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flyer19832007 27th May 2012 23:00

Monarch Anyone?
Monarch | Flight Deck | Jobs

Good luck to anyone who applies.

gorter 27th May 2012 23:14

Well that throws the cat amongst the pigeons. I personally see monarch as an employer of choice. Good salaries, good pension, good t's and c's you never really hear if anyone leaving them. However there are so many rumours of the Swiss family losing interest, and there are not many people of that experience out of work.

Boeing Europe 27th May 2012 23:15

Do Monarch have a base in EDI....? I would say they will get thousands of applications for this.....

flyer19832007 27th May 2012 23:16

I only found out this morning through a friend, so had a peak on the website, lo and behold there it was!

Still very tempting I must say!

Boeing Europe 27th May 2012 23:20

Also nothing in the application form where they ask you to stipulate your total hours/hours on jet etc etc

gorter 27th May 2012 23:21

No pilot base in edi, just a temp summer based a/c. Why thousands from edi?

flyer19832007 27th May 2012 23:29

Expect current CV will cover flying qualifications.

If not a call/email before being interviewed.

On a positive note, good to see they are looking for Experienced FO's, could mean good career progression for hundreds of Prop guys should they wish to apply.

flyer19832007 27th May 2012 23:32

Also, any current Monarch peeps out there care to enlighten us with where the vacancies are likely? 321/330/757 etc?

Havent heard of any expansion plans either? Aicraft deliveries etc.

go around flaps15 27th May 2012 23:44

Not currently at Monarch but the website was updated about 2 months ago with the application forms. If you check the vacancies there is nothing there for flightdeck . So nothing really new Im afraid.

MaxPower2011 27th May 2012 23:46

Absolutley no 330, seniority only. Slight possibility of 757 with a really easy life if you have a rating. But would only be for a couple of years til 75's go. Majority of recruitment wll be 320/1. mixture of type rated and Cadet.

MaxPower2011 27th May 2012 23:47

plan to add at least 4 A/C over next year, 2 new bases, heard expansion to between 40-60 A/C depending on who you ask.

Field In Sight 28th May 2012 07:37

Expect an advert in Flight International from next week or week after.
It should include a logon to an online application form.

Recruitment should start from Aug/Sep. It's good to see that we will be taking experienced/type rated, non type rated, military and cadets.

Wilton Shagpile 28th May 2012 07:57

Well done Monarch.

A proper company that still values experience and maintains the dignity of our profession by refusing to join the race to the bottom.

Good show and good luck to all those who apply!

Breakthesilence 28th May 2012 08:01

Having almost 4000 hours on 737, which fleet could they assign me on?

Is it based on "aircraft weight" experience (so in this case, the A320 is more expectable) or they prefer to keep you running on the same "brand" (like Emirates: Boeing - Boeing, Airbus - Airbus)?

Skyward85 28th May 2012 09:37

Can anyone confirm if Monarch will be accepting written or online application?

Field In Sight 28th May 2012 10:04

From what I was told, an advert will appear in Flight International.
Logon information will be given, so that you can fill out the application using a dedicated app.

bucket_and_spade 28th May 2012 10:52

As someone mentioned earlier, the application forms have been available at the link for some time - the website hasn't just been updated.

I was (coincidentally!) going to submit an application today but maybe waiting is a better plan...

Sounds like something's in the pipeline...time to do some more digging on the company methinks!

Medium jet, well-known UK charter, c. £3k hours TT.

1000ft Cruiser 28th May 2012 11:08

Is there a thread on here with more info? Did a quick search, couldn't find anything specific for pilots, just the usual rumours about new routes and planes.

Rosters, pay scale, A/L, command time, attractiveness of CC. That kind of thing.

CharlieRomeo 28th May 2012 12:11

guys is there any flexibility on the 15t weight requirement?

hours are there but fly a turboprop literally just short of the 15t as specified.

Craggenmore 28th May 2012 16:14

From what I was told, an advert will appear in Flight International.
Monarch are not expanding and will never challenge the 200+ fleets of easyJet and Ryanair so where are Monarch Fo's who are leaving....going....?

1000ft Cruiser 28th May 2012 16:19

I've heard from a friend there's a few going to EK and BA. He doesn't work for them, so this isn't gospel but it would make some sense.

Craggenmore 28th May 2012 16:31

but if Monarch are not, "joining the race to the bottom", why would they leave......? Maybe personal.......?

fmgc 28th May 2012 16:32

Monarch are not expanding
Where do you get that ill-informed rubbish from?

2012 News - Flights - Monarch Airlines to expand operations across the Midlands

And there is probably more to come.

Recruitment will only be onto the A320/1 fleet.

The 15t limit is not show stopper, worth getting a CV in anyway but the type rated pool will obviously be fished initially.

There are a few FOs leaving but nothing out of the ordinary.

windshear-a-head 28th May 2012 16:35

Was the last batch of recruitment at Monarch 'summer only' or for permanent positions? Just trying to gauge what will happen this year.

5000tt with majority on Airbus. :ok:

Craggenmore 28th May 2012 16:41

Where do you get that ill-informed rubbish from?
How many new a/c are they buying/leasing or are they pulling un-competitive routes from LGW to the Midlands to cover the hole left by BMI-Baby/Flybe/Eastern etc.............

fmgc 28th May 2012 16:42

Enough to require a significant relative increase in pilot numbers.

fmgc 28th May 2012 16:48

permanent positions
Permanent positions.

ATIS 28th May 2012 18:07

Most of those leaving Monarch are close to the bottom of the seniority list. Monarch would be their first airline, and so are jumping to their career airline aka BA, EK and VS.

I'm pretty sure they are not leaving Monarch because they hate it, they just can't see a career at MON. Majority of people from other airlines join and tend to stay as they see an improvement in T&Cs.

However expect to work hard. With an increase in winter flying, seasonal variations of the past are reducing.

Alloy 29th May 2012 10:57

The internal rumours I'm hearing at work are of about 100 recruits and 50 commands over the next year or so. To take into account of the announced expansion and some staff turnover (retirements, BA, sandpit etc.,) these rumoured figures sound not too far off to me. To add to this we appear short of crew at present. For those considering, for what it's worth, I consider the airline not perfect but far better than any other employer I have had. It's good to see we will be taking on some experienced crew.

KONSPIRACY 29th May 2012 17:35

This application, to be printed off and filled in by hand? Stupid question I guess, but it seems unusual these days.

Witty User Name 30th May 2012 10:02

Are Monarch likely to recruit a corporate pilot looking to move to the darkside?

Technically I tick the boxes but I imagine I'd have a hard time convincing them to take me over someone with more relevant experience and time on type.

Obviously I'll apply anyway but I'd be interested to hear people's thoughts.


CookPassBabtridge 30th May 2012 10:43

I'm looking to get in at the Cadet level if there are any openings. Monarch is surely a golden opportunity - no employees airing dissatisfaction on here that I've seen, a quality product with less of the RYR/EZY surcharge BS (I've been pax on many occasions and always look at MON first when heading for the Algarve!), good fleet and a good future.

Let's hope they don't go via. the CTC route for low-timers.

BlackandBrown 30th May 2012 16:01

Let's hope they don't go via. the CTC route for low-timers.
Does someone else want to break the bad news or shall I?

speedrestriction 30th May 2012 18:56

Hi folks. Could someone with firsthand experience give an indication of Y1 FO net monthly salary? Does the take home pay vary much throughout the year? I would love to join Monarch but I don't know if I can afford a pay cut coming from LHS flybe. Thanks.

Sammetje 31st May 2012 06:36

We offer:
  • A starting salary of £47305 pa for experienced pilots
  • Hourly flying allowances (typically amounting to around £4,000 pa)
  • Loss of licence insurance
  • Private medical insurance
  • A defined contribution pension scheme
  • Staff travel benefits
Monarch | Flight Deck | Jobs

CookPassBabtridge 31st May 2012 08:47

Let's hope they don't go via. the CTC route for low-timers.
Does someone else want to break the bad news or shall I?
Is this already the way they do it? :mad:

magicmick 31st May 2012 09:35

CTC were recently seeking applicants for a Monarch MPL cadet course, donít know if theyíve started training yet or will be ready for the next recruitment phase. If they are ready then the cadet requirements will probably be met by them with Wings cadets out of the CTC holding pool making up any shortfall in numbers. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but thatís the way I feel it will go, the low hours cadet places probably wonít be advertised and if youíre not CTC Wings or Monarch MPL then you wonít get a look in.

Mi EASA Su EASA 31st May 2012 09:47

I hear rumours all the time that Monarch are in financial trouble. I'm currently with easyJet on a rubbish Flexi contract and can see that Monarch are bucking the trend of poor conditions for F/Os, so I am quite tempted to apply to improve my Ts+Cs, but I'm worried about job security there, any ideas of the companies financial health?

tchaikovsky 31st May 2012 10:04

Couple of things:

Sammetje. You need to get your facts right before you post here. The starting salary is in fact £48,488. You will be more productive in Summer and can expect higher duty pay in the months May-Oct. However with the expansion plans expect to be busier this winter than in the past. Bear in mind the guys that joined us this year have done so on part-time contracts and with that a salary reduction of a certain percentage (of which i am not sure what it is).

Monarch in financial trouble. Monarch is one arm a complex group of entities. Just because the airline makes a loss does not mean that the loss is felt through the entire group, if you know what i mean. Pax numbers are very healthy at the moment, the airline is constantly seizing new opportunities and i'd bet on MON being around for a good few years yet.

bucket_and_spade 31st May 2012 10:27


It's already been mentioned that the new recruitment drive will be a seperate advert/application to that on the Monarch website - that page with the forms and benefits hasn't been updated for a long time.

A previous poster, who looks to be on the inside, has already said to expect an ad in FI soon so there's no need to fill in those forms or make decisions based on those benefits.


Where EZY and RYN lead, MON/TCX (BA?) follow - to compete. Accepting rubbish Ts and Cs at EZY (your claim, not mine) will have (and already has) affected (downwards) any packages you'll get in the future, at MON or elsewhere. Mine too. We need to think a bit more longterm! That said, everyone's circumstances are different and I don't know you or yours but if we all want a decent career out of flying we all need to bear this in mind! Sorry, back on topic, soap box binned :bored:

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