.
Ryanair may well not want a bloodbath, for the reasons I've outlined above. Just because they have a few aircraft based doesnt mean that there will be two dozen soon after. They simply want somewhere they can operate and be profitable and I think with LBIAs large catchment area there is plenty of room for both.
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GALAXY68 lol, Cheaper to operate an old aircraft? Funniest thing Ive heard today. Once ryr move in and sell the routes at £1 plus taxes all of those faithful jet2ites will simply be checking in online and carrying hand luggage only which fits the dimensions.
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Smile Iknow..

I know all the talk is about Ryanair getting there 34th Base in Leeds.

But does anyone know anything about this PIA, there is currently a "rumour" that there going to bring a 777 into Leeds instead of there regular A310.
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Go back a few pages. It's all there.
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Thomas Cook

A few changes for the TC programme this winter and next summer. LPA has been dropped for the winter (Apart from over Xmas) and replaced with FUE. MIR will also run into mid Nov and start again from Mar 10. BJV will start in Apr with the DLM again. As for the Summer HER has gone (They have seats with LS now) on Tuesday's and replaced with AYT.
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It was only a short time ago when Ryan were using 732's.
I wonder what the difference in operating cost is between Jet2 already paid for aircraft and Ryanair still paying. They both have maintenance costs but Jet2 will need to spend more.
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Based... my comments were tongue in cheek. However, its less than 2 months since the freeze and mid August is nowhere near the end of 2009. I often find that RYA's comments should be taken with a bag of salt! Like the 140m investment in LBIA and 1000 jobs created!
I understand where you are coming from in that Ryanair will always choose to make statements which paint them in the best light possible. They also make them in a way that they know what the media will grab for headlines. However, I'm not sure about having to take these with a bag of salt, maybe just understand them better.

Yes August is nowhere near the end of the year and that's why they still haven't reviewed their growth freeze at existing UK bases. They never made a statement saying they wouldn't be opening any new UK bases this year.

The $140m investment figure is based on Boeing's prices, well Boeing's 2008 advertised prices for a new 737-800 are actually $72.5m-$81m. I assume you feel they should quote the actual price they paid? I'm not sure that this would be any more relevant and it certainly wouldn't make good commercial sense!

In terms of the 1000 jobs created, at the risk of being lambasted for repetition, I believe it's as valid an estimation as any given that it's far from being an exact science. Here's a link I posted earlier to an estimation by a number of aviation sources across Europe, observed by the European Commission, in which they actually estimate 4,000 jobs per 1 million passengers!

Two ryanair aircraft or Three???
While Ryanair often release conflicting schedules that are then tidyed up at a later stage, in this case it does seem possible that they'll base a 3rd aircraft. As the schedule stands at the moment, the 4 x weekly Faro flights and 2 of the 14 x weekly Dublin flights can't be operated with 2 aircraft fully utilised on the other routes.
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Old news,yes,but as I understand it the PIA 777 is a definite,subject to the turning 'D' at the 32 end being strengthened.Strange that,obviously it must have deteriorated since the last 747 visited?!
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As a regular flyer, I am in the fortunate position of being within 90 mins of Leeds/Bradford, Doncaster, Humberside, Manchester, East Mids and even Birmingham. I book my flights according to price and generally have no brand loyalty. However, in the case of Leeds, the problem for me is access to the airport. It's either a fast, albeit longer run via the A1 and A658 or the shorter, but slower run via Leeds or the Leeds ringroad. Compare that to East Midlands or Birmingham, and it is easy to see why so many South Yorkshire folk head for those airports. A rail link would probably help.
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Ryanair don't need to base a shed load of aircraft at Leeds, remember they have 33 other bases, a few aircraft based will help them when it comes to winter and they can set off to Dublin rather than holding or diverting,
inbound by time the med based stuff is inbound the weather has normally improved. It will only be a matter of days before a Ryanair aircraft turns up with bye bye Jet2 and on pricing they will go for the jugular, they don't need to take all Jet2 traffic, they just need to make the flights (that Jet2) operate at a loss.

Its a cruel world dog it dog and all that but Ryanair have no choice they have too many aircraft coming into an over supplied market, something has to give and they have clout and cash
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Its a cruel world dog eat dog and all that, but Ryanair have no choice they have too many aircraft coming into an over supplied market, something has to give and they have clout and cash
Well if that is truely the case, why cant Ryanair moth ball some aircraft, or stop buying new once that are mortgage to the hilt.

Having "too many aircraft" is down to bad management and forward planning, but it sounds like "Bull poo" to me, as O'leary is only basing a couple or three aircraft, so how is that too many!!! where do some people get their facts from or these very strange ideas

It will only be a matter of days before a Ryanair aircraft turns up with bye bye Jet2 and on pricing they will go for the jugular, they don't need to take all Jet2 traffic, they just need to make the flights (that Jet2) operate at a loss.
Why would anyone ever want to fly with an airline that is hellbent on destroying another airline, if what you are saying has any sense in it, once "Jet2" have been forced out by Ryanair, then Ryanair would have the full monopoly at LBA and that would lead to Ryanair increasing their prices....

Sound absolutely riddiculous to me, besides, jet2 are alot healthier and stronger than some people think.
I would hope that the owners of LBA would expect and demand fair play between rival airlines, and i would hope that they too could be as loyal and rewarding as Jet2 have been for LBA, and wouldnt allow a new boy on the block to push their weight around.......

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Ryanair More Expensive Than British Airways......

Ryanair and other low-cost airlines are more expensive on some short-haul routes than British Airways, an investigation by The Sunday Times has found. A survey of flights to popular European destinations by the newspaper identified 10 on which it is more expensive to fly with Ryanair than BA, because BA includes as standard many of the services for which the low-cost airline charges extra.
The Sunday Times compared prices for return flights by seeking the lowest fare available on the day of travel and then adding the basic cost of checking in 15kg of baggage and priority boarding so that families could sit together. Budget airlines now have so many extra charges for basic services that they can add up to far more than the advertised ticket price.
A passenger checking in 20kg of luggage for a return flight with Ryanair, paying for priority boarding and buying a snack and drink would pay an extra £194. easyJet, by contrast, provides the same services for an extra £31, while BA includes the cost of checking in a 23kg bag, reserving seats, debit-card booking and snacks and refreshments.
While for most routes low-cost airlines remain the cheaper option, the survey suggests full-service airlines are beginning to fight back. In three cases BA flights were cheaper outright. In the seven others extra fees, such as charges for checking in a bag or processing payments, made Ryanair’s prices up to 50% higher for passengers who chose those services. easyJet was more expensive than BA on four of the journeys.
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The Jet2 S10 schedule was on sale before the Ryanair news broke. Compared to this summer it appears they have reduced flights on many routes.
Bridgepoint have always stated their intention to grow the airport to 5m passengers and some of that growth needs to come from other carriers. I think Jet2 may have been a little foolish if they thought they would be allowed to maintain their monopoly long term.
More new destinations would of course be good but there is demand for the key bucket & spade routes that remains unsatisfied at Leeds.
As for a bloodbath: There is no benefit to the airport in replacing one near monopoly provider with another and whilst market forces will play a part I strongly believe there is capacity for both carriers on these key routes.
Interesting times ahead!
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Jet2 slam Ryanair over fees

Jet2 slam Ryanair over fees

14.08.09 (UK Airport News)
Jet2 has responded to Ryanair's announcement that it will launch a base at Leeds Bradford Airport next March by releasing a no-holds-barred negative campaign about its rival, highlighting its rival's surcharges. Sporting the slogan 'Don't get robbed', the campaign depicts a cartoon robber carrying a swag bag emblazoned with Ryanair's blue and yellow colours.
The campaign details the differences in the two airline's extra charges, noting that a 22kg baggage allowance costs £7.99 with Jet2 while ‘other airlines’ charge £115. The campaign also compared check-in fees between the two airlines, with Jet2 offering free online check-in and charging £3 for airport check-in. At Ryanair, checking in online costs £5 each way – a fee which rockets to £40 at the airport. The advert warns: ‘Don't be fooled by other airlines. You will be robbed. For a cheap flight with transparent pricing ... book with’
Philip Meeson, chief executive of Jet2's parent company Dart Group, told the Yorkshire Post he wanted to highlight Ryanair's hidden charges. He said: ‘It's a myth, their low prices. People often find we are competitive and cheaper.
He also questioned Ryanair's tactics of ‘mirroring’ its routes – with Jet2 already serving nine of the 14 new routes Ryanair is launching. He said: ‘They are doing quite a lot of the sunshine destinations that we do. It doesn't seem to have a lot of imagination. It's not great for the environment to have two airlines flying on the same routes from a regional airport.’
Ryanair has not yet responded to the campaign.
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They cant respond-Its the truth plain and simple!
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Well PM has already told a lie.
Ive just booked a flight and was charged £6 return for online check in. It was £18 for airport check in.
I didnt pay for online check in 2 months ago when I flew Jet2.

Anyway, I can imagine Ryanair's response to be something down the lines of a slogan painted on a plane!
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It is certainly true that Ryanair will rob you if you let them. Another element for passengers to consider is that quite a few of the Ryanair flights involve early departures or late arrivals which will mean hotel, parking or taxi costs which will negate cheaper fares. One problem with the Jet2 campaign is that it itself does not have clean hands when it comes to extra charges and transparency.
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Just to add something else to the thread, according to a friend of mine who works for TCX OPS, TCX are likely to bring in an A330-200 either over this winter season or next summer season to cover some extra charters.

Now wether this is to replace the annual TOM Bridgetown service I don't know, but it would be nice to think we could have more than one Charter Airline offering different destinations from LBA wouldn't it....

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according to a friend of mine who works for TCX OPS, TCX are likely to bring in an A330-200 either over this winter season or next summer season to cover some extra charters.
It would be nice to see a few more Wide Bodies at Leeds, I hope TCX do bring in this new aircraft........

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Having just done a quick comparison. Here is what i find.

£167.10 for 01 Adult paying with a debit card / 01 bag and online check in

Same route and dates
£50 for 01 adult paying with a debit card / 01 Bag and online check in

Now, I know jet is probably the better airline and they do have much better flight times but when you save yourself £100 for flying later in the day and only taking 15kgs hold and allowed 10kgs hand luggage.

Take a family of four and the savings are huge. I am not a ryanair fan to be honest but if the price is right then brand loyalty does not come into the brain.
Leeds clients are always out for a bargain, i don't want that to sound funny but they like to shop around for the best deal and no matter how good Jet2 are, Jet2 have to compete.

On the 19th May for the same route then there isn't alot of difference but if they are looking for the best deal and are flexible with the dates, then people will go looking for the cheap fares.

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