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fmgc 21st Jun 2012 21:16

Easy with its better package
Really??? I don't think so.

Jumbo2 22nd Jun 2012 16:14

Just wondering if anybody already heard back from their recent online application (good or bad) and if they were rated or not?

Big Frank 24th Jun 2012 09:47

I haven't heard, still showing "Active Application" for me. Are they planning on holding the interviews in September? Does anyone have any info on the format of the interview?

MANTFS 25th Jun 2012 06:48

The first course starts in September

Artic Monkey 25th Jun 2012 11:48

I've checked the recruitment website and it still isn't back online. Is it definitely reopening or was this just a rumour? I know there's many hours left in the day yet.

Thanks in advance.

wannaf1y 25th Jun 2012 16:37

Anyone have any info about the interview?????

Direct DIKRO 25th Jun 2012 16:53

Are you the first to hear something?:confused:

I think the majority of us are still on tenter hooks waiting for news?

Pilot RatBoy 25th Jun 2012 18:11

I got my application in the day it opened and booked my interview today for 2 weeks time.

MrHorgy 25th Jun 2012 18:20

Pilot rat,

How were you notified of the interview? Can you enlighten us as to your experience?

go around flaps15 25th Jun 2012 18:25

Pilot Ratboy
What aircraft are you rated on?

Pilot RatBoy 25th Jun 2012 18:41

I got a phone call from the recruitment team, literally giving me 3 dates to chose from. All 3 in the week commencing 9th July. I am rated on the 320 with well over 1000 hours on type.

MrHorgy 25th Jun 2012 18:54

Congratulations, I hope the interview is pretty straightforward.. Here's hoping they look at us non rated guys too!

Pilot RatBoy 25th Jun 2012 19:07

Fingers crossed for you guys, they did say they wanted a mix.

spottyemm 25th Jun 2012 20:47

A non type rated friend of mine has an interview next week. He is available at short notice so would be able to make a September course so I'm not sure if that had any significance. Running a course a month for 9 months so hope for a lot of you guys and gals yet. Good luck all, I look forward to sharing a 'Welcome to Monarch' beer with you all.

SD. 25th Jun 2012 23:01

Silly question but I had a couple of missed calls today from "unknown" number with no message left. To anyone that received a call from MON, was it a "blocked" or "unknown" number? :ok:


It was probably a PPI claim company :ugh:

Pilot RatBoy 26th Jun 2012 03:31

My call was from an 0871 number, likewise I thought it was a spam call!!

FlyingTinCans 26th Jun 2012 08:43

I put in an application when it first opened and was a postal, paper form.

Is it now null and void now they want an electronic one?


First.officer 26th Jun 2012 08:53

Hi FlyingTinCans,

From what I have gleaned, the paper format application is redundant, and only on-line applications are being considered - originally I was told to monitor the recruitment portal for interview dates and Application Status - does anyone know if this is updated on receipt of a phone call, or is it possibly updated without receiving a call ??

FlyingTinCans 26th Jun 2012 09:03

Thought that might be the case.

And now the recruitment portal doesnt have flight deck vacancies listed anymore.


First.officer 26th Jun 2012 09:16

Understand your frustration FlyinTinCans, although my understanding is that the portal will re-open at some point very soon, so hopefully you and others will get the chance to apply.....

tubby linton 26th Jun 2012 10:02

The Monarch switchboard number is 0871 2250250. This number will appear on your phone whenever anybody within the Luton office calls you. Good luck to you all.

MaxPower2011 26th Jun 2012 11:18

I know for a fact that a few of the places on Septembers course went to guys who had applied direct with their CV's before the online application opened. The online application process is part of a new system being operated for the first time this year, however I would be very surprised if the paper applications weren't been considered.

My advice, be patient.

1000ft Cruiser 26th Jun 2012 11:39

Just got a phone call from an 'unknown number' having read this thread last night... crew control. Didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

go around flaps15 26th Jun 2012 17:06

Trouble logging in
Is there anyone else having trouble logging in to check the status of their application?

Superpilot 26th Jun 2012 17:09

Yeah, me too.

With half the country's pilots logging in to check, I'm not surprised!

Flying Wild 27th Jun 2012 09:14

Can't even log in. Am experiencing an unexpected error...

Direct DIKRO 27th Jun 2012 10:13

I haven't been able to get in either.

Maybe they're filtering through all the applications?

PaulW 27th Jun 2012 10:32

You may have logged in, but are getting the error for whatever reason. I had the same. If you click on manage my profile, it takes you to a page to fill in your details and you can upload a resume from there. It's just the home page doesn't seem to work.

irishpilot1990 27th Jun 2012 10:44

any email address available for HR?would like to follow up a previous postal application.:ok:

1000ft Cruiser 27th Jun 2012 12:40

Received an email earlier this afternoon basically saying we're flooded with applicants so it's taking a while, please be patient.

ISR 27th Jun 2012 12:41

Same here.

go around flaps15 27th Jun 2012 15:57

Yep me too.

Fiesler02 27th Jun 2012 15:58

Anyone knows how many pilots are they looking for with this recruitment turn?

I know it's a very good company to work for but would it be possible to have a general idea of how long does it take to jump in the left seat....I am not in a rush....I am just curious:)

Dream Driver 27th Jun 2012 16:08

Same here, anyone kind to share what is the roster like and if it is eventually possible to commute?
Many thanks

alpha.charlie 27th Jun 2012 16:42

The guys who have just done their command courses joined the company about 7/8 years ago, this should hopefully go down a little bit with expansion.

Notice from Ops director recently stated 90 new FO's within a year.

Roster is all random regardless of seniority but with a good scheduling agreement including VIP days (chose your days off, certain number of these a year - can't remember how many though) and ring-fencing of duties (4 a month).

Fiesler02 27th Jun 2012 16:47

thanks for the good infos

SEAMASTER 29th Jun 2012 10:22

Hi G-LEX try to ring someone with authority on the matter at monarch HQ and ask the question, nothing lost !!

Flying Wild 29th Jun 2012 10:45

Being in the forces you must have heard of the 7 P's...

MrHorgy 29th Jun 2012 11:07

The recruitment will open again when they have cleared the backlog of existing applications.

Call the HQ, the HR ladies whilst no doubt snowed under, are very nice and will no doubt tell you more than I could!

Wellington Bomber 1st Jul 2012 07:01

How can they ask for 20 tonnes plus experience and then recruit direct from CTC, I think there is a case for discrimination me thinks

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